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IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro Review

Over time, Windows PCs become slow as you use them. It is a universal fact! Windows creates a lot of internal data every time you do something on your PC. Well, that's how it works for every OS. Indeed, there are several methods to clean such junk stuff and to speed up your PC. But, you may not get enough time to do that every day. In such a situation, IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro is a useful tool to help you.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro Review: Does it Really Work?

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro is a PC Cleaner and Optimization software. As we said, with time, there are a lot of junk files on your Windows PCs. There may also be some issues with the registry, privacy, and shortcuts. Advanced SystemCare Pro aims to deal with such matters as well. With this single tool, you can track the different issues. Not only find but also fix them with ease. Also, you can optimize your device to have better speed and performance. The best part here is, everything is automatic.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Review

Review summary

advanced systemcare pro special offer


  • Modern & Easy Interface
  • Efficient Maintenance Procedure
  • Protection of Private data
  • Lot of Handy Tools
  • AI Mode


  • Support Response is Slow
  • Upsell ads in Pro version



USD 10.95

Supported Platforms:  Windows

Ease of Use








Now, I will go through the different aspects of IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro. I will also share my experience with this optimization suite. To start with, let's talk about the Installation and Setup of IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro.

How to Install Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro

For this Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro review, I am comparing it to other PC Cleaners. Advanced SystemCare 17 is the quickest to install and the easiest to configure among all of them. You have to download the setup file from the official website of IObit. The file size is just around 48 MB, nearly 10 MB larger than the size of the previous version. However, the installation takes a few seconds or so to finish the installation process on your PC.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro Review: Installation

I tried ASC Pro 17 on an Intel Gen i7-based Windows 10 x64 PC, and the install speed was great.

Small Installer size and fluid design makes it super easy to install Advanced SystemCare 17. The installer is clean and does not include any bundled packages.

Advanced Systemcare 17 Pro: Pricing

Are you interested in upgrading to the Pro version? You can upgrade to the Pro version by purchasing the 3 PCs/year license for USD 19.99 from the official website. However, you can also buy it for USD 10.95 for 3 PCs/2 years license using Advanced Systemcare Pro coupons from Dealarious Store.

Would you like to have a program that completely removes unwanted windows applications? For more information, check out our IObit Uninstaller Pro review.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro Review: Features

As a matter of fact, there are more than a few Optimization features in Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro. Moreover, it isn't possible to list out every bit of them. So, I will go through the features based on categories such as Optimization, Cleaning, and Utilities.

Speed Up

Boost you PC with Advanced Systemcare

In this Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro review, this is the section where you can get the maximum boost in system speed.

  • Turbo Boost helps you to stop unnecessary services. Hence, it releases RAM. You can turn it on for regular monitoring. You can configure all actions.
  • Hardware Accelerator updates your device drivers. The accelerator module uses IObit Driver Booster. However, please note that Driver Booster is present as a limited free version. You have to purchase the full version separately.
  • Startup Optimizer optimizes startup items to boost your Windows boot-up time. With Startup Optimizer, you can manage your Startup Items, Services, Scheduled Tasks, and Browser Startups.
  • Real-time TuneUp lets you optimize your system performance by enabling two features - Performance Monitor and Auto RAM Clean.
  • App/Extension Cleaner is for removing malicious and harmful extensions from your Web Browsers. Please note, IObit Uninstaller adds this feature. It is also present in a limited free version.
  • More Optimization Tools include PRO features like Registry Cleaner, Smart RAM, and Internet Booster to improve your system performance. You can directly visit the Toolbox tab from here.

Get IObit Driver Booster Pro for 3 PCs at 83% Discount


Protection features in Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro comes with privacy protection features for devices and data protection. Also, you can access Toolbox from this tab.

The Protect Tab consists of three protection features.

  • System Protection includes Antivirus Protection, Firewall Protection, and Anti-spyware (for PRO users).
  • Browser Protection includes Email Protection, Ads Removal, Surfing Protection, and Homepage Advisor.
  • Privacy Protection protects your data by preventing unauthorized access. It includes Access Protection, Fingerprint Protection, and Anti-Tracking (for PRO users).

