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Driver Booster 10 Pro Review

Your Windows operating system keeps getting regular updates. Although it is essential to get Windows updates at some point in time, your device drivers will find it hard to keep up. As the devices become old, getting updates for them is scarce.

The leading cause is that the manufacturer stops providing new drivers for old devices. Windows tries its best to keep them up to date. However, these drivers are usually generic. Hence, it might not be performing at its best.

To resolve outdated device driver issues, iObit Driver Booster comes to your rescue. This Driver Booster 10 Pro review will look at all the aspects that make it such a great driver updater program.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Review: Introduction

Driver Booster Pro Review Featured Image

Maintaining your computer in a stable working condition for a long time can be pretty tricky. You can get lost with so many hidden issues related to system drivers. IObit has found a perfect solution in the form of Driver Booster Pro. Visit the IObit Official Website.

Driver Booster 10 is an easy-to-use driver updater. It has an extensive database and can solve most of your system driver issues with just a click. It updates the outdated drives in a jiffy, and for your peace of mind, it updates with the most precision. Continuous driver updating and maintenance help your PC avoid a crash, network issues, audio issues, BSOD, wrong resolution, and so on.

Especially if you are a gamer, you will love to have Driver Booster 10 Pro on your PC. You can best gaming experience ever with many easy fixes to your device drivers.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Review summary

Driver Booster Review box


  • Supports Windows XP & above
  • Automatic updates
  • A lot of Handy Tools
  • Driver Backup & Restore
  • High Speed Downloads


  • Support Response is bit slow
  • IObit upsells within App



USD 11.25

Supported Platforms: Windows



Driver Database






System Requirements for Driver Booster 10 Pro

Your system must qualify the minimum requirements as given below:

  1. Must have Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11.
  2. Your system must have 1 GB of space on the hard drive.
  3. Screen resolution of at least 1024*768 and above.

How to Download & Install Driver Booster 10 Pro

The installation process is straightforward. All instructions and manuals are available on the official website. The complete process of downloading and installing involves two steps:

  1. You can download the Driver Booster Pro installer directly from the official iObit website.
  2. Go to your system's download folder and double-click on the Installer.

How to activate Driver Booster 10 Pro

Driver Booster 9 Pro Activation

When you download Driver Booster, it installs as a FREE version. While writing this Driver booster 10 Pro review, I was initially confused by this behavior. I was expecting a trial PRO application out of the box. Hence, after a bit of digging, I found that we can upgrade the FREE version directly to the PRO version. Just place the license key and activate it. Once the activation is complete, Driver Booster restarts, and you get the Pro version.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Review: Key Features

Among the plethora of features, the key elements of Driver Booster Pro are:

  • Offline Driver Updater lets you download and install drivers without internet access.
  • Choose your preferred scan priority for drivers: the Latest First or Stability First.
  • It saves more time by speeding up the driver update process.
  • It claims to have the most significant device driver database.
  • Boosts gaming performance by giving high priority to new gaming drivers and other components.
  • Scans your system automatically to find and fix faulty drivers.
  • For your protection, it offers a safe and secure way to update drivers. (Certified by Microsoft WHQL and IObit)
  • Driver backups are available for extra safety.
  • Automatically restores the driver whenever there is a problem with the update.
  • Downloads drivers automatically at high speeds.
  • Fixes all the common drive errors
  • You can get compressed driver packages.
  • Easy to use. You need to make a few clicks.

Driver Booster Interface

Driver Booster Homescreen

The Driver Booster Pro comes with a user-friendly interface. It is dark grey, and on the home screen, you can see a large Scan button that you will not miss noticing. You can further check all your PC info by clicking the sidebar on the right side of the main screen.

If you don't like the dark-colored interface, you can switch to other colors like white, blue, black, or any color that you like in the settings.

You can navigate through the app very quickly because of its comfortable and modern features. Apart from the scan button, you can find Boost, Tools, and Action Center on the left sidebar.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Review: Functionality

With the help of Driver Booster Pro, you can perform manual as well as automatic driver update scans. Let's go through the scanning ability and options in detail.

Scan Settings and Options

Scan Priority Settings

In Driver Booster 10, you can also choose the device drivers' scan priority in the Settings tab: Latest First or Stability First. In my opinion, you should stick to Stability.

To scan your system for faulty and outdated drives, click on the SCAN button. You can also click on the STOP button to stop the scan anytime and restart it later. Hence, it is the manual part of the scan.

Want to enable an automatic Driver scan? You can go to settings and change it. Additionally, you can also schedule a scan so that the drivers receive regular updates.

Scan Results and Operation

Scan results in Driver Booster 10 Pro

Once the scan is complete, you can see the scan results on the screen. In the results, you can check the number of outdated device drivers and game drivers. The scan results much reflect your PC's condition.

