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Best Registry Cleaner Software for Windows

The registry is a central database used in Windows Operating Systems to map individual settings to installed programs correctly. It istores the information necessary to configure the system for users, applications, and hardware devices. The registry contains vital information that the operating system uses during operation. However, with time there are many instances when you may come across various registry errors that may impact your Windows experience. This article will list the best registry cleaner applications for Windows that will ease your job.

Best Registry Cleaner

Why Clean the Registry?

Over time the registry can get cluttered with uninstalled programs or redundant entries. It can return errors when Windows fetch the data in the registry. It can even slow the system a bit, or even worse, crash with a BSOD.

Cleaning up the registry helps to remove invalid or broken references that point to a resource that no longer exists on the system. These include DLLs, programs, fonts, uninstalled programs, or outdated system information. These references get left behind when a program is incorrectly uninstalled; the uninstaller didn't work as expected or if the system abruptly crashed.

Should cleaning be done Manually or with Registry Cleaners?

The registry is a complex thing and a vital component for the entire OS to work efficiently. Manual cleaning can be dangerous. If you happen to delete any correct entries mistakenly, it might result in the program entirely stopping working altogether or even leave you with a non-booting Windows. Due to the nature of the registry, manually cleaning is almost impossible and equally risky.

It is always good to use a reliable registry cleaner program to get the job done correctly. Before introducing the best registry cleaner list, let's quickly look at what a registry cleaner means.

List of Best Registry Cleaners for Windows PCs

I have compiled the best registry cleaner tools. I only trust registry cleaners that do not touch core Windows registry files by default, based on my experience. Hence, even by mistake, you are not able to delete any critical file.

1. Advanced SystemCare Pro

Scan results in Advanced SystemCare Pro 17

The latest version of Advanced SystemCare Pro from IObit has a lot of features. I will walk you through some of the key features below.

It features an AI engine to locate and remove deeply embedded invalid registry entries. A one-click button to fix any disk errors. Also, there is an option to defragment the hard drive and an Auto RAM Clean for superior PC performance. You can monitor system health in real-time and one-click auto-update to important programs on your system. Also, it optimizes your browser settings for improved and fast internet speed.

Advanced SystemCare also does its bit in your privacy & security space. You get full PC protection by detecting and removing spyware infections from your system. Besides, it also protects you from malicious links and suspicious senders in your e-mail. You get an online shield when surfing as it disguises your digital footprint and protects your data from untrustworthy programs. Advanced SystemCare makes sure that your antivirus and firewall are enabled and working correctly. It is much more than a registry cleaner and hence a prominent member of the best registry cleaner club. Also, you can read our in-depth Advanced SystemCare Pro review.


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Advanced SystemCare Pro

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2. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer Registry Cleaner

Advanced System Optimizer works as an optimization suite for Windows. It works on three fronts:

Disk Cleaner & System Optimizer: The System Cleaner feature eliminates unwanted clutter and junk files from your system. The Disk Optimizer defragments the hard disk for better data allocation and retrieval. The Disk Tools feature checks the disk at every startup to prevent unexpected crashes and slowdowns. A Disk Explorer function displays the storage of all types of files alongside their formats.

The Windows Optimizer feature helps keep your PC working like new. You can run games without any distractions through the Game Optimizer in sandbox mode. In case you have to run any memory intensive app, you can instantly free up the RAM through the Memory Optimizer.  A Driver Updater makes sure all your installed drivers are updated with a click of a button.

System Security & Privacy: The System Protector offers protection against trojans, malware, and other PC infections. A Privacy Protector deletes all your browsing history and cookies from your browser to keep your online activities private.
To delete offline files, you can use the Secure Delete option to delete your files, making them impossible to recover permanently. If you have to protect any sensitive data, you can use the Secure Encryptor feature to encrypt it with a password.

Backup & Recovery: With the Undelete files option, you can recover any files you accidentally deleted, including formatted drives. You can also create and restore any backups for your important files, folders & even system files here. It is effortless and can be done with minimal human intervention.


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3. CCleaner Pro

Ccleaner 6 registry cleaner

CCleaner is a popular PC optimization tool from Piriform. It has an automatic cleaning feature that regularly cleans junk files automatically. CCleaner has patented technology to deep scan and removes junk files and redundant registry files to optimize your PC.

The Quick Start-up option allows you to select which programs can start and which can't at the startup to improve your Windows boot time. The automatic privacy protection makes sure that all the cookies and browser history are deleted so that your online activities and identity remain completely personal & safe.

CCleaner's Health Check feature checks your PC's health by focusing on these aspects for optimal performance - privacy, space, speed, and security. It protects your privacy online and boosts your PC performance by updating outdated apps, disabling unwanted programs, creating more free space by removing unwanted junk files.

The latest version CCleaner 6.0 has a new Performance Optimizer feature and an improved Driver. It scans your system for any outdated drivers, and you can update the drivers that you think need an update. You can also view all the drivers and the up-to-date drivers on your system. For more detailed information regarding features and functionality, you can read our CCleaner Pro Review


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Ccleaner Professional

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4. iolo System Mechanic Pro

iolo system mechanic Pro registry cleaner

System Mechanic Pro works in all aspects of PC maintenance. You can choose between deep clean or quick scan your PC for erroneous files, broken entries, and more, along with blocking malware and data recovery options.

System Mechanic Pro removes junk files and can find & fix several problems. The Registry Tuner feature helps defrag, compact, optimize, and backup system registry. The Start-up optimizer restricts bloatware at the startup to speed up Windows launch & improve performance. The LiveBoost feature boosts CPU, RAM & Hard drive in case you want to run a high resource-demanding app on your system.  The Internet Boost option helps to tweak hidden Windows settings that can significantly improve your system's internet speed.

A new unwanted program remover helps you remove unwanted and deceptive programs on your system that drain your system resources. The Security Optimizer automatically patches Windows with the latest security updates. The Incinerator can permanently delete files beyond recovery.

iolo's System Mechanic Ultimate Defense version includes all the System Mechanic Pro features and three additional features - Privacy Guardian, Byepass for password management, and Malware Killer. Learn more in this iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review.


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5. Auslogics BoostSpeed Pro

Auslogic Boost Speed Registry Cleaner

The Auslogics BoostSpeed Pro has all the essential PC cleanup and optimization tools along with advanced options. You can choose from basic or advanced functions to clear the registry and remove junk files from your storage. An intelligent disk defragment option helps with smart disk allocation to improve file retrieval speed.

Further, you can also schedule disk defragmentation for automatic sessions. There are options to manually or automatically tweak browser settings to get maximum internet speed. An advanced privacy protection feature protects all your data on the system, along with an anti-tracker feature to protect your online privacy.  An auto-scheduler helps keep the PC maintenance schedule on track by auto-scheduling regular scans.


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BoostSpeed Pro

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Apart from these top 5, I also recommend checking out the cleaners below.

6. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner

The Wise Registry Cleaner has an excellent option for multi-user cleaning. Using this, an admin can easily clean all the PCs under his hood with a single click of a button. Wise Registry Cleaner also offers options to clean & defragment your registry from errors and corrupt or broken files. It also takes automatic backups of your registry before deleting any registry items and creates a system restore point.

Another feature here is the scheduled automatic registry cleaning. With this option, you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning sessions with Wise Registry Cleaner working in the background with no interference on your working. It also helps improve your system performance in terms of startup and shut-down speeds, improves your internet speed, and helps extend your SSD lifespan.


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Wise Registry Cleaner

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7. AVG TuneUp

AVG Tune Up Registry Cleaner

AVG TuneUp comes from the family of AVG. It has options to identify and clean up registry issues automatically. The Automatic Maintenance feature cleans up system junk like browser traces, tracking cookies, cache files, and program leftover files. The Deep Clean option removes all the unnecessary files like the temporary files, cache, installer files, and more.

The Sleep Mode feature effectively puts to sleep any background programs and wakes them up only when required. It prevents them from hopping on to the system resources. It also helps you eliminate system bloatware like preinstalled software, expired trial versions of programs, unused apps, and toolbars. The Software Updater feature automatically updates 50+ common apps on your system.


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AVG TuneUp

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8. Avast Cleanup Premium

Maintenance scan results in Avast Cleanup

It is a simple yet elegant registry cleaner that makes my list of the best registry cleaner for Windows. Avast Cleanup Premium has a simple interface compared to all the other registry cleaners.

With Avast Cleanup Premium, you can perform automatic system maintenance, system speedup, automatic software updates, and fixing Windows issues. Also, you can revert changes in case of issues after the cleaning process. You can read our detailed Avast Cleanup Premium Review to learn more.


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Avast Cleanup Premium

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9. Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Pro Registry Cleaner

It is a complete package of all the maintenance utilities for Windows. Though it is quite popular, I feel that the interface could be a bit modern.

Glary Utilities has features like automatic maintenance, registry repair, software updater, context menu editor, disk cleanup, etc.


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Glary Utilities Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Registry Cleaners Worth It?

A registry cleaner scans your registry and automates this process by compiling a list of redundant entries in the registry and gives you an option to clear them with a single click.

Here are some benefits of using a good Registry Cleaner software:

  • It helps speed up Windows loading times.
  • Stops and repairs DLL errors from happening
  • Makes sure that Windows performs at its optimum performance level

Which is better: Avast or Advanced SystemCare?

In terms of features and pricing, Advanced SystemCare is the best choice. In this Avast Vs Advanced SystemCare comparison, we compare both the programs.

Is there a free Registry Cleaner?

Some of the registry cleaners have a free version, and others offer a free program trial. Free ones are a good choice if you are satisfied with what is offered. However, if you need a cleaner that includes automatic updates, advanced cleaning, RAM booster, etc., going premium makes sense.

Which Registry Cleaner is the best?

If you are looking for the best registry cleaner software for Windows, all the above applications do the job pretty well. Most of them have the same feature set and work almost in the same manner.

Hence, selecting the best registry cleaner is subject to your choice. You can try all the registry cleaners and select the one that you like the most. My top choices are Advanced SystemCare, Ccleaner, and Iolo System Mechanic.

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