Email Protection was a new feature added in Version 13 under Browsing protection. Homepage Advisor, Surfing Protection, Ads Removal, Anti-Tracking were also present in the earlier version.

However, keep in mind that you have to enable the IObit Surfing Protection extension for Email Protection, Ads Removal & Surfing Protection to work.


Optimize your PC with Advanced SystemCare

The Care tab finds out all issues in a single scan. The Care tab has AI Mode and Manual Mode. You can switch between the two to perform the required tasks.

The AI Mode uses AI technology to scan and fix your system for improvements. In addition, by switching to Manual mode, you can pick the modules to scan. For instance, you can select System Optimization, Privacy Sweep, Shortcut Fix, or Internet Boost. Also, you can pick all of them too. Once you press the Scan button, ASC Pro 17 will start scanning all those sections.

The available options are:

  • System Optimization
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Privacy Sweep
  • Firewall
  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Shortcut Fix
  • Registry Clean
  • Spyware Removal
  • Internet Boost
  • Registry Defrag
  • Security Reinforce
  • Disk Optimization
  • Vulnerability Fix
  • Hardware Health
  • Software Health
  • Disk Check
PC Scanning in Advanced SystemCare

Software Health helps in updating outdated software and Hardware Health scans and updates outdated drivers.

Depending on the errors your PC has, you can get the report in a few minutes or so. Now, it’s your turn to decide whether you should optimize these sections and have a better Personal Computing experience.

Scan results in Advanced SystemCare Pro 17

I have performed multiple scans, and I feel that the scan speed of version 17 is a bit slower than previous versions of Advanced SystemCare. However, there is nothing to worry about as the new version scans for more issues in depth. The average scan time will not be more than a few minutes.

A worthy point to note is that scanning does not affect other running apps. It does not cause any interruption to your computing experience. The selection process makes it easy to scan particular areas instead of running complete scans. Again, it is your choice!

Software Updater

Update all outdated programs

You can use this module to update out-of-date applications on your PC. Advanced SystemCare will automatically search for software updates and inform you. hence, all you have to do here is update them.

In short, the features of IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro are cool. For the price you pay, you get a bunch of tools that make sense.

The presence of all scan options in one place and centralized action makes it convenient to fix all issues at once.


Tools to optimize your system performance

If you are a Pro user, you will love the Toolbox section of ASC 17 Pro. The Toolbox is an excellent collection of useful utilities. Some of the utilities are already present, while you can download the rest as you need them.

Please note that you have to purchase the applications under Featured Products tab separately. Clicking on these apps only downloads their Free versions.

The products listed under "Featured Products" are other recommended products from IObit. If interested, you need to install and then use them. Popular IObit products included are Uninstaller, Driver Booster, Malware Fighter, Smart Defrag, and Software Updater. To get huge discounts on IObit products, you can search for IObit coupon codes and save more. 

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On the other hand, if you need a VPN for an unlimited number of devices, Surfshark VPN is an ideal choice. Surfshark is an award-winning VPN Service Provider that offers advanced features like CleanWeb, Multihop, Whitelister, Kill Switch, and much more. You can install it as extensions on Chrome and Firefox, download it on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Fire TV. For more details, you can read the detailed Surfshark VPN Review.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro: User Interface

Just like other apps from IObit, Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro also has a classy User Interface. It comes with a multi-tabbed interface that leads to different sections like Speedup, Care, Software Updater, and Protect. So, when you desperately need a solution, you can navigate to the corresponding tab and do the necessary. Also, IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro uses a modular architecture for additional tools.

You can download tools according to your requirements. Therefore, it's a great feature to reduce leftovers and resource consumption.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro: Compatibility

Advanced Systemcare compatibility with Bitdefender

You can club Advanced SystemCare with any third-party antivirus application. We had Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Vipre, McAfee, and Avira in our tests without any conflicts. However, Advanced SystemCare has issues with Malwarebytes.