Driver Booster Pro categorizes the search result as:

Outdated drivers

Driver Booster scans all devices for new drivers. It then lists the findings besides the device name. The drivers have two dates mentioned; the current version date and the available version date. Hence, this display helps you to determine exactly how old are your current drivers.

Faulty Drivers

In case of a malfunctioned device driver, Driver Booster Pro will tag it as a defective driver. It will also list the current version of the correct driver that is available for download.

Missing Drivers

If devices in your system have no drivers installed, Driver Booster will tag them as missing. Driver Booster Pro automatically indicates the critical drivers that are not available on your system.

Not-installed game drivers

This tag is for game components. They are not device drivers but software components. If you play games on your PC, installing these software components might improve your experience in certain games.

Updating and Downloading Drivers

Driver Booster Pro Review: updating Driver

When the scan results show the updates you need to download for your drivers, you can choose to do any of the following:

  1. Click on the 'Update Now' button given on top of the scan results page. Hence, updating all the drivers on the list.
  2. Download the drivers individually by clicking on the 'Update' button on each drive's right side.

Once you hit the update button, your drivers start getting downloaded. You can stop the download process anytime you want and also resume it later.

Configure Driver Booster Pro Auto Update 

Automatic driver update in Driver Booster Pro

A great feature that helps in customizing how auto-update behaves offering. You can activate auto-update in the Driver Booster settings under Scheduler. All you have to do is check 'Automatically update drivers while the system is idle' in driver settings.

You have two options in automatic driver update:

Only download driver & game components:

This option downloads the latest version of drivers. However, you will have to update it manually.

Download and install driver & game component updates:

It will automatically download and install the latest driver versions. When using this option, you can select the category of Drivers that will update automatically. You should be careful here and select only noncritical drivers for the auto-update.

Ignore Critical Drivers from Updating

Driver Ignore list

Sometimes you may find that updating some drivers cause system instability. Usually, it's not a specific fault of Driver Booster Pro but the device itself. There may be newer drivers matching your device, but they may not be compatible with it. Updating to such drivers may cause your system to give any errors. For instance, their errors can be Blue Screen of Death, No Sound, No Network, etc.

Once you know which device is creating the issue, you can add it to ignore the update until future updates are available. Just select ignore from the drop-down option given on the right side of the driver. Once you hit the Ignore option, you will get to choose between ignoring the current update or all the updates for the device.

Silent Mode

Driver Booster has a silent mode feature. Once you click on the Silent Mode in Settings, you will see Auto Silent Mode selected by default. It means that Driver Booster will not send you any notifications while you are in working mode. 

Boost System Performance

Boost options in Driver Booster

If your system is lagging while playing games or multitasking, you can take advantage of the Boost feature of Driver Booster Pro. It helps in speeding up your system. There are two ways this feature works:

  • System Optimize
  • Game Boost

Game Boost

When we are deep into the game, we get annoyed by the sudden lag due to the applications or services running in the background.

With the Game Booster feature of Driver Booster 10 Pro, you can avoid such troubles and have a smooth gaming experience. Hence, it will stop all the troublesome applications running in the background.

To boost, you have to click Turn On. Before the boost, you can go to the Configure tab to choose the apps that have to end while you play games. Once you have chosen the applications, click on the 'Boost' button to shut down these applications and enjoy gaming with no system issues.

Configuring Game Boost to improve gaming performance

After the boost, you can click the Details tab to look at all the stopped apps and items.

System Optimize

Optimize system with Advanced SystemCare

This module is another great tool that can help you boost your system by cleaning up junk files, repeated registry entries, and privacy traces. It can also help you optimize your system and Internet speed with a product that has everything. Advanced SystemCare.

To download Advanced SystemCare, hit the 'Check Now' button. It will take you through the installation procedure. You can even click on 'Details' to check out the items that need optimization. If you already have Advanced Systemcare on your PC, click on the 'Run Now' button to optimize with Advanced SystemCare.

Please note that Advanced SystemCare is not a 100% free application. Please read our Advanced SystemCare Pro Review for more details. Also, you can always buy the full application with our Advanced SystemCare Pro Coupons.

Driver Booster Tools

Tools section

The all-new Driver Booster Pro offers you some cool tools. Using these tools, you can fix the following six common issues and two Other Useful Tools.

Backup & Restore

It helps you in backing up and restoring drivers and takes your system back to its previous healthy condition.

Driver Booster Pro offers you the ability to backup and also restore your old/existing drivers. There are three tabs in the Backup & Restore tool: Driver Backup, Driver Restore and System Restore. You can find the list of available drivers for a backup under "Driver Backup."

Driver Backup
Backup & Restore feature in Driver Booster Pro

You can check the boxes beside the drivers you would like to take back up and hit the Back Up button.

You can check the version of the drivers on the backup list. The "current version" means the version of the device driver currently installed, while the backup version is the version of the device driver you have backed up. If you see that the Backup Version is older than the current version, you can back up the newer version to replace the old backup version.

