Best Antivirus for Windows 10

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Going online without proper antivirus is a risky task. When it comes to security and protection of personal data on computer, one should always choose the best.

The problem here is how should we decide which one is best?

Obviously, we cannot try each and every antivirus program and even if we do, computer will be at risk. So, let’s decide on the basis of Antivirus ratings provided by independent Virus test labs like AV-Test, West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, ICSA Labs, Dennis Technology and AV-Comparatives. They try out each Antivirus program against hundreds of virus samples and give a score accordingly on the basis of protection, usability and performance.

Not only taking into account the AV-Test score but also from personal experience and customer feedback, we are listing out top 5 antivirus for Windows 10. Factors considered while choosing are:

  1. Protection Score
  2. User Friendliness
  3. Impact on System
  4. Price Point
  5. Bonus Features

Good things come at a price and that’s the reason, we aren’t considering free antivirus. Moreover, you should read the bitter truth about free Antivirus for better understanding.

Though they are called as Antivirus but they are capable of dealing with trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, ransomware, and all kinds of malicious software. They provide on-demand scanning or on schedule and real time protection. A couple of solutions listed here might have some extra features apart from virus protection like Firewall, Parental control, etc.

What about Windows Defender?
If you are thinking about Windows Defender, then let me tell you it isn’t any good. With a score of 0.5 out of 6, it is not enough to protect Windows 10 from malware and viruses.

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5 thoughts on “Best Antivirus for Windows 10”

  1. Thanks for such a great list! I would like to add ESET Antivirus on your list as it is one of the best antivirus Ive used.

  2. You didn’t mention ESET. If you go to Virus Bulletin (VB 100 Awards), you find that ESET has passed 91 time, failed twice and not submitted four times since 1998. Check that against any other anti-virus vendor. ESET is the most consistent software on the market as far as Virus Bulletin is concerned.

    • Not just going by Lab test score but the article mentions that they have considered customer feedback received on their web store. Also, Price point is also taken into account so, their is balance of features given, price of the product, usability and performance. Hence, ESET might have been omitted.
      You can check out ESET Smart Security which is available at 35% discount at the moment –

  3. In my experience the best Antivirus would be –
    A tool that has slightly better protection than MSE with the added benefits of Unchecky (junkware), EMET (Zero Day) and Cryptoprevent (anti-cryptolocker).

    What do you suggest?

    • Currently the only real menace out there are the Crypto virus variants. In my opinion and experience of 2 years I can say that Bitdefender is doing a goos job in detecting them since their 2013 version. Now their ransomware module addition is cherry on the cake for extra protection.

      Talking about Unchecky, I don’t think the features and functionality provided this small tool will be ever included by Antivirus as their free versions use the same trick to install browser tool bar and search engines. One has to rely more on common sense and give great attention while installing any software product (especially free).


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