If you are using Malwarebytes, Installing Advanced SystemCare can be a difficult task. It is detected and automatically removed by Malwarebytes as it considers ASC as a PUP. However, please note that detection is a simple case of false-positive. Also, there is much news of conflict between the two companies.

If you are using Malwarebytes, Installing Advanced SystemCare can be difficult task. It is detected and automatically removed by Malwarebytes being considered as a PUP. This is a simple case of false positive detection and an old and ongoing conflict between the two companies.

Advanced SystemCare Free vs.Pro: How to Choose the Right One

Here we discuss the differences between the Free and PRO versions. You will get the following advanced features in the PRO version.

  • AI-based scanning technology
  • Deep Registry cleaning with AI mode
  • Automatic RAM cleaning to manage system resources in real-time
  • Smart RAM monitors memory usage and optimizes memory to improve system performance.
  • Speeds up your Internet with Internet Booster
  • Protect your sensitive data by blocking access from unauthorized sources
  • Digital Fingerprint Protection protects your privacy online
  • Clear your browsing history, cookies thus prevent web pages from stealing your digital fingerprint
  • Analyzes Windows OS and fixes the found issues with the Win Fix tool
  • Protects your PC by fully detecting and removing infections 
  • 1-click update feature to keep all important software up-to-date
  • Auto-update to the latest version of Advanced SystemCare
  • Free 24/7 technical support

Here is the full comparison of both versions.

Comparing with Other PC Cleaners

We compared Advanced SystemCare with other best PC Cleaners like CCleaner, System Mechanic, and Avast Cleanup.

Is Advanced SystemCare better than CCleaner?

Both programs have many features in common. Advanced SystemCare has many features like Internet Booster, Smart RAM, and FaceID in the Toolbox section compared to CCleaner. Moreover, you can install additional IObit programs like IObit Driver Booster and Uninstaller (free versions). As far as pricing is concerned, Advanced SystemCare is quite affordable.

However, Advanced SystemCare is available for Windows PCs only, and CCleaner is available for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. You can find the detailed comparison in this article on Advanced SystemCare vs CCleaner.

Is Advanced SystemCare better than System Mechanic?

Compared to iolo System Mechanic Pro, Advanced SystemCare has many built-in tools that you can install as per your requirement. You will find features like Driver Updater and Software Updater missing in System Mechanic. iolo's System Mechanic Ultimate Defense includes advanced features like Malware Killer and Password Manager. Read more in this iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review.

One advantage of System Mechanic over Advanced SystemCare is that the former can be installed on unlimited PCs in your household. The latter can be installed on a maximum of 3 PCs only.

Is Advanced SystemCare better than Avast Cleanup?

Both tools have their pros and cons. Learn more here to understand which one is better. Always go with the one that suits your requirements. 

This Avast Cleanup Vs Advanced Systemcare comparison will be of great help in decision-making.

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advanced SystemCare Good & Safe to Use?

Yes, Advanced SystemCare is safe to use and good at what it does from my experience over the years. Read our in-depth analysis.

Is Advanced SystemCare a Virus?

No, Advanced SystemCare is not a virus. We have found that many Antivirus programs detect Advanced SystemCare as a PUP. But we haven't encountered any issues in our testing over the years.

Should you buy Advanced SystemCare Pro?

Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro is a useful tool to boost PC speed and clean it. IObit has included additional privacy protection features that include Fingerprint Protection. Similarly, it offers a bunch of features for digital identity protection and anti-spyware protection.

In short, in a single package, IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro has every feature required for a better PC experience. If you are looking forward to boosting performance, you can surely count on this tool.

Is Advanced SystemCare Pro Worth It?

IObit Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro has every feature required for a better PC experience in a single package. If you are looking forward to boosting PC performance, you can surely count on this tool. Compared to other PC Optimization software, Advanced SystemCare 17 Pro gives more features. Besides, you get all these benefits at a much cheaper price. Therefore, it is worth the money you are paying.


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    • Hi Craig,

      It is not a paid promotion; as the upselling part, you have mentioned in already mentioned in the Cons section of the Review. It will greatly benefit the community if you can add more details about the performance issues you faced with the application.

