Microsoft Office Professional 2016

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$299.99 $139.95

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Microsoft Office Professional 2016. A Complete suite to meet all your needs. No matter which substitute application you are using, the experience and functionality will never be the same. You can install and activate 32 Bit or 64 Bit version.

You can download the package from your Microsoft Office Account after adding the provided license. Also, you have the option to download the Offline installer image file (.iso) and burn it to a disk for future re-installation.

Note: Since Microsoft Office Pro 2016 is a lifetime license, you will officially receive all updates for the 2016 version. If in any case the license stops working at any point in time or you have received a faulty license (rare cases), we will take full responsibility and replace the same.

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  1. Kevin

    good offer


    A really good deal on a really good piece of software. I got your special offer in email yesterday, and I did not waste any time in buying this. I’m so glad to have made a real valuable purchase. License worked and was activated without any issues whatsoever.

  2. Lisa Matthews

    Lisa Matthews

    I guess I missed your discount copoun. So I was looking for another store to buy from and did a lot of search till page 7 on Google. However, your offer price without the special discount itself, is unmatched. I went ahead and bought a copy from your store anyway. I will keep an eye out for your emails. Dealarious has the best offers, I will make sure that I don’t wait for the stock to get over from now.

  3. Donald Trujillo

    Office is good

    Donald Trujillo

    I recently bought Office from your store, and I am coming back to write this review. My daughter had a presentation at school yesterday, and she wanted to use some powerpoint templates she found online. She was so happy today morning that we had bought a copy of Office the day before. Her presentation was amazing, best in class. All thanks to your offer.
    I wouldn’t have considered buying Office otherwise. I make do with OpenOffice all the time. This was more than worth the price.

  4. Brayden Merrylees

    Genuine Deal

    Brayden Merrylees

    The prices on all other stores is a few dollars more at minimum. Only Dealarious is generous enough to offer MS Office 2016 for such a wonderful discount. Good job. Keep it up. You have a new customer in me.

  5. Danielle


    This is the best all-around office suite perfected over years and years. I am using MS Office for over 15 years now, but I have never bought it at this kind of an unbelievable discount. Thanks for the offer, you have a customer for life.


Microsoft Office Professional 2016 suite is one of the most appreciated software packages. No matter, whether you are a Student, an Entrepreneur, Photographer or even a Freelancer you will need Office applications to enhance your productivity at some point.

Microsoft has placed extreme efforts in their present products. As a result, the same reflects with the present platforms. Be it Windows 10 or Office services, everything has received worldwide appreciation. In comparison to previous versions, this version focuses on a fresh interface and easy to use controls. Most of all, you will love the fluidity of the all the applications.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 includes:

  • Word 2016
  • Excel 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • OneNote 2016
  • Outlook 2016
  • Publisher 2016
  • Access 2016

Things you can do with Microsoft Office Professional 2016

  • You can easily work with various input methods like Keyboard, Touch, and Pen devices. It is easy to work with the new design.
  • Redesigned and improved Help section named “Tell Me”.
  • Bing integration provides insights on files you are working on from the web.
  • Dozens of interactive templates help you to focus on your idea rather than wasting time on the design itself.
  • Light and Dark theme to suit your mood.
  • The old comment system in Word Documents now has a reply button. So you can easily keep track of things.
  • Open PDF files directly in Word and have full editing controls.
  • New tools auto-completes data in Excel. You can now work faster without the need to format every line. Improved technology with better pattern recognition.
  • Re-designed charts and graphs with auto suggestions add more value to your Excel projects.
  • Share PowerPoint Presentations over the web with anyone by sending a link to it or using the free Office Presentation Service.
  • Embed Excel spreadsheets, diagrams, audio clips, videos, and almost any other kind of file in your OneNote notebooks. Your notes are searchable. Sync notes online for instant access from any place.
  • The new inline reply feature in Outlook lets you reply emails from the reading panel itself.
  • New online photo printing in Publisher saves a lot of time. Hence you have great convenience.
  • With improved Access, you can list and summarize data from a related table or query much faster.


There are a lot of performance improvements. So, in look and feel it is smoother than any other software providing same services. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 is backward compatible. Hence, it means that all your old document formats will work without any problems. Also, the wide range of formats allows you to view documents in other Office Alternative applications.

Microsoft office Professional 2016 is a complete suite that fulfills all your academics and business needs. It integrates One Drive. Hence, it is easier to work on files from anywhere and any device. There are a lot of free and pay to use alternatives to office suite but no one beats it completely. The installation procedure is simple and easy. Just run the setup file and its done. Available online materials and templates are in abundance, as a result, you will never feel lost.