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How to Claim Bitdefender Student Discount?

Many software developers offer discounted pricing for Educational Institutes, Government, and Non-Profit organizations. However, Bitdefender chose a different path in this case. Neither there is any Bitdefender student discount, nor do they offer any special Bitdefender Student Edition.

However, Bitdefender offers Special Deals with a discount price, but they are not specific to students.

Why Bitdefender Student Discount does not exist?

Bitdefender Student Discount

The reason behind such a policy is unknown, and it is entirely at the company's discretion. Many companies do provide student discounts, and there exist those that do not. However, students should not get disheartened.

You can still grab #1 ranked Bitdefender Antivirus and other products at a lower price from Dealarious Store.

Although the Bitdefender Student discount is officially not available, we understand the need. Our beloved student community needs to save money. You can purchase any of the Bitdefender products with up to a 78% discount. That is less than half of the price on the official Bitdefender website. Hence, almost have an excellent Bitdefender student deal going on here! Enjoy!

Dealarious Bitdefender Student Prices

The choice of security solutions from Bitdefender is given below.


Basic Windows Protection

3 PC - 1 Year

Upto 70% Off


Advanced Multi-Device Protection

5 Devices - 1 Year

Upto 78% Off


Multi-Device Protection for Families

15 Devices - 1 Year

Upto 60% Off

NOTE: The student deals keep changing with time. Hence, check the above links for updated exclusive discount prices.

Which Bitdefender Version is the Best for Students?

differences between bitdefender antivirus versions

Many Bitdefender versions can confuse you. In this section, we clarify the role of each version.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

It is the basic version. Apart from Basic scanning, it has no added features that Bitdefender provides. Also, it means that Antivirus Plus is the lightest on your system resources. It is best if you are self-aware about your browsing habits and practice necessary precautions.

Bitdefender Internet Security

It includes the Firewall in addition to all the features Antivirus Plus provides. It is best for students who spend much time on local college networks and share/download files regularly.

Bitdefender Total Security

It is a superior product. Among the above two versions, Total Security is the only multi-device protection. It means you can use it on your Smartphones, PC & Mac.

Bitdefender Family Pack

It is just the Total Security with maximum support for 15 devices. Hence, providing the most substantial number of device support.

What does School / College going Student need?

Being former students, we can all guess that you carry one personal Laptop, a smartphone, and maybe one desktop. For complete protection, Bitdefender Total Security is the best suitable option as per our recommendation. You get a flat 78% discount offering. Hence, an additional saving of at least 55 USD is the lowest available anywhere on this planet.

Bitdefender Student Discount: Super Saver Tip

For more benefit, say you are buying a five device subscription. Now, You can share the same Bitdefender Central Account with five friends. So, in this way you can share the cost even with your friends. For complete list visit, Bitdefender discounted Pricing Page.

New Bitdefender version offers separate profiles for Gaming, Study, and Movies. Yes, that's what students life revolves around.

Why Dealarious Recommends Bitdefender Total Security?

Simply because, you get all-around protection from viruses, malware, spyware along with some perks like Anti-theft, anti-ransomware, and secured online storage. Improved User interface and auto-pilot mode make it easier than ever to configure. To know more about the features in detail, read our Bitdefender Total Security review.

Still not convinced? The license you purchase from Dealarious is valid for 5 Devices so that you may divide the total amount among your friends. That makes your purchase even cheaper per student at a valid price of around 5 USD per license! Isn't that amazing.

Also, you are protected with a 60 Days Money Back guarantee. If you face an unsolvable technical issue with the software, you can opt-out of it.

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If you do not stay at a hostel and want to protect computer systems at your home, you may check out other variants and available Packs for cross-platform security.

To conclude, even if they're no Bitdefender Student Discount, you can save using our general Bitdefender discounts at Dealarious.com.

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