Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Review

​Bitdefender Total Security 20​20 version is out now. It is the new top of the line protection suite and a multi-device license. Hence, it allows you to select the platform of your choice. Now you can get Bitdefender 20​20 protection on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. Also, not to forget, the convenience of managing one subscription with Bitdefender Central Account, which makes it easy to use, activate, and reinstall Bitdefender product anytime if necessary.​

​Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Review Summary

Bitdefender Total Security 2020


User Interface


Antivirus Protection


Malware Protection


Resource Consumption


Support Response Time



  • Modern & Clean Interface
  • Minimal Performance Impact
  • Fail Proof Malware Protection Module
  • Central Account Provides Good Control
  • Firewall has per app permission


  • Be Careful about Auto-Renewal
  • OneClick Optimizer is not automated
  • Parental Advisor needs more detailing
  • 2nd level support takes nearly 48 hours to respond
  • VPN with very basic functionality

Bitdefender Total Security 20​20 Protection Includes:

  • Total Security: Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10
  • Antivirus for Mac: Compatible with OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5) and above
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security: Compatible with Android 3.0 and up
  • iOS Protection: Protects iOS privacy issues

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: New Features





​In this review, I will focus on the Windows version, which is Bitdefender Total Security 2020. It seems that Bitdefender has been keeping Windows 10 at the center of its development focus since the last ​2019 release. Although very little has changed ​in the new version, there are a few notable feature improvements underneath.

First of all, here are the new features on offer.

  • Protect Microphone from unauthorized access
  • Browser ​Anti-Tracker

​I will update this review as soon as Bitdefender adds or improves features in any of its future updates.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Installation

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 installation

​​Installation procedure for Bitdefender Total Security 20​20 is the same as it was in the 2020 version. ​The difference is just ​a smoother animation. Bitdefender ​adopts the same theme as in the 2019 version.

​Bitdefender Central Account is the one place to add a license, download the application, and also manage the protection for all devices. Let's discuss the Central Account features a bit later in this review.

​As mentioned in the above section, Bitdefender 2020 installation window has the same interface as before. It displays the size of file download left and the speed with which the download is happening. This information is always helpful. In our tests, Installations went smooth​.

Just like the 20​19 version, there are no offline setup files officially available this time. You can get the Web Installer from Bitdefender Central account. However, in the past, we have also provided the Bitdefender 2019 O​​ffline Installer links. In the same way, we have already pulled up Bitdefender 2020 offline installers.

These links are from Bitdefender server, and hence, there is no need to worry.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Home screen

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 home screen

​​As discussed earlier, Bitdefender Total Security 20​20 has the same UI. The base design is the same as the previous version.

​The home screen displays much valuable information and provides easy navigation to the rest of the areas through a well-designed menu. When you click on any of these menu items, additional related details appear on the app's main screen.

​​​You can completely customize your home screen. All you have to do is, hover the mouse on the module. Once done, you see an edit button which allows you to place any module you want from the available choices.

​​The interface makes ​it easy for first-time users. If you are already using Bitdefender 2019 version then there is nothing new for you.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Protection Modules

BItdefender Total Security 2020 protection features

Practically there ​is no change in the major modules. Rather than adding new inclusions, it looks like Bitdefender is focusing on perfecting its existing features which is the right way to go and a much welcome approach. Given below are the modules available with Bitdefender Total Security 2020.

  • ​Virus Protection
  • ​​Online Threat ​Prevention
  • ​Vulnerability
  • ​Firewall
  • ​Antispam
  • ​​Advanced Threat Defense
  • ​Safe Files
  • ​Ransomware Remediation

​All the modules have tool-tips to give basic information about their function.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Antivirus ​

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Antivirus

​Antivirus module allows you to configure the way Bitdefender scans your system. You can also define its post-infection-detection behavior. You can set the steps by setting custom scan action. Options to set scan exclusion and quarantine item control are also available.

Furthermore, you can perform a Full System Scan and create custom scan schedules in this module.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: ​Online Threat ​Prevention

Bitdefender Online Threat Prevention

​This module allows you to configure browsing protection. It blocks known unsafe websites, and you can configure it's behavior too by guiding Bitdefender on what to scan. Search Advisor, Scan SSL, Protection against Fraud, and Phishing are some of the options that you can control in this module.

You also have the choice to whitelist websites that you know for sure are safe. The whitelist option is also useful to unblock a blocked website manually. Practice extreme caution while making these changes.

​I have noticed that keeping the Web protection in full security sometimes tends to slow down web page loading. Besides, it can block some internal company websites as well. A valid reason for that is that internal company websites often use custom SSL certificates. Hence, if you are facing these issues, try to change the settings appropriately to unblock your company web pages or disable web protection for some time.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Vulnerability ​Review

Bitdefender 2020 vulnerability

This scan checks for old applications, weak passwords, and critical Windows and Wi-Fi network security. The only option you can tweak here is the criteria for which you do not want scan to run. Not only does it scans for vulnerability issues but also updates applications that are missing important updates and security patches.

