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Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Which is the Best Tune-Up Program?

Nothing is more frustrating ever than working or playing games on a slow, bogged down & sluggish PC. The two prominent names in the PC tuning space are 'Cleanup Premium' from Avast and 'Advanced SystemCare' from IObit. In this article, we will go through Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare.

A computer, like a living being, does get old with time & use. Unlike living things, a PC can be revived and tuned up to get back to becoming younger. A PC tuner can get your slow & unresponsive PC back to life and help it perform at its actual speed and capability.

Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Introduction

Avast Cleanup vs Advanced SystemCare

Avast Cleanup Premium works on all facets, which can slow down your PC. It works by recognizing & removing bloatware and junk files from drives. Also, it cleans the registry and any leftover residual files from your PC. This Avast Cleanup Premium Review covers all aspects in detail.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro also works on a similar front by removing bloatware, optimizing startup programs, enhancing browsing speed, and removing browser tracking details.

Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Pricing Options

Avast Cleanup Premium

10 Devices - Windows, Mac, Android




Avast Cleanup Premium Pricing

As per the official website, the pricing is as shown below.

1 PC โ€“ $59.99/ Year

10 Devices โ€“ $77.99/ Year

Avast Cleanup premium for 10 devices is supported on Windows, Mac & Android devices. However, the 1 device version supports Windows PC only.

Please note that Avast Ultimate Suite includes Avast Cleanup as part of the package. If Avast is your preferred antivirus brand, you can enjoy great discounts on Avast paid packages upon purchase.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Pricing

3 PCs for 1 Year - $19.99/ Year

The official price of the 3 PCs 1-year license costs USD 19.99. You can always save more (up to 83% Off) using Advanced SystemCare Pro coupons at Dealarious.

You can get an unlimited free version of ASC before you purchase the Pro version. Note that the free version has a limited set of tools and features compared to the Pro version. Read our Advanced SystemCare Pro Review to get an idea of all the premium features.

Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Similarities

Tools in Avast Cleanup Premium

Avast Cleanup Premium & Advanced SystemCare have features in common. Both of them are loaded with tools that can significantly enhance your PC experience.

Registry Cleaner

A registry is a set of rules composed in a Windows folder that every program utilizes when called upon by the user. Over time, the registry gets accumulated with redundant entries of programs. These are either no longer used or updated or not uninstalled correctly. Both Cleanup Premium & Advanced SystemCare have their registry cleaners which help optimize the Windows Registry.

Disk Cleaner

Both have a dedicated Disk Cleaner. This feature analyzes your PC's HDD or SSD for any unwanted files and helps you remove them with a click of a button. It helps enhance your storage capacity on the drive.

Browser Cleaner / Browser Protection

A browser cleaning tool is available in both Avast Cleanup as well as Advanced SystemCare.

The Browser Cleanup feature removes trackers, traces, and junk files from browsers in Avast Cleanup. In Advanced SystemCare, there is also an Internet Booster feature that optimizes browser settings, speeding up your Internet browsing.

Disk Doctor

A disk error checking & correction utility checks for and recovers any corrupted area of your hard disk. This utility is aptly known as a disc doctor in both apps.

Shortcut Cleaner/Shortcut Fixer

Though there is a separate utility in Advanced SystemCare for finding and removing invalid shortcuts and references, even Avast Cleanup Premium does this. It does this as a part of the cleanup junk utility. 

Software Updater

A software updater present in both apps helps you easily track and see which programs have an update available online. It helps you keep all your software up to date & prevents any security issues or bugs.

Disk Optimization

A disc optimizer tool analyses your HDD or SSD for any scope of improvement in responsiveness or storage capacity. 

In either of the programs, you can uninstall unwanted/unnecessary programs to free up disk space.

Startup Optimizer

Startup Optimizer helps you choose which apps should boot along with Windows at startup. This can largely help in reducing the boot times and improve the startup speed of Windows. 

Startup Optimizer in Advanced SystemCare lets you choose which programs can start and be disabled at startup. You can choose from Startup Items, Services, Scheduled Tasks, Browser Startups, or choose from the Quick Optimization tab.

