Bitdefender VPN Premium

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$69.99 $25.95

$69.99 $25.95

It is a simple and no configuration VPN. It complements your primary Bitdefender subscription and helps to protect your online privacy.

You can add the VPN license to your existing account. Once you add the subscription, all the installed free VPNs connected to your account will automatically convert to the Premium version and support up to 10 devices.

Global Activation | NO Auto-Renewal | Download Only


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Bitdefender VPN is an extension for Bitdefender Antivirus products. It is easy to use VPN. Also, it connects quickly, and you do not have to configure anything. With Dealarious Bitdefender VPN coupon codes, you get a one-year subscription at just $2.25 per month.

How do I Use Bitdefender VPN?

You can install the free VPN from within your Bitdefender Antivirus. Check for the VPN option in the Antivirus app and click to install it. Bitdefender installs it in the background. As soon as the installation finishes, the VPN is ready to use.

Is VPN Free with Bitdefender? Free Vs. Premium VPN

  • Free VPN

The Free VPN works without a time limit. However, you can use the free version only till your Primary Bitdefender Antivirus subscription lasts. A 30 Days free Bitdefender Trial also gives you a 30-day VPN.

With Free Bitdefender VPN, there are two primary restrictions.

  1. You have no option to change the server location.
  2. You only have up to 200MB of data per day.
  • Premium VPN

With Bitdefender VPN Premium, you can use unlimited data and also choose your VPN proxy server.

That’s all the differences between Bitdefender Free & Premium VPN.

Bitdefender VPN Premium Interface

Bitdefender VPN Premium Interface

The interface is straightforward. Hence, all you have to do is select the server you want and click on the connect button. That’s it. I like the fact that Bitdefender is keeping the VPN so Simple. Hence, you can use it even if you are not an advanced user.

Download Speed Test

Bitdefender VPN speed test

My speed tests using the Premium VPN are below:

  • USA Server: 101 Mbps
  • UK Server: 72.04 Mbps
  • Canada Server: 86.10 Mbps

The above speed results can vary for you. However, the speeds were consistent from my experience over the time of use. You may not find the speeds too impressive compared to other Popular services. Moreover, those services are usually double the price.

IP Leak Test

I did a test with the following websites to check IP leaks:


None of the above services found any IP leak. Hence, the VPN does its job.

Does Bitdefender VPN Support Torrenting?

Yes. Hence, you can use Bitdefender VPN for torrents. There is no restriction on the VPN with P2P traffic.

Does Bitdefender VPN work with Netflix?

Nope. It didn’t work with the US, UK & Canada Proxies. However, it may work with other proxies, but I did not check them as we are already losing a significant library.

Hence, I do not recommend using Bitdefender VPN for watching Netflix.

Does Bitdefender VPN work with BBC iPlayer?

No Bitdefender VPN does not work with BBC iPlayer. In my tests, every attempt to play content on BBC Network failed.

How much does Bitdefender VPN Cost?

Bitdefender VPN costs USD 49.99 per Year. However, using a Bitdefender VPN Coupon Code, you can get it at USD 30.95 approx. However, please note that the prices vary from time to time. The Premium Version supports Unlimited data.

How Can I get a Bitdefender VPN Coupon Code?

Well, there are many ways in which you can get a Bitdefender VPN coupon code. You can search it on Google and check websites offering VPN coupons. However, In my experience, you will only lose time if you are searching for it on the web. Most of the Bitdefender VPN coupons available on such websites do not work. Hence, the best option is to buy it from Dealarious at the lowest price with a considerable discount.

Can I Renew my Existing account using the Bitdefender VPN Coupon?

Yes, You can use our Bitdefender VPN coupon codes to renew your existing subscription. Also, our license will extend the validity days of your existing Bitdefender VPN Premium subscription. However, if you purchase it directly from Bitdefender, remember to disable auto-renewal. There are no Bitdefender VPN coupon codes for auto-renewals. Hence, Bitdefender charges you the full amount.

Is Bitdefender VPN any Good?

If your online privacy is concerned, Yes, Bitdefender VPN is useful. No leaks, No Logs, out of the 14 eyes Countries. However, for streaming Netflix / BBC iPlayer, the VPN is useless.

Who can use Bitdefender VPN?

The first criteria are to have a Bitdefender Antivirus product. The VPN is not a stand-alone app. Hence, this option is only open if you are already using Bitdefender. Also, only if you need necessary data encryption is the VPN useful. Do not buy Bitdefender VPN for your Streaming needs.

What is the best cheap alternative for Bitdefender VPN?

The best VPN that beats the price and features of Bitdefender VPN is ZenMate VPN. Also, In my tests, I could use ZenMate VPN, Stream Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. Moreover, the price is excellent and even beats Bitdefender VPN. ZenMate costs just USD 21.00 for Unlimited protection on five devices for 1 Year. Therefore, you should also check out the ZenMate VPN Coupon section.

Also, if you are looking for an Advanced Premium VPN, you can check Cyberghost VPN Coupon and Surfshark VPN Coupon sections. As a bonus, Surfshark supports Unlimited devices.