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Perfect Solution for Encrypting Your Web Data While You Surf Around the World!


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Hotspot Shield encrypts your internet connection to protect you while you browse around the world. This is a perfect utility for users who connect public WiFis. This is also a good utility for ensuring any connection that you can visit sites and download data based on your preference. Hotspot Shield is used by more than ten million people and was developed by AnchorFree, the largest VPN Company.

HotSpot Shield Overview (Video)

HotSpot Shiels Key Features

  • Multi-device support: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Kindle
  • Ad-free browsing experience
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Complete cloud-based malware protection
  • Virtual Locations in USA, UK, Australia & Japan

This software is browser-independent and encrypts connection to the servers, and converts all HTTP to HTTPS. By providing you with a protected IP address and rerouting your traffic, AnchorFree is sure that your data will not be exposed to threats while you browse.

The recent upgrades include the ability to deal with company networks, automatic nearby WiFi connections, and eliminating administrative privileges to setup the program.

The program will load pages faster than the normal connection speed when you are close to the Hotspot Shield servers. There will be no lags, given that your traffic is being rerouted. Hotspot Shield perfectly handled streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and JustinTV. This software is recommended if you want to improve WiFi speed aside from the security benefits.

The free version does not cost a buck. When installing free version, you will be opted for toolbar installation and your home page will be changed to the default search page of AnchorFree. In addition, when you activate the software, you will be redirected to the AnchorFree site and it will start playing a video. This seems annoying but the free version still provides an amazing service. Toolbars and redirections are just optional though.
Once you install Hotspot Shield, it will appear as a red icon that will turn to green in the system tray and browser. You can toggle it off or on by just clicking it. Opening the Properties options will open a new window that shows you are connected. You can click the details link to find out more about your connection such as the amount of data being sent or received, VPN IP address, and the time you are connected. The data transfer rate is a perfect tool for users with a limited internet connection.

The paid version of the software is the Hotspot Shield Elite that runs no ads and uses faster servers. The paid version only costs 30 bucks per year and can be paid via PayPal, major credit cards, prepaid cash cards, and mobile phone payment systems. While Hotspot Shield has a built-in malware protection, it also has an excellent online support that you can always run to when you got problems when using the software.