Camtasia Studio Alternatives and Comparison

Camtasia Studio from TechSmith is a widely-used screen video recording solution. In addition, it also has a powerful video editor with visual effects, and green-screen features. An optimal solution when you not only want to record your screen but also want to create great videos.

There are a number of Camtasia Studio alternatives for similar tasks. Hence, if you do not want to spend high on Camtasia, you can have a look at all the worthy alternatives.

Camtasia Alternatives: Quick Look

Camtasia Alternatives

​Key Feature

​Movavi Video Suite (Paid)

60 FPS editing with great editing control

​Wondershare Filmora (Paid)

​60 FPS editing, simple Interface and lots of effects

​AVS Video Editor (Paid)

​Most popular professional video editing

​CamStudio (Free)

​Handy editing features but not updated since 2013

​Fraps (Paid)

​60 FPS Ultra HD recording. Lacks Editing Features

​EzVid (Free)

​Very handy with recording and quick editing. 45 Minutes recording limit.

​Snagit (Paid)

​Predominant video recording tool with basic editing.

​Jing (Free)

​video recording with 5 minutes recording limit

​Let's check above applications one by one and find in details the feature that they are offering.

​1. Movavi Video Suite

movavi video suite: Camtasia alternative

Movavi Video Suite is a medium range screen capture, audio and video editing tool. UI of the tool is professional and similar to Camtasia in terms of looks. However, there are some seriously useful features. The suite gives you the ability to record Audio / Video from any source. Later you can edit them using the Video Editor.

You can add free music, backgrounds, callouts, titles, and transitions to your videos. There are a lot of core Video Editing options like video stabilization option, highlighting, slow motion etc. Also, you can use the Chroma Key for Green Screen editing. In addition, you will also get a video converter. It allows you to convert videos to a wide range of formats. This video editor suite is

Movavi Video Suite is available only for Windows. However, on Mac, you can combine Screen Capture and Video Editor to get the same features. If you are not looking for an advanced Video Editor on your Mac, you can try Screen Capture Studio.

We did a thorough Movavi vs Camtasia comparison. We found that Movavi allows you to record and process 60 FPS videos with ease. Movavi Video Editor can easily handle videos at 4K resolution. Combined with Intel & Nvidia NVEC hardware acceleration Movavi Video Suite produces projects faster.

​2. Wondershare Filmora

camtasia alternative: Filmora

Comparing with all the above solutions, Wondershare Filmora is a fairly new Video Editor. It has a simple interface which is easy to use. The interface is very similar to Camtasia Studio. Probably a complete package with screen recording and video editing. You have the option to add media, music, tests, transitions, and filters to your video projects.

As a plus point, Filmora also provides Green Screen editing feature. You can also produce video projects at 4K resolution with 60 fps to a wide range of output formats. Filmora makes use of GPU hardware acceleration to speed up video processing. Another feature to note is that you have the option to add a 6 channel audio stream. This option gives you the choice to enhance the audio experience of your videos.

Hence, in our test, we find that Filmora is one of the strongest contenders in Camtasia Studio Alternatives. Wondershare Filmora also has a lifetime license, so you do not have to worry about purchasing upgrades every year. Filmora is available for Windows and Mac OS.

​3. AVS Video Editor

avs4you: Camtasia alternative applications

AVS Video Editor is a simple and yet very powerful video editing tool. It has a fully functional desktop screen recorder. Video optional options provide a lot of control over created videos. Comparing with other Camtasia Studio alternatives, AVS Video Editor is the most popular. It is one of the oldest in video editing field.

You can add transitions, texts, effects to your projects. There are a lot of free media available in the library that can ease up your task. Hence, for a professional video editing experience, give it a try.

This video editor comes in a package with 11 other applications. The best part is AVS4YOU gives lifetime free upgrades on one license purchase. AVS Video Editor is only compatible with Windows.

​4. CamStudio

free camtasia alternative

CamStudio was introduced as an open source Free Camtasia Alternative. We’d say CamStudio is minimalistic as in terms of features and capabilities. This open-source initiative helps you to record the screen with a few clicks. Also, please note that CamStudio has not received any updates from October 2013.

​When we tried to download the application Bitdefender blocked the web page. Ignoring that, we went ahead to download the installer.However, the same was blocked too. The reason was the detection of Adware.

If you decide to ignore this warning from your Antivirus, make sure to use custom installation and unselect any free bundle application that CamStudio tries to Install.

