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Avast One Review: A Worthy All-in-One Security Suite?

Today we have increased connectivity to the Internet through almost all of the devices. Hence, assured security, improved privacy & optimized performance are of key significance.

Numerous incidents are reported every day where compromise in security has led to the loss of a substantial amount of users' data online. Furthermore, with so many apps that stay on our devices, junk files, old stray data, useless apps, and more start eating up precious resources from the system resulting in poor performance.

To ensure that none of the current tech issues reaches you, Avast has come up with its latest app – The Avast One. In this Avast One review I will go through the aspects which secures your devices against malware & security threats through its award-winning Antivirus engine. It protects your privacy through an inbuilt VPN and optimizes your devices with its in-built optimizing tools.

Note: Currently, Avast One is only available for download in some regions only - the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Avast One Review: Quick Summary

Avast One Review box


  • Unlimited VPN
  • Data Breach Monitoring
  • Protection against DNS Hijacking
  • Webcam & Browser Protection
  • Pretty Good System Maintenance Tools


  • Subscription-based
  • Available in some regions only
  • Free trial requires payment details
  • No Wi-Fi Inspector feature for Windows
  • Sandbox Missing



USD 47.88

Supported Platforms: Windows, OSX, Android, iOS

Value for Money








Built primarily on Avast's strong antivirus platform, Avast One ensures that all your devices are kept safe against looming threats from malware & ransomware attacks.

On the other hand, the military-grade VPN works towards protecting your privacy by ensuring none of those online trackers ever track you back. Their Data Breach Monitoring system continuously keeps an eye on any compromised passwords. If it finds any, it instantly notifies you so that all your online accounts are always safe.

The Disc Cleaner utility cleans up all junk from your system to ensure smooth performance, while the PC speed-up utility helps you choose apps that can run in the background for optimized performance.

Avast One Review: Pricing and Plans

There are three different versions of Avast One.

Free version

The Avast One Essential, provides core protection with limited features & no subscription cost.

Premium versions

In addition to features in Avast One Essential, Avast One Individual and Avast One Family premium versions include fully-featured privacy, security, and performance features. Newly added features in the premium versions include Scam Protection (available on Android) & Smart VPN (available on Windows & Mac).

Avast One Individual (1 Account/5 Device)

For USD 47.88 a year, you can protect upto five devices in your household.

As far as this pricing goes, Kaspersky Total Security costs USD 49.99 for 5 Devices, 1 Year license. Bitdefender Total Security amounts to USD 44.99 for the same subscription plan.

However you can get these subscriptions at affordable prices using Kaspersky and Bitdefender Coupons. Don’t forget to check them before you plan to purchase.

Avast One Family (6 Accounts/30 Devices)

For USD 71.88 a year, you can protect upto 30 devices.

Avast users can search for Avast discounts and save more on Avast Premium Security and Ultimate subscriptions.

Avast One Review: Key Features

Avast One works on three major fronts for your devices- Protection, Privacy & Maintenance.

Avast one new interface


The built-in antivirus protects all your devices against malware, including viruses, malware, and even ransomware. It works in real-time by gathering intelligence from the largest threat-detection network composed of hundreds of millions of Avast users.

The advanced Ransomware Protection helps prevent any data on the devices from being taken hostage, stolen, or encrypted by hackers.

Furthermore, the advanced Firewall helps prevent any unauthorized access to your system via Wi-Fi. It also detects & blocks dangerous downloads & websites and prevents malware from downloading onto your PC while browsing the Internet.


The main element to ensure online privacy is the VPN. Avast One's VPN offers additional privacy whenever you're online. It secures your Internet connection with military-grade AES encryption & ensures that none of your online activities are spied on by any external agencies.

Avast One also takes privacy protection a step further by blocking all Webcam access without your prior consent. It also secures all the passwords saved on your browsers, ensuring that no one can access them without your permission.


The Software Updater finds and installs available software updates for some of the most popular applications in just a few clicks in a single window.

The Disk Cleaner cleans dozens of file types, removes broken shortcuts, and clears all junk files from your browsers to reclaim wasted storage space.

Also, the Driver Updater automatically checks for any new drivers available for your installed hardware & informs you when updates are available. You can then choose to install them in just a few clicks from within Avast One.

Avast One Review: Interface & Ease of Use

Downloading & installing Avast One is fairly simple and can be done by any user. Once you download the file from the official website, proceed towards installation.