Third party applications have the link to their respective download pages. Also, Bitdefender Total Security 2020 informs you about critical Windows updates.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Firewall Review

Bitdefender 2020 firewall settings

​​The firewall module protects you from network port scans and unauthorized network activity. Besides that, you can create your own rules to allow or block network access to your Windows applications. You can also set Adapter Settings, and creating rules is most helpful in situations when Bitdefender is blocking your network devices like printers, scanners, etc.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 has finally added more user control to the firewall. Now you can review network access to each application on the go.

​Advanced home users prefer having more control over their network. Hence, ​per app network access request is very useful. A plus point over the previous version.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Antispam

Bitdefender Total Security review: Antispam

​Enabling antispam filters helps you to protect threats in your email client. Also, it uses cloud protection to detect email behavior. Hence, your desktop email client is safe. Bitdefender scans and blocks any suspicious email attachment.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Advanced Threat Defense

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 review: advanced threat defense

​​This module was made an integral part ​since Bitdefender 2018. ​It implements the automatic behavioral analysis of application installed on your system. Now, as soon as Bitdefender detects any suspicious behavior, it proactively blocks the application and keeps you safe.


​​You can add your trusted applications to whitelist and avoid any chance of inconvenience.
This feature is indeed a good move on their part.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Safe Files

​​All you have to do in this section is to add all your important file locations. Once you do this, Bitdefender keeps these files safe from any ransomware attacks. So even if modern ransomware infects your system by bypassing Advanced Threat Defense, it won't be able to lock your files in any way. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 keeps your essential files safe in this scenario.


​​I appreciate Bitdefender's ​improvements in this section. Not only can you lock essential files but also allow only trusted apps access to those locked files. Hence, there is no inconvenience in your day-to-day work. Bitdefender has announced complete security against ​much-known malware.

​Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Privacy Module

​This module allows you to control the privacy aspects of your digital interactions. The Tools that you have in this module are:

  • ​​Webcam Protection
  • ​Bitdefender Safepay
  • ​​Password Manager
  • ​File Encryption
  • ​Data Protection
  • ​VPN

Bitdefender 2020 Webcam & Microphone Protection Review

webcam protection in Bitdefender

​Webcam Protection ​i​s present since 2018 version​. You can let Bitdefender handle the decision of blocking apps from webcam access.

microphone access protection in Bitdefender

​Microphone access protection is a new feature that is present in the 2020 version. With this feature active, you can allow microphone access only to apps that you trust.

​A good note here is that you get notified whenever any application tries to connect to the webcam or the microphone. Hence, with this feature turned on, you can be assured that no one is watching or hearing you.

​Bitdefender Browser Anti-Tracker

​This privacy mode is a new addition. When you enable the Anti-Tracker module, it blocks data collection and browser tracking. Hence, no one can have your behavioral data for ads and other profiling.

Bitdefender also gives you the option to enaable or disable this feature on selected browsers.

Bitdefender 2020 Safepay Review

​​Bitdefender Safepay provides hacker free browsing and protects your online payments. Also, you can use it to make secure transactions online. It eliminates the fear of keyloggers, phishing attempts, etc. Moreover, Safepay gives you an isolated browser environment. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 has enhanced the experience. Hence, you get the same overall features with improved security.

Bitdefender Wallet: Password Manager Review

bitdefender total security 2020 review wallet

​​Wallet module is a password manager application in Bitdefender Total Security 2020. It allows you to save website logins so that you don't have to remember each of them separately. It motivates the use of new and complicated passwords for each website.

With Bitdefender Wallet, you do not have to remember any of those passwords, just the one master password. Bitdefender Wallet assists logins in browsers with the help of a browser plugin.

You need to keep one master password to keep your Wallet safe. Create this master password with extreme caution and follow best password practices. Post unlocking wallet, you can access all your saved passwords. Also, you can select applications that can use your Bitdefender Wallet. Having a worry-free transaction with auto form-filling is an excellent option to have.

If you are already using services like LastPass or Sticky Password, then this Wallet is of no use.

​Bitdefender 2020 File Encryption Review

Bitdefender 2020 File Encryption

​​If you have sensitive files that need protection from others, File Encryption tool is at your disposal. It is an easy and efficient tool. All you have to do is create a vault, place your files and encrypt it.

Bitdefender creates a virtual secure drive. It then hides the drive when you encrypt and lock it.