Driver Restore

If you want to restore any drivers, go to the Driver Restore tab. Here you can select the drives you want to restore and hit the "Restore" button. This option will reinstall the driver from your backup. 

System Restore

Driver Booster 10 Pro also creates a restore point automatically before installing the drivers.

Fix Device Error

It can detect error flags from the device manager. Hence, it will try to fix those errors by resetting and reinstalling the device drivers.

Fix No Sound

It tries to detect the problems with your Sound card. Also, Driver Booster works many methods to resolve problems and asks for your input. If they are not able to resolve the issue, they provide a guide on identifying the problems. You can contact their support directly in case your sound is not back.

Fix Network Failure

Driver Booster resets the network adapters and checks if the network device is working fine. 

Fix Bad Resolution

A lousy display resolution is generally an issue due to Graphics card driver issues. However, please note that Driver Booster can only fix if problems exist with the software. Hence, keep this in mind to check the hardware in case software remedies prove to be useless.

Clean Invalid Device Data

It helps you to clean unplugged devices' data on your computer. Please note that only device data is cleaned. There is no harm to the driver files.

Below are the two tools under Other Useful Tools.

Offline Driver Updater

Offline Driver Updater lets you download and install drivers without internet access. Read further instructions here.

System Information

Check out all the information about your system.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Performance

I am a regular Driver Booster user. Hence, in my Driver Booster 10 Pro review, I can conclude that it has an excellent performance. In the previous versions, I always had a complaint for slow download speeds and could see problems in downloading updates once in a while. In the Driver Booster 10 Pro version, there is no issue with the driver download. It scans and updates pretty fast and is completely reliable, thanks to the one-click scan feature. If you have trouble downloading any updates, try downloading after turning off your third-party antivirus and firewall.

Driver Booster 10 Pro Accuracy

While searching for updates for drivers on the System, Driver Booster Pro could not find updates for all the drivers on the system. However, it gives some great suggestions when it comes to optimization and resolution. No matter how many updates it can detect, it is still the best pick for driver updates.

I faced an issue with updating my Old Bluetooth device Driver from the 2017 manufacturer model. The device stopped working and I had to Roll back to the Windows default driver. Hence, I ignored it from the update. As I have mentioned before, there will be some devices that may not like the new drivers. For your assurance, you can always download the free version and test it for yourself. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can go ahead and buy it.

Resource Consumption

The best part is, it does not put stress on the performance of your System's RAM or CPU. Hence, Driver Booster has a lite feel.

During a driver update download, the resource consumption is:

CPU Usage: 4% - 6%

RAM Usage: 14.6 MB maximum

Conclusion: Is Driver Booster 10 Pro the Best?

Keeping your computer up-to-date is not an easy task. You need a helping hand in the form of Driver Booster Pro. This application takes only a few moments to scan and download the updates you need for your system. Besides, it also fixes any latest drivers that are faulty. You can backup and restore any drivers, any day, in a jiffy.

Moreover, Driver Booster Pro is compatible with most of the latest versions of Windows and all it takes is 19.3 MB of space on the hard drive on your computer. Gamers will rejoice in knowing how effective it can boost gaming performance!

Driver Booster 10 - Free vs. Pro

In this Driver Booster Pro review, we mention the differences between the Free and Paid versions. The Pro users will get the following additional features:

  • Update and install network drivers without an internet connection 
  • Larger database (8,500,000+ drivers) to update outdated drivers 
  • Choose the scan priority: the latest drivers first or most stable drivers first 
  • High Speed driver updates
  • The driver backup feature helps to backup drivers so that you can restore them when needed
  • Auto-Install and update drivers during system idle time 
  • Easily detect and fix device errors  
  • Update the Game components for a better gaming experience
  • Auto-update to the latest version of Driver Booster
  • 24/7 technical support

Driver Booster 10 Pro: Trustworthy Performance

I was able to fix My 2017 Lenovo Laptop's No sound issue. However, at the same time, I had to ignore the Bluetooth driver. Other than that Driver Booster was able to update all other drivers available. Hence, for me, it works well. Driver Booster makes no false promises by showing false data. It almost accurately detects and provides updates to your system devices.

Is Driver Booster Worth Paying For?

Before you buy this product, you should download the free version and test the product yourself. Also, you can test if it is updating and detecting the correct devices and driver versions.

Driver Booster Pro Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust Driver Booster?

Yes. Driver Booster is a trustworthy program from IObit. Make sure that you download it from their official website to avoid any malware issues.

Is Driver Booster free and safe?

Yes. Driver Booster is safe to use. Driver booster offers a free version of the program. However, the PRO version of Driver Booster has additional features not available in the free version.

Can I use Driver Booster offline?

Yes, with the help of the Offline Driver Updater feature in Driver Booster, this is possible.


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