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CCleaner Pro Review: Reliable Cleaner for Windows/Mac?

One of the most common issue that a computer user face is a PC/Mac that slows down with time. Plus the ever-increasing privacy issues when you browse the internet. CCleaner Pro works to help a PC user tackle both of these issues by simplifying and automating the PC/Mac cleaning process. Piriform’s flagship PC cleaner helps you clean your computer from junk files and protect your online activities. In this CCleaner Pro review, I will go through all the features that it has to offer.

CCleaner Pro Review: Quick Summary

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  • Easy to Use
  • Highly Customizable
  • Lot of Handy Tools
  • Automatic Scans & Repair


  • No Chat or Phone Support



USD 12.99

Supported Platforms: Windows









CCleaner Pro Review: Overview

CCleaner Pro Review

On a broader level, CCleaner basically helps you to optimize your system for better performance. It achieves this by removing junk files & clutter, unwanted registry entries, checking installed apps for the latest updates, and helping you maintain your online privacy by safely deleting browser cookies, cached files, and trackers placed by websites on your system.

CCleaner Pro Review: Pricing Plans

There are two paid subscription packages available - CCleaner Professional Version & CCleaner Professional Plus. The difference between Pro and Pro Plus is in the number of PCs that it covers and additional products in the latter.

You get the annual license of CCleaner Professional covering 1 PC at USD 29.95 from the official website. The Plus version comes with a 1 and 2 years subscription covering up to 3 PCs. Along with CCleaner, you get Speccy, Recuva, CCleaner for Android Pro and CCleaner for Mac Pro in the Plus package. At Dealarious Store, you will get CCleaner discounts on the Professional and Professional Plus versions at the best price.


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CCleaner Professional

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CCleaner Pro Review: Key Features

how ccleaner 6 interface looks

Automatic Cleaning

CCleaner regularly cleans up junk files & keeps your computer running smoothly even in the background.

Optimize PC Performance

optimize pc automatically with ccleaner 6

To boost your PC performance, CCleaner 6.0. the latest version of CCleaner has a new feature, the Performance Optimizer tool. A patented tool, Performance Optimizer will smartly put to sleep the unnecessary programs that slow down your PC. Even if many programs are installed on your computer, this new feature will help you make your PC run faster.

Automatic Privacy Protection

Whenever you close your internet browser, CCleaner clears the browser history and cookies that online advertisers have planted in your system. It helps prevent tracking and protects your online privacy at all times.

Scheduled Maintenance

Even if you forget to open up CCleaner and perform routine maintenance, CCleaner can do it for you in the background automatically at your chosen time & schedule.

CCleaner Pro Review: User Interface

The interface of the new CCleaner 6.0 is clean and clutter-free, which makes it easy to use. Downloading and installing CCleaner is also easy. You can get it from the official website. Upon startup, you will see the home screen of CCleaner, which has all the functions laid out on the left panel. It is very easy to choose any function from the options.

CCleaner Pro Review: Functionality

Health Check

CCleaner 6 health check

Health Check tool is the first option on the task panel. It is almost like an all-in-one function button for features of CCleaner. However, if you wish, you can also have manual control over optimization sections.


In this section, CCleaner analyses your web browsers for Junk files in the Recycle Bin, temporary browser files, temporary internet files, and trackers placed by websites on your system.


With time the operating system collects massive amounts of temporary files. It is not only due to the applications that you use but also from the operating system itself. Cleaning such temporary junk files releases a massive amount of disk drive space that you can use meaningfully. Hence, Ccleaner identifies such files and automatically cleans them for you.


If there are a lot of apps that startup with your Windows, it will slow down the overall Windows boot time. In such cases, CCleaner can disable nonessential Startup programs from autostarting. Hence, boosting the Windows boot time. However, you can also use manual selection and choose the applications you want to start with Windows.


It also checks for any outdated apps installed on your system. Once the scan is done, CCleaner also gives you an option to individually modify any selections & settings inside each option. For instance, you can choose which apps to update or choose whether you want to delete unwanted files or keep the browsing history intact.

Once you select everything or customize your selection, you can proceed toward the ‘Make it better’ option. Once everything is done, CCleaner will again present you with the details on the screen. 

Custom Clean

How to custom clean with ccleaner

As the name suggests, the custom clean option presents you with more precise control over the deep-cleaning options. Hence, you can choose what to delete and what not to.

There are two main modes: “Windows,” and the other is “Applications.”

Windows Cleanup

Under the Windows option, you get to choose from native windows browsers like Edge, Internet Explorer & Edge Chromium along with Windows Explorer, System files, and more advanced windows files.

The System option contains data you can delete from system files like the Recycle Bin, Temp Files, Windows Logs, and more.

The Advanced windows files options have options that are better suited for advanced users. They include Event Logs, Prefetch data, Menu Order Cache, and more.

Applications Cleanup

The Applications option lists files you can delete from applications that are installed on your system. These include the apps that you have installed along with some Windows default apps.

Performance Optimizer

CCleaner provides a solution to fix the slow PC issues concerning users with this new feature. The Performance Optimizer will scan your system and come up with a list of active programs running in the background, slowing down your PC. Also displayed is each program's impact level on your PC's performance (High, Medium, Low).

Next, Performance Optimizer will put to sleep the programs currently not in use. In sleep mode, these programs consume fewer resources, thus speeding up your PC. The Optimizer wakes up the sleeping programs the moment they are needed back.


Ccleaner 6 registry cleaner

This function helps to clean up junk registry entries. Once you are in this section, CCleaner gives you an option to analyze the registry files on the system. Also, you can individually select from the type of files you want to analyze. It includes analysis for missing shared DLLs, unused extensions, and obsolete software, to name a few. After scanning, you can even manually select options for the items on the list. Once selected, you get an option to fix those items.