The best part I like about Avast One is the new and trendy illustration-based and fresh color theme used in the entire app. It brings a fresh perspective towards security products.

Avast One Smart Scan Progress

Once installed, the app will ask you to run a short Smart Scan initially. The Smart Scan looks for any possible Browser threats, Viruses & malware, and Advanced issues present on your system. It pockets of junk files that you can delete for freeing up space. It also gives you an option to schedule an automatic Smart Scan once every month at the end of the scan window.

Avast One Smart Scan Complete

The Home Screen

It has a main menu on the left panel hosting Home, Explore, Messages & Account tabs.

Avast One Review of Homescreen


It contains all the options for further fine-tuning the app that you can run from within it for extra security settings. It is broadly divided into Device Protection, Online Privacy & Smooth Performance options which are again sub-divided into further sub-categories.


Avast One Web security message

It contains any security alerts & messages that Avast One might want you to know.

A newly added tool here is the Online Safety Score. Available on Windows and Android, it gives you a score based on how safe your Windows system or Android device is. The tool also provides tips to boost your safety online.


has information about your subscription period, app Settings, Feedback options, FAQ section, and a Rescue Centre.

All in all, the app is very easy to use. It has all the essential tools right at eye level, and it does its job near perfectly.

Avast One Review: Functionality

Device Protection

Scan Center

Avast One Scan Center

Scan Center present under Device Protection includes different scan types - Deep Scan, Targeted Scan, Boot-Time Scan.

File Shield

File Protection with Avast One

File Shield scans your PC in real-time for malicious threats in programs and files. If malware is detected, File Shield immediately stops the program or file & prevents it from infecting your PC by moving it to Quarantine.

File Shield is enabled by default in Avast One. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred actions for types of detected threats, including Malware & Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs, or Add Exceptions for a file or folder so that File Shield won't scan it.

Web Shield

Web browsing protection in Avast One

Web Shield scans for any data that is transferred when you are browsing the Internet in real-time. It protects your system from malicious scripts which these harmful sites can download and run on your PC.

In addition, Web Shield can also block certain websites, enable HTTPS protocol & run script scanning. It even goes a step beyond protecting you against botnets designed to hack your data or remotely control your PC.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomeware protection

Ransomware attacks usually target personal or sensitive data stored on devices by stealing, modifying, deleting, or encrypting it. This feature secures important files by automatically scanning and securing them against untrusted applications. It can automatically detect personal data on your system, but you can also specify any other folders you wish to protect.

Additionally, you can specify which applications on your system can modify the files in your protected folders and which applications always remain blocked.


Firewall in Avast One

Firewall actively monitors all incoming & outgoing network traffic between your PC and the outside world. It works to protect you from any unauthorized communication and intrusions.

Firewall instantly blocks & prevents any sensitive data from leaving your PC. It also blocks any hacking attempts. Furthermore, you can also block network and Internet communication for specific applications on your device.


Quarantine Files in Avast One

Quarantine is a secured & restricted space where you can store any potentially dangerous files until further action. You can delete, repair, or send these files to Avast Threat Labs for further analysis.

Files in the Quarantine folder cannot run or access your system and data. Hence, any malicious code contained within a file cannot do any harm to your PC. Any suspicious files detected during a PC scan are instantly transferred to the Quarantine.

Sensitive Data Shield (For Paid Users Only)

Sensative Data Protection

Most of our devices usually contain sensitive data. Sensitive documents are usually files containing personal information, which can compromise privacy and also result in identity theft.

The Sensitive Data Shield in Avast One scans and protects your sensitive personal documents against any unauthorized access attempts. You can use it to choose which applications and users have the right to access your private data.

Sensitive Data Shield is a paid feature. You can access multiple options under Sensitive Data Shield from the Explore tab.

Web Hijack Guard (For Paid Users Only)

Web Hijack Guard

On the Web, some malicious programs can stealthily redirect you from an original URL to an unauthentic website without your notice. It is done to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit cards, or bank details.

The Web Hijack Guard secures you against any DNS hijacking attempts on your system. It works by translating the web page address that you enter into your browser to the IP address of the target web server. Web Hijack Guard connects your browser and Avast's own DNS server to ensure that only authentic websites are displayed every time.

Webcam Protection (For Paid Users Only)

WebCam Protection

Nowadays, multiple attempts exist to capture images or videos from your webcams by malicious software or websites without your knowledge. It can lead to highly compromised privacy.