​Bitdefender 2020 File Shredder: Data Protection

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 file shredder

​​As the description says, you can securely delete sensitive files with this tool. This option also integrates with the right-click context menu. Hence, you can right-click on any file and permanently delete it.

​Bitdefender VPN Review: Go Anonymous

Bitdefender VPN 2020

​Bitdefender added the VPN to their product line ​since the mid of 2018 version. By default, the VPN is not present in the necessary installation. However, you can easily install it by clicking on the VPN module. Once you finish the installation, using it is straight forward.

Bitdefender 2020 review vpn usage

​​The Free VPN allows only 200 MB of data every day. Also, you cannot select the server of your choice in the Free edition. To activate the VPN premium subscription, you have to buy a separate License Key and add it to your Bitdefender Central Account.

​Bitdefender VPN Speed Tests

Bitdefender VPN speed test review

​​I made my tests on a stable internet connection with ISP speed 200Mbps. The above four tests are with VPN servers in US, UK, Australia & Canada. I must say that the speed received was impressive.

​Bitdefender VPN Vs Dedicated VPNs [Functionality]

​​Comparing Bitdefender VPN with dedicated VPN solutions, I find that the features offered are not sufficient.

Bitdefender VPN only has a connect option. There is no option to select the connection protocol or change other settings which are available in any dedicated VPN solution. No availability of advanced features like kill switch when VPN connection drops.

Bitdefender VPN is not a Zero Log solution. Hence, if you are looking for a complete privacy VPN solution, this VPN is not for you.

​Bitdefender Total Security 2020: Utilities Module

​The tools present in this module help you to keep your system junk free. You have the following options in this module:

  • ​OneClick Optimizer
  • ​Startup Optimizer
  • ​Disk Cleanup
  • ​Anti-Theft

​OneClick Optimizer

​​OneClick Optimizer cleans Garbage Windows files. It includes disk scan, registry scan, and privacy scan. Also, these are temporary and leftover files that take up disk space. Regular cleaning of these files keeps your Windows running smoothly.

Bitdefender total security 2020 review oneclick optimizer

​To emphasize, be careful with Privacy cleanup. If you do not want to lose essential browser bookmarks and saved passwords, check the available options properly before performing a complete cleanup.

​Startup Optimizer

​It allows you to manage Windows Startup applications. A significantly long list of startup entries can increase your system boot time and slow down booting. Hence you can use this module to disable unnecessary applications. Another handy option is to delay applications at startup. As a result, you see visible boot speed improvements.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 startup optimizer

​Startup Optimizer also includes community ratings. This is an additional guide for you to see what other people are allowing or disabling.

​Disk Cleanup

​​This module allows you to scan your drives for large files. You can then delete them depending on your requirement. Hence, cleanup is a handy utility to find large and useless files.

Bitdefender total security 2020 disk cleanup

Are you already using a dedicated Windows Maintenance software like Advanced SystemCare Pro or CCleaner​? In that case, you can leave this section.

Dedicated optimization software provides better complete & automated functionality over Bitdefender 2020 edition's optimizer.

Bitdefender Central Account 2020: On-the-Fly Controls

​​Bitdefender Central Account serves as the center point for all your actions with Bitdefender Total Security 2020 subscription. Also, the central account allows you to add a subscription, get installer files, reinstall, manage all the devices, etc. Remote management allows you to have a regular check on devices remotely. Moreover, it is not necessary to have physical access to the device to be able to manage it.

You can perform all the required actions from the Central Account remotely. Of course, the devices need to be online. Security and Optimization steps from Central Account include Quick Scan, System Scan, and Vulnerability Scan.

Bitdefender Central

​In optimization, we have a System Optimizer and Startup Manager. The latter is a new addition to the Central account. It indeed proves to be very helpful. From design and visual aspect, they are just a treat. These features are already present in the desktop application; having an online control is just an added advantage.

There are two features you can exclusively access only from the Central account.

Parental Advisor

​​This module is of extreme importance to parents. We have seen many queries about how good this module is. With Parental Advisor, the device placed under your supervision needs no extra physical configuration.

parental advisor in Bitdefender 2020

​Besides, the backend configuration means that no one can alter the rules set by you. This module lets you view some basic online activities with system application usage. You can block websites, applications, schedule restrictions, and take many more actions if needed.

Bitdefender also sends you email reports of accessed blocked services.


​​With Anti-Theft, you can locate lost devices if needed. Most of the time, this location is accurate. Anti-thief uses network data along with GPS to calculate the position of your devices. If device GPS is not accessible, the positioning may not be accurate. In the event of a mishap like an actual theft, there are certain aspects that you can control.

Bitdefender Central Anti-theft

​You can sound an alert, lock device and wipe sensitive data from your devices remotely. Also, to keep in mind that these features only work when the device has available internet access.

If you are looking for an antivirus with the best configurable Parental Advisor, Have a look at Norton Security Premium.

Is Bitdefender Total Security 2020 worth Your Money?

Is Bitdefender Total security 2020 worth your money?

​Bitdefender Total Security has been on top of the AV Test's rating list for a long time now. ​The latest AV Test result also rates Bitdefender as the top product. Moreover, protection against the latest viruses has never been an issue with Bitdefender. ​It also has the lowest rate of a false positive detection. Hence, the one thing that you can be sure of is rock-solid protection.

​​You can ​expect a high standard of protection as Bitdefender is using the same Security Engine as the previous version, which secured a top position.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Pricing

​Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is usually available at 44.95 USD for a 5 Devices - 1 Year subscription. Total Security subscription gives you a choice of 3/5/10 devices with a validity period of 1/2/3 Years. If your requirement exceeds this specification, you can go for Bitdefender Family Pack 2018. There is not much of a difference between Total Security and Family Pack. The later gives a larger device subscription. You can know more about unlimited subscription in our Bitdefender Family Pack review.

However, you can always get a Bitdefender Total Security 2020 discount coupon and grab the protection at a great deal. Considering the easy availability of Bitdefender discounts and the protection it provides, we can say Bitdefender provides the best value for money.

Bitdefender Installation & Support Review

Bitdefender Maintain and Install

​Installing Bitdefender Total Security 2020 can get tricky at times. If it installs correctly, then there is nothing to worry. On the other hand, if there are problems, it can be a tad painful. After-sales support is slow. In our experience, we had to wait for nearly three days to get a simple response from the Bitdefender team. Bitdefender has a live chat option with the relatively fast response time. However, it's just good enough for the necessary inquiries. Any technical issue is routed to level two support; it is addressed via email and is slow in most of the cases.

Not only us but also a lot of Bitdefender customers have faced the same issue with them. A simple Google search reveals all these stories. Therefore, a clean and smooth installation means you are in luck.

Bitdefender 2020 Windows Testing

Bitdefender Windows 10 testing

​For this Bitdefender Total Security 2020 review, I did a clean removal of the previous version. This step is a must. Do the same before your installation attempt. Once complete, Bitdefender Total Security 2020 Installation went smoothly for me. I faced no issues on our Windows 10, 64 Bit test machine. Also, there were no signs of system slowdown except for the first-time system scan. However, I experienced some lags with video playback during the first manual Full System Scan. Once that was over, we never noticed a thing.

Dealarious Verdict

​With some patience during installation and an attractive 30-Days Money Back Guarantee, you can go ahead and purchase Bitdefender Total Security 2020 now. Use the trial version before you decide to buy it. In this way, you can also test your system compatibility with Bitdefender Total Security 2020 before making a purchase decision.

If you have decided to purchase, search for available discounts. Hence, making the most out of the right security product at the best price.

Did we miss out any point in this Bitdefender Total Security 2020 review? Let us know in the comment section.



    Sourojit is Executive Editor at Dealarious. Rumor says He is Computer Science Engineer; He neither accepts it nor denies it. Tech Explorer, Philosopher and a Storyteller.

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    Christophe Girdal - a few months ago Reply

    Well, I was facing issues as well while upgrading to 2020 solution. After a day’s figuring out, I used the Bitdefender uninstaller and bam. One reboot and everything worked as it should have. It’s funny how the little things we miss, makes us suffer so much.
    So if you are upgrading from older version and you are stuck, remember to check the Bitdefender removal tool.

    Roland - last year Reply

    Useless review. Mr Sourojit has not used BitDefender 2019! See the remarks on the BitDender Ushers forum. This version is full of bugs. Do not buy it…

      Sourojit - last year Reply

      Hi Ronald,

      Major bugs with Bitdefender started from the first week of September 2018 probably with the introduction of their new “network scan” update. Hence, my review with the initial version of 2019 does not reflect the issues as they did not appear then. However, they have fixed the major issues with their current update.

      Alan - last year Reply

      Just downloaded Bitdefender. No issues as of now. I will keep checking.

    Leigh - last year Reply

    2019 does not print via WiFi on my Canon …driving me insane! Tried everything we can find in way of support …

    Mark - a couple of years ago Reply

    I am having trouble configuring the firewall to allow access to file shares on my other network, I did not have a problem with configuring the firewall in Bitdefender 2017, Bitdefender automatically updated to 2018 without warning. First I new about the upgrade was a message to restart my computer to finish the installation of bitdefender 2018.

    William S - a couple of years ago Reply

    Oh my gosh. I am planing to buy Bitdefender Total Security. Will there be any installation problem? Right now I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security. I’m having too many pop up everytime. It even appear on goggle page and on facebook in my desktop. Too many undesirable pop ