CCleaner Pro Review: Reliable Cleaner for Windows/Mac?

CCleaner Pro Review

One of the most common issue that a computer user face is a PC/Mac that slows down with time. Plus the ever-increasing privacy issues when you browse the internet. CCleaner Pro works to help a PC user tackle both of these issues by simplifying and automating the PC/Mac cleaning process. Piriform’s flagship PC cleaner helps …

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Best Registry Cleaner Software for Windows

Best Registry Cleaner

The registry is a central database used in Windows Operating Systems to map individual settings to installed programs correctly. It is used to store information necessary to configure the system for users, applications, and hardware devices. The registry contains vital information that the operating system uses during operation. However, with time there are many instances …

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6 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners: Free & Paid

Best Video Editor software for Beginners

What are people doing online most of the time? According to an online survey conducted in Aug 2020, 27.2 percent of online viewers watched more than 10 hours of online video every week. Whether it is entertainment, an online workout video, recipes shared, the news, or a targeted commercial, videos are increasingly becoming the most popular format …

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