However, in Avast Cleanup Premium, you get a very different option called the Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode analyzes and detects the programs that are using too many system resources in the background. 

When you put these programs to sleep, these programs remain closed and wake up like normal when launched. It greatly helps reduce the stress on system memory and improves performance & boot times.

Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Differences

Tools to optimize your system performance

With the overall use and interaction with the PC tuners, I found that IObit Advanced SystemCare has additional Optimization features.

ASC Toolbox

ASC has a total of 24 tools in the toolbox section. Some of the tools that I found very useful are:

AI Mode for scanning

Instead of analyzing and taking action manually on each tool, in ASC, you can safely rely on AI to better optimize your system. ASC analyzes your system and helps improve its speed, memory, and protection based on artificial intelligence-based analysis.

System Protection

ASC further extends optimization into security features through the System Protection feature. Here you get additional tools that help protect your data & privacy online and offline. It monitors your installed system's antivirus and firewall status. 

Besides, you can choose a variety of tools in the Browser Protection and Privacy Protection modules. You get options for Email Protection, Browser Ads Removal, Surfing Protection, Anti-tracking & Homepage Advisor. Further, you get notified if any third-party apps, including blackmailing apps, access your sensitive data. A new inclusion is the Fingerprint Protection feature.

Internet Booster

The internet booster allows optimizing your internet browsing speed at its optimal level by configuring settings on some leading internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and more.

Face ID

This amazing utility catches intruders that can secretly access your PC with facial recognition technology.

Real-time TuneUp

ASC keeps monitoring your PC's performance in real-time under the hood and helps clear RAM automatically from unnecessary applications to give you a smooth PC experience through the Auto RAM Clean utility.

Win Fix

The Win Fix tool helps you analyze any Windows OS errors and issues and lets you fix them instantly.

Ignore List

You can manually add programs that you trust to this list to be exempted from the scans performed by ASC.

File Shredder

File shredder lets you securely delete sensitive files, folders, recycle bin items beyond recovery.

DNS Protector

The DNS protector helps protect your system by preventing malware from modifying your system's DNS settings.

Smart RAM

Smart RAM continually monitors system memory usage and optimizes memory allocation for the best PC experience.

You will find a "Featured Products" Tab, which includes the most popular IObit products like iTop VPN, IObit UninstallerDriver Booster, and Software Updater, to name a few. Please note that you need to download these applications first before using them. What you get here are the free versions of the programs. Besides, if you love using IObit programs, you can enjoy great discounts on your favorite products using IObit Coupon Codes

Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced SystemCare: Interface

Interface difference between Avast Cleanup Premium and Advanced Systemcare Pro

Both of these applications have very clean and neatly laid out functions on the homepage. All of them are well accessible and easy to find.

However, I found ASC's user interface a little better than that of Cleanup premium. The main reason is interactive icons and tool drawers that make it intuitive for the user when accessing them.

Almost all tools have a 'details' option that can guide you through what you can expect when you use them. It makes it a lot more user-friendly for new users.

Avast Cleanup vs Advanced Systemcare: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Avast Cleanup free?

Avast Cleanup does not have a free plan; however, there is a 30-day free trial if you want to test it out before making a purchase.

Any other alternatives to Avast Cleanup and Advanced SystemCare?

Yes. Some of the popular programs that you can consider are CCleaner Proiolo System Mechanic ProGlary Utilities, to name a few. For more alternatives, here's a list of the best PC cleaner tools that you can try.

Avast Cleanup vs Advanced Systemcare: Which is Better?

When compared with Avast Cleanup, Advanced SystemCare Pro provides much more features & an exhaustive list of tune-up tools along with AI-based options. Also, you get all the benefits at a much lower price as compared to Avast Cleanup.

However, If you want to protect multiple devices under a single subscription, Avast is a better option. When Advanced SystemCare is for Windows only supporting a maximum of 3 PCs, Avast Cleanup Professional can go up to 10 Device supporting Windows, Mac and Android.

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