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Avast Driver Updater Review: Optimize Your Legacy Drivers

Keeping your device drivers updated is essential to ensure sleek, bug-free, and peak device performance. Avast Driver Updater is a reliable device driver management tool that can seamlessly detect old, corrupt, missing, or outdated drivers and fix them for a hassle-free user experience.

In this Avast Driver Updater review, I will thoroughly analyze the application's usability and see if it is worth the purchase.

Avast Driver Updater review

What is Avast Driver Updater?

Avast Driver Updater Review Box


  • Offers One-Click Updates
  • Easy to Use
  • Sleek Interface
  • Driver Backup and Restore
  • Low resource consumption
  • Vast Driver database


  • Only Windows
  • Expensive
  • It does not show driver sources



USD 43.99

Supported Platforms: Windows









Developed by one of the most popular antivirus manufacturers around the globe, Avast Driver Updater is a standalone PC optimization utility that works efficiently to maintain your optimal device performance. The application can scan through a database of 60 million hardware drivers to find the best available version for your devices.

The program is exclusive to drivers only and is best useful for professionals who use heavy applications or graphic-intensive work or gaming for a prolonged period.


I suggest using driver updater programs from other companies only when you need to update drivers for old computers that are no longer supported. But, for newer computers, it's better to use the driver support website provided by the computer's manufacturer. The problem is that after a few years, they often stop giving out the newest drivers.

The good thing about using a driver updater is that you don't have to update drivers yourself. The updater does everything for you automatically.

Note: Even the best driver updater might not work perfectly for every device. Sometimes, a new driver can cause problems with your sound, Bluetooth, or WiFi. So, always have a backup ready to go back to the old driver if you need to.

Installation and System Requirements

Avast Driver Updater follows a pretty straightforward installation process. To install Avast Driver Updater in your system, you need to download the executable file (free/paid) from the official website of Avast first. Once downloaded, launch the installer, click the Install Now button, and follow the instructions.

However, make sure your device is compatible with the system requirements before downloading Avast Driver Updater.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Compatible Platform: Windows 7,8,10,11
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above
  • RAM: 1GB or above
  • Hard Disk: 1GB

Avast Driver Updater: Pricing

With Avast Driver Updater, there is just a single pricing plan. The plan covers one PC and costs USD 43.99 a year, which is costly. You can always check the Avast Driver Updater coupons for budget-friendly prices and get the best discounts if you are on a tight budget.

If you are skeptical, you can also use the software free for 15 days. Hence, use it to your advantage before making a purchase decision.

However, if your requirements are not just limited to updating drivers, you can try Avast Ultimate Suite. This Suite includes Premium Security antivirus, SecureLine VPN, AntiTrack Premium, and Avast Cleanup Premium. It is usually available at a much lower price with Avast Ultimate coupons.

Avast Driver Updater: Interface Review

Dashboard of Avast Driver Updater

Avast products are well known for their visually appealing and interactive user interface. However, I am amazed by the new look of Avast Driver Updater. It is designed in a simple way with interactive steps to follow. Upon launching for the first time, the application greets you with a quick scanning process. After initiating your first scan, the program thoroughly searches your PC for possible driver updates and presents you with a detailed list.

The dashboard comes with two quick-actionable buttons:


Performing this action will provide a detailed list of the outdated drivers ready for updation.


Click this button to attempt another thorough scan for available updates.

Furthermore, the dashboard also briefly describes the leftover updates, scanned drivers and the last scan timestamp. Apart from the minimal dashboard, even the Menu section of the application is cleverly organized and carries out other useful features such as Backup, Alternative drivers, Personal privacy, Troubleshooting, and others.

Avast Driver Updater Review: Application In Use

Below, I have provided my views on the usage of Avast Driver Updater for a better understanding of the application.


Avast Driver Updater Scanning for drivers

During my Avast Driver Updater review, the driver scanning process performed surprisingly well by finishing the scan within a few seconds. The scan detected 2 outdated drivers and took less than 2 minutes to update the drivers.

Avast displaying a list of outdated drivers

Note: Avast Driver Updater does not update the basic core drivers that are distributed within the operating system installations and updates since the Windows update covers those updates.