We will say that CamStudio is a risky consideration to include in the list of Camtasia Studio alternatives, despite being free. CamStudio is limited to Windows.


fraps: similar to camtasia

Fraps is actually a screen video recorder with a twist! You cannot use Fraps for day-to-day screen recording purpose, such as when you want to capture screenshots from a web browser or so. On the other hand, Fraps records screen videos from applications that are using OpenGL or DirectX. So, if you want to record your Gaming experience or something else which is sort of graphical, you will find Fraps useful. It can Produce Ultra HD videos at 60 or custom FPS.

There are options to set hotkeys and some other kinds of formats. However, note that free version of Fraps has some limitations. when it comes to the duration of video recordings and formats in which you can save the output. Fraps was last updated in 2013, hence we do not recommend to solely depend on it. Fraps only works with Windows.

​6. EZVid

EzVid is another great Free Camtasia Studio alternative for just screen recording. It has an easy to use interface and you can start recording quickly. With EzVid, you can capture gameplays and computer screen. While recording you can use available tools to draw on the screen. Other options include adding audio narration. As a special mention, EzVid has a text to the audio synthesizer. Hence, you can convert added text to narrations.

There is no overlay option so you will not be able to add media in layers. The limitation on record time is 45 minutes which we feel is sufficient for most of the purposes. Once desirable editing is done, you can directly post the produced video to YouTube. It is not exactly like Camtasia but we are including it in this list as it is great as a free alternative.

EZVid is only available for Windows platform.

​7. Snagit

camtasia vs snagit

Snagit is a minimalistic screen capture and video recording tool from TechSmith. Despite the fact that video recording is limited, you won’t find any issues when it is used for screen video capturing purposes. However, please note that Snagit does not provide any advanced video editing features.

All you can do with Snagit is basic trimming. One unique feature is that you can directly create GIF files from the video capture. Captured videos can be saved as MP4 files.

​8. JING

jing recorder

Jing is perhaps the simplest screen capture tool and screen video recorder you can have. This Free tool from TechSmith is quick to install. There’s a toolbar that stays on top of the screen using which you can start video recording.

However, there are some limitations. For instance, the maximum length of screen recording is 5 minutes only and there are no editing options available. Well, despite all these, you can go for Jing if you prefer a Free Camtasia Alternative. As an additional benefit, you can also take screenshots. It is great for direct video sharing. Jing is available for Windows and Mac OS.

​Other Mentionable Camtasia Alternatives

Below is a list a few alternatives we will like to mention:

  • FFsplit: A great Free application to record desktop and game screens. It also allows you to directly live stream your recordings.
  • Screencast-O-Matic: It is a unique web browser based screen recorder. Hence, it will work for both Windows & Mac OS.
  • Webinaria: Free screen recorder for Windows. Also, it can capture audio streams. Outputs FLV format only.

​Dealarious Verdict

Choose your Video Editor according to your needs. If you are editing professional videos regularly, only then we recommend investing in Camtasia. For medium priority Video editing with all features with other video editors. You can always find a good deal on these applications.

To be honest, there is no Program like Camtasia or better than Camtasia in its price range and functionality. With Camtasia Studio you will be able to create anything you want with ease. This is something you will always miss with any free or cheap alternatives, irrespective of the features they are offering. The new version of Camtasia Studio is even better with significant improvements in the interface. If you have no other option. you can take a look at our Camtasia discounts to get a competitive price.

Did we miss any of the Camtasia Studio alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.



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    Rajesh Bhosale - last year Reply

    Thanks for comparison details. Is there any reason for excluding Adobe Premier Elements and Cyberlink Powerdirector options here?

    ron - a couple of years ago Reply

    Great list! One excellent tool you missed is My Screen Recorder Pro. This product provides powerful editing features. You can make your presentations more effective using visual effects. Please add this amazing tool to your list.

    Chris - a couple of years ago Reply

    Nice list, thank you again! – I just wonder why you would not include Active Presenter? (using it a lot)

      Sourojit - a couple of years ago Reply

      Hi Chris,

      We are in process of updating this list. Active Presenter is in our list.

    Tony - a couple of years ago Reply

    I use Filmora, it works great, is easy to use and has a modern Interface. However, it depends on your personal choice. You can use AVS for simple interface (old school).

    Mark - a couple of years ago Reply

    Great list. I need to create YouTube videos, do not need 60 FPS. I need better functionality and easy of use. Which one among Movavi, Filmora, and AVS do you suggest?