Also, a good feature here is that before CCleaner starts deleting junk registry entries, it gives you an option to back up the registry. It makes sure that even if something goes wrong, you have a back-up at your disposal to fix things up later.

Driver Updater

Update drivers with CCleaner 6

Update your drivers easily with the new Driver Updater feature. Keeping your drivers up to date will improve the overall performance of your system.

With more than 25 million drivers, Driver Updater scans your PC for outdated drivers. It then displays all the drivers, including the up-to-date drivers and the drivers that need an update. The Summary Screen shows you the number of drivers to update.



Ccleaner 6 Uninstaller

The tools section provides some handy optimization options like:

Here is a list of all installed apps. Hence, you can select and uninstall any of the apps easily. The best part is that you can perform all the actions from one place. Also, if you wish, you can rename entries or download a complete list of installed apps on your system.

Software Updater

Update software with ccleaner

Update all outdated software with this tool. In the Software Updater tool, a list of apps with an available update is populated along with up-to-date apps on the next tab. You can easily select any of the apps that need an update.


Startup control in Ccleaner 6

Here, you get a list of apps that startup along with Windows, including Windows default apps, and the Context Menu. You can enable or disable them with one click to speed up Windows startup.

Browser Plugins

Browser Plugin cleaning using CCleaner 6

This section shows a list of all the plugins present on all of your browsers. You can easily enable or disable them from here. Hence, there is no need to visit individual browsers.

Disk Analyzer

Analyze Drives with ccleaner 6

This feature allows you to analyze what types of files occupy space on your hard drive. Hence, you get a break-up of each file type like Music, Pictures, Documents, Video, Compressed files, Emails, and more.

Duplicate Finder

Find Duplicate files 0n your pc

This function helps to locate duplicate files on your system. You can later delete these files to free up disc space.

System Restore

restore system using CCleaner 6

If something went wrong while working on Windows, you can restore it to the last windows restore point. However, note that only the second last restore point is available from CCleaner and not the last backup due to security reasons.

Drive Wiper

Drive Wiper

Another very useful feature is the drive wiper. It helps you securely wipe off entire content or select folders from your drive in a single click. Hence, it is almost impossible for any application to recover content wiped off from the drive wiper.

CCleaner Pro Review: Options & Settings

Settings in Ccleaner 6

The Options tab provides various options of CCleaner as below. You can select & modify various settings for CCleaner from the Settings tab. Besides, this section allows you to make CCleaner work the way you want.


A list of all the cookies from all the browsers is populated in this window. You can select them and delete them for a clean & private browsing experience.


You can select which files & folders you exclusively want CCleaner to keep or delete files.


This is a very good feature where you can select a precise schedule for CCleaner to run in the background while carrying on with your regular work. 

Smart Clean

Smart cleaning is an automatic prompt that CCleaner will give you clean system junk files. You can select a minimum threshold limit for the junk file size. You get notified only when the junk file size has reached that threshold limit. There is also an option of automatic browser cleaning.


Here, you can assign users who can manage CCleaner on the system.


CCleaner comes with the automatic updates feature. If it's not needed, you can disable it accordingly.

Advanced Settings

This tab allows for advanced settings mostly suitable only for advanced-level users. However, there is an option that allows you to save all the settings in an INI file. Hence, you can do so and in case of a fresh installation, just replace the INI file to get back all your settings.


Here, you will find all the privacy policies from CCleaner and some basic privacy settings.

CCleaner Pro Review: Software Support

There are many ways in which you can receive support for CCleaner. The website has multiple options for the same.

Submit a ticket: You can reach out to the service team by raising a ticket online with your issues & the team will get back to you.

FAQ, Technical Documentation & Video Tutorials: There is an FAQ section and video tutorials for some self-help if required on some common issues users face. 

Community Forum: The community forum helps users gain access to expert users who can help them with any issues they might be facing, which the community can resolve.

CCleaner ReviewFree Vs. Pro Vs. Pro Plus

CCleaner Free

Very limited features- basic junk removal and basic privacy protection.


CCleaner Pro Plus

3 Devices - 1 Year

further extends the feature pack with additional apps, including CCleaner for Android Pro and Mac Pro, file recovery & hardware inventory. You can install this pack on 3 PCs at once.


CCleaner Pro Review: How Safe is it?

How safe is CCleaner?

CCleaner faced some heat in September 2017 due to Malware inserted in some versions by some hacking groups. It resulted in some trojan payloads getting delivered to systems of some users worldwide. However, all these issues are now fixed, and their parent company Piriform made all the efforts to sort it out on priority. 

Today CCleaner remains one of the favorite PC tune-up utilities amongst users. It lets you clean up your system for junk, and unwanted apps, optimize registry issues and protect your privacy when browsing the internet. Also, it is a prominent member of our list of the best Registry Cleaner Software.

CCleaner Pro ReviewIs it Worth the Buy?

Is CCleaner worth your money?

Considering the feature set that comes with CCleaner, I would recommend CCleaner for most users who want to optimize their PCs and keep them running like new. It is a valuable tool for users who want a minimalistic tool for PC optimization and tune-up. Also, always buy it at available offers which adds value to the money you spend.

CCleaner ProFrequently Asked Questions

Is there a better cleaner than CCleaner?

There are other more or less similar options worth mentioning. You can try IObit Advanced SystemCareiolo System Mechanic Pro, or Avast Cleanup Premium if you want more choices. Still, confused? Check out the Advanced SystemCare Vs CCleaner article.

Is it safe to use CCleaner on Android?

Yes. CCleaner is the best cleaner application for Android mobile devices. As a safety measure, it is recommended to download the app from Google Play Store.


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