Categorization and Filter

Driver categories in Avast Driver Updater

By clicking on individual drivers listed on the screen, you can unfold driver information which consists of the current version of the Driver, publisher details, release date, and prompt for other actions (Skip Update, Ignore Driver, and Revert) apart from the usual update.

You can also filter your driver through driver categorization for quick access.

Impression: I have always admired Avast products' categorization and detailed information functionality, and I am glad that Avast Driver Updater is no different than that.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore settings in Avast Driver Updater

The backup feature of Avast Driver Updater can act as an antidote to unnecessary stress. It can automatically create a backup before your prompt for an update, hence saving you from uncertain trouble. The feature enables you to create a restore point in your Windows device so you can revert to the changes when needed.

The backup feature in Avast also provides a handful of useful options, like setting the maximum backup folder size and the frequency for auto deletion of backup files.

Impression: In short, I find the functionalities of Avast Driver Updater to be very effective, and it does a great job of updating drivers.

However, compared to other optimization tools in the market, I feel Avast could have added a few additional features in order to make it a robust driver updater utility.

Alternative drivers

Find alternative device drivers

Suppose your system hardware does not get an update from the original developer for an extended period. In that case, Avast Driver Updater's Alternative driver feature will seek alternative drivers for that specific driver. You can set the duration (1 month - 1 year ) for how long the program will wait before searching for alternative drivers, or you can also turn off this feature.

Note: It is advised to use the driver from the original service provider for optimal performance and device security.

Avast Driver Updater Review: Support

Avast provides 24/7 customer support through email, telephone, and live chat. You can contact the company directly to resolve your issues at any time. To check the answers to common problems regarding the product, you can navigate to the FAQ page to resolve your queries.

Tip: Contacting the live chat support will provide you with better value instead of looking through limited resources on FAQs and other common queries.

Is Avast Driver Updater Safe to Use?

Backed by the trust of the most reputed antivirus software, Avast Driver Updater is a reliable optimization utility that can fix your driver-related issues almost immediately. The application can efficiently look for driver installers from 1300 verified manufacturers and update them with the existing drivers with ease.

Moreover, the backup feature in Avast Driver Updater makes the tool more reliable. This feature allows you to revert the driver back to the previous version in case anything goes sideways.

Avast Driver Updater: Alternatives

There are many competitors when it comes to PC optimization, such as CCleaner Driver Updater and Driver Booster Pro.

CCleaner Driver Updater

The CCleaner driver updater can effectively scan through 50 million device drivers and replace them with your current Driver for the best possible performance outcome. However, unlike Avast Driver Updater, CCleaner has no standalone driver updater utility. You must install CCleaner Pro's full-fledged PC optimization utility to use the CCleaner driver updater. You can learn more in this CCleaner Pro Review.

Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster Pro is a standalone device management program developed by IObit. This application can also effectively update your device drivers and fix existing driver-related issues. The application has more features than Avast Driver Updater and is comparatively inexpensive. In contrast, Avast has a minimal, visually appealing, and intuitive user interface compared to Driver Booster. Read our IObit Driver Booster Pro Review for more information.


1: Is Avast Driver Updater safe for Updating Drivers?

In terms of safety and security, Avast Driver Updater is a reliable tool to scan and update your old, corrupted, outdated device drivers.

2: Is Avast Driver Updater Free?

No, Avast Driver Updater is not a free optimization tool. However, you can check out the 15 days trial version of the application before making a purchasing decision.

3: How does Avast Driver Updater ensure driver compatibility?

Avast Driver Updater scans your system and matches drivers based on your device's make and model, ensuring compatibility. It only recommends drivers that are specifically suitable for your device.

4: Can Avast Driver Updater resolve hardware issues?

While Avast Driver Updater is effective in updating drivers, which can resolve related issues, it is not a tool for repairing physical hardware problems.

5: Is it necessary to have an Avast antivirus product installed to use Avast Driver Updater?

No, Avast Driver Updater is a standalone product and does not require any other Avast software to function.


Avast Driver Updater is a useful tool to keep your drivers in check. However, the product has a few drawbacks that can't go unseen. The first drawback of Avast Driver Updater is that it's expensive compared to its competitors. Secondly, the product offers minimal optimization features despite its comparatively high price range.

Apart from the drawbacks, I find Avast Driver Updater to be an efficient device management tool. The application is worth the purchase, especially for devices not covered by official Windows updates.

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