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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition

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The latest version of Operating System from Microsoft, Microsoft Windows 10 is not merely a visual overhaul.

It aims to bring about a dramatic change in the history of Windows Operating System by adding several features. Cortana, the digital assistant, a revamped Start Menu, easier multitasking and many performance improvements.

You can learn about all Windows 10 Features. More information on Windows 10 Pro License:

  • Retail License with Full Clean Installation
  • Can also upgrade “Home” version to “Pro” version Anniversary Update
  • Download Files for DVD or USB Installation with Microsoft Tool
  • Can install either 32 or 64 Bit Windows depending on User choice
  • Multi-Language Windows 10 Pro. Select During Installation.

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Customer reviews of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Edition

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4.71 out of 5 stars

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  1. Stephen

    thank you


    very fast easy & convienent

  2. Ashton Boland

    Ashton Boland

    To be sure, I did contact Microsoft support and asked them if the license provided to me was genuine. They said it was. So, I am all good now.

  3. aidin

    64 or 32 ?


    is it 64bit windows ?

    • Sourojit

      Support Team Sourojit

      Hi, You can activate either 32 Bit or 64 Bit version depending on your Preference. Windows 10 Licenses are variant independent. So, You can choose 32Bit or 64Bit Windows 10 PRO and use the license provided to activate it.

  4. Michael


    Purchased 4 licenses and all worked without any issues. Will definitely come back for more :)


Out of the two versions of Microsoft Windows 10, Pro is the best package available, packed with superb features for business and professional purposes. You are ensured with all the Windows 10 exclusive features such as Cortana — the digital assistant that helps you get instant information. Talking about its other features, there’s Microsoft Edge, the brand new browser with an impressive user interface and features. Nevertheless, there are some features available only in Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro Review

If we take the case of Windows Updates, selectively install updates is available only with Pro version. In terms of multi-device access, you have the feature to switch from mobile to PC mode. So, easily continue what you have been doing on your Smartphone or tablet PC. Similarly, if you are using your PC for business-based needs, some other features will also be useful in the end.

Hyper-V Virtualization is just one feature that lets you create virtual machines as per your requirements. There’s an encryption technology named BitLocker to keep your sensitive data in the safest manner. Windows 10 Pro also offers options such as Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop access, etc. As we did mention earlier, there is a better level of control in Windows 10 when it comes to Windows Updates. Complete control over updates is another great thing. Now you can select the updates you want and when you want them.. For those who want best output from the organization, Windows 10 Pro is a step of faith in the IT sector.

Apart from the business-oriented features, the whole-new experience of Windows 10 overhaul is also a nice thing for you. For instance, the innovative Start Menu gives easier access to different parts of your PC while Edge is perhaps the best-ever method to browse web. There are already a huge collection of Windows 10 ready games.

Thanks to Cortana with the integration with different login methods. Logging into your Windows 10-powered PC is just a fingerprint or a smile away.