The Webcam Protection feature prevents any application or malware from accessing your PC's webcam without your consent. With Webcam Protection enabled, any untrusted applications cannot capture images or videos and send them outside your PC.

Online Privacy

VPN Secure Connection

Avast One VPN review

Avast One uses a Military Grade 256-Bit AES encryption protocol for utmost security. In the paid version, you can choose to access servers in several locations enabling you to bypass geo-blocking restrictions and access your favorite content even while traveling. You can easily enable the Avast SecureLine VPN connection from the Explore tab.

However, note that the free version has some limitations. The VPN on the free version will not allow you to change your default set location. Also, with the free version, you only get to use 5GB of data per week, post which you would require to buy a paid license.

Compared to Avast, Surfshark VPN has 3000+ servers in 95 countries, and you can connect to unlimited simultaneous connections with a single account. Avast VPN lets you connect upto 10 devices simultaneously. You will find Split tunneling and Multi-hop features missing from Avast VPN.

Password Protection

The Password Protection feature informs you if any of your passwords are leaked online in any data breach. Furthermore, it secures all of your passwords stored in your web browsers against any theft attempts.

You can access Password Protection from the Explore tab. However, remember the exact functionality of Password Protection varies according to your version of Avast One.

Avast Password protection

In the free version, i.e., Avast One Essential, the process is manual. You can run a one-time breach check for all your email addresses & it informs you if any of your online accounts that use your email address have already been involved in a data breach.

However, post this, Password Protection will not continue to automatically monitor for any new data breaches. Thus, Avast recommends running regular manual checks if you're using a free version.

Password compromise detection

In the paid version, the monitoring process is automated. Depending on your plan, you can add up to 5 or 30 email addresses to monitor data breach attempts. It also informs you about any previous data breaches involving your monitored email addresses.

Avast One will automatically keep monitoring your email IDs in real-time for any new data breaches. You will get an alert if a breach is detected.

Clear Browsing Data

Remove Browser data

This feature scans for junk browsing data that not only eats memory in your system but also facilitates third-party advertisers to track your browsing habits and history. You can choose to clear everything or select some part of your browsing data.

Privacy Advisor

Avast One Privacy Advisor Settings

A new feature added to Avast One, Privacy Advisor, provides step-by-step instructions that you can follow to protect your digital privacy on social media apps like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. 

By adjusting the privacy settings, you will control who can and which apps can access your personal information. This feature is available on Avast Free Essential and Avast One Individual/Family plans.

Email Guardian

Avast one Email Guardian

Email Guardian is another new feature, a cloud-based feature that will scan your email attachments to check for malware in real-time. This feature works only if you use email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird on your desktop.

Private Mode

Avast One Private Mode Settings

Private Mode is a new privacy feature that offers a more private browsing experience. It prevents your web browsing history from being saved and tracked. When Private Mode is turned on, it enables VPN Secure Connection and Tracking Prevention so that you can privately browse the web without any privacy concerns.

Tracking Prevention

Avast One Web Tracking Prevention

This feature works using Avast's patented anti-fingerprinting technology. It protects your privacy online by preventing companies from tracking and targeting your browsing behavior.

For this feature to work as expected, you have to turn on Tracking Prevention. In the image above, Tracking Prevention is enabled.

Smooth Performance

PC Speedup

Avast One Pc Speedup

It scans for any applications running in the PC's background and allows you to safely put them to sleep. It helps in allocating vital resources to the active applications and greatly improves your PC's performance.

To improve PC speed and overall performance, you can get dedicated PC Maintenance tools like Advanced SystemCare Pro, CCleaner Pro and iolo products to name a few.

Software Updater

Software updater Avast One

Hackers often leverage bugs in common software to enter into your system and mine for sensitive data. Software Updater ensures all your common third-party software is always up to date to eliminate potential security risks. Software Updater displays a list of the most popular programs installed on your PC and allows you to easily update it. You can access this list through the Explore tab and by clicking on Software Updater.

However, again note that Avast One informs you about any available updates by default, but you will need to manually download and install them via the Software Updater screen. If you use the paid version, you can change this default setting to find & install updates automatically.

In the free version, automatic updates are disabled.

IObit has a dedicated program, IObit Software Updater Pro, that automatically updates software as per your schedule, thus keeping all your must-have software up to date. There is a free version of the program with limited features.

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner scans for and safely deletes all junk files using a large amount of disk space on your PC. You can choose and customize the types of files you want Avast to scan for and delete only the files you want. You can even change the settings so that Avast can automatically clean your device as per your given preferences.

Compared to Avast Cleanup, Advanced Systemcare is a powerful cleaning utilty that leverages AI technology to optimize your PC performace. Learn more in this Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced Systemcare comparison.

Driver Updater

Driver Updater

Bad drivers can cause crashes, security issues &, in general, slower PCs. Driver Updater scans your hardware for any outdated or broken drivers and updates them to prevent these problems.

This feature is available for paid customers only. The free trial users can avail this feature during the trial period.

Looking for a program that can update and install drivers in offline mode? We recommend using IObit Driver Booster Pro. There is also a free version available.

Avast One Review: Independent Antivirus Testing Labs

Avast Antivirus software is included in all the major antivrusTesting Labs - AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, VB100, and SE Labs with top scores.

As per AV-Test's December 2022 tests, Avast Free Antivirus scored perfect scores in each category: Protection, Speed, and Usability. Avast's latest offering, Avast One Free, underwent the test and received full scores in each category.

In the latest test conducted by AV-Comparatives in July-October 2022, Avast blocked 100% of threats and recorded 2 false positives.

Avast One Review: How good is the Software Support?

As always, there are multiple support options available to choose from for Avast products. You can reach out to support through the Support tab on the official website of Avast. Under Support, you can find a dedicated section for Avast One.

A detailed FAQ segment covers almost all of the queries you might face when installing or using Avast One. Furthermore, if you do not find your problem listed in the FAQ section, you can directly reach out to the support team.

Avast One Review: Free Vs Paid

The free version of Avast One (i.e., Avast One Essential) has all the basic features. It includes comprehensive Avast antivirus protection, limited VPN, Password Protection, and the basic Software Updater. These features ensure you get almost all of the Security, Privacy & System Maintenance options.

However, the paid version of Avast One includes all the features available in the free version and some advanced security & privacy features. These include unlimited access to VPN with 55 worldwide locations, advanced Password Protection tools, and enhanced Software Updater.

Apart from these, you get additional features in the paid version. These are Sensitive Data Shield, Web Hijack Guard, Webcam Protection, Disk Cleaner, Driver Updater, Private Mode & Tracking Prevention.

You will find lots of differences between the free and paid versions of Avast.

Avast One Vs Avast Free Antivirus

Apart from the core antivirus engine present in Avast Free Antivirus, Avast One has many more benefits to offer, even within the free version. With it, you can shop and bank online with extra browser security. It enables you to stay private and safe on public Wi-Fi with the built-in free VPN. It will also find compromised passwords, re-secure your accounts, and help speed up and clean your devices for junk files.

Avast One Vs Avast Premium Security

Along with all the Avast Premium Security subscription features, Avast One also offers some additional features. These include tools that monitor your online accounts for data breaches or security compromises & Driver Updater to automatically update your drivers.

The device cleaner in Avast One cleans up and tunes your devices for optimum performance. It also traces and disables cookies that help advertisers track you down and serve you with personalized ads.

Note: Currently, you can convert only the single device subscription of Avast Premium Security (Windows) to Avast One. For multi-device subscriptions of Avast Premium Security, you cannot convert this to an Avast One subscription.

Upon migration to Avast One, you will miss these three features - Wi-Fi Inspector (Windows), Mail Shield, and Sandbox.

Is Avast One Worth the Money?

Avast One brings a bouquet of the best services from the house of Avast till now in a singular 'one' product. It fulfills the three most basic requirements of any digital device user today by protecting you against malware, ensuring privacy & optimizing performance.

All these features make Avast One a must-have product for enhanced digital security. The cross-device functionality puts a cherry on the top.

Avast One: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial version of the paid version of Avast One?

Avast offers a 30-day free trial after you install Avast One Essential. In this way, you can gain access to the premium features of the program. For the free trial, you will have to provide Avast with payment details. Once the trial period is over, they will charge you. However, if you cancel it before the trial period expires, you will not be charged.

Can I Install Avast One alongside other Avast products?

Before installing Avast One, you will need to uninstall these Avast products first; otherwise, you cannot install the application.

Can I convert my Avast Premium Subscription to Avast One?

You can convert your Avast Premium (single device only) subscription to Avast One. If you have a multi-device subscription, it is not possible to convert to an Avast One subscription. Learn more in this migration guide.

Can I convert from Avast Free Antivirus to Avast One?

Yes. You can convert your Avast Free Antivirus app to Avast One. Use the steps mentioned in this Avast One migration guide.


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