  1. Paid for Pro edition upgrade. The installs didn’t work, the purchased upgrade failed. Horrible and frustrating experience endangering my computer. FAILED Service!

  2. I’ve been using their Products for years with NO problems and no issues with malware and virus BS but I am not a young kid that goes to suspect sites and clicks on any link they find fun…

  3. I have tried advanced system care several times:they offer a key for a once clean up –but it does not clean all –only some –unless you buy. I tried again today: Thousands of files>>>but is it true? 3% defragged-I defragged today. I cleaned with PRIVAZER–yet it found many files to delete –why and what ? I have just to believe it!
    I found also that the machine slows when it is installed.
    I removed it again after 10 minutes —I just do not “trust” it to make a true statement at the end of the scan. .Price in Dollars: what dollars? I am in Australia -if it is US dollars then it nearly twice the price –but which company ever bothers to make clear what currency you pay in>> and for that matter_ WHERE THEY ARE. Privazer is still the most “logic” cleaner I have found and I can see what it is doing! Again ..it may not do what it says if Systemcare is right –but what now? What to trust to clean up? I used RED yesterday – 5000 obsolete files -Advanced system care di not find that many! RED is free (remove empty directories)-I used the clean up tools windows 10 has included –and do not pay any money anymore

  4. Should I use advanced system care pro 12 with Windows 10?
    Does it not interfere with the security system attached to Windows 10?

    • Hi Bugeja.

      Only Advanced SystemCare Ultimate version has a built-in antivirus, but I would suggest that if you want a proper virus protection you get full-fledged antivirus like BitDefender antivirus.

      Advanced SystemCare and most IObit products use the Bitdefender Engine. So, it is always better to use the original BitDefender product, where you will get the latest updates (not just the virus signature, but on the entire antivirus software) directly from BitDefender. There are some other features like scanning individual files, ransomware protection, and others that you will not get with the version of antivirus in Advanced SystemCare.

      The best combination for you will be BitDefender total security 5 devices 1-year plan and Advanced SystemCare pro (links below). You can buy it from our store at a great discount, or from the official website at a higher price. That is completely your wish, but make sure you buy and download it from a legit source.


      Stay protected and cheers.

      Team Dealarious

  5. 07/07/’17 in Sydney: downloaded today full load / at a very reasonable price / very impressive-looking / first scan was quick and cleared more than a gigabyte of space on a laptop six weeks from new. So, you beaut! Kevin/Gauvain/Gavino aged 96. []

  6. Have used ASC for years. Now in spite of license code info from iobit I’ve been unable to install, to activate with my license code. Now the messsage comes up “this won’t run on this computer”. (an Acer running Windows 10). I’m trying to install ASC Ultimate. NO GO! No Good!

    All attempts to solve problem are stymied.

    • Strange! I never faced an issue like this. Did you try to reset your license or request a license transfer for reinstallation from iobit? If it is a license issue, that might help.

  7. Good stuff, but annoying as hell if you don’t buy all the components. It keeps telling you to upgrade to the full suite, which you surely don’t need.

  8. Version 9 PRO worked perfectly, but when it upgraded to Version 10 it wouldn’t install properly. I did get to to scan once but it froze on the ‘Registry Scan’, I think that is where the problem lies). I uninstalled and tried to reinstall it twice but it wouldn’t work. I emailed the so called ‘Help’ TWICE with NO REPLY (and that is the guaranteed 48 hour reply because it is the PRO version), and I still have a month left on my subscription… Will I be renewing it after receiving no reply from the so called ‘help; and also loosing out on a month of my subscription ? You guess the answer ! (Clue : It is the opposite of ‘Yes’ !)

  9. I should point out that the Driver Booster and IObit Uninstaller are not trial versions. You can purchase the pro versions of them, which have more features, but the free versions are fully functional. For example, the freee version of Driver Booster will update all tjeoutdated and missing drivers it finds, but the paid Pro version, sometimes finds more driver updates and will download the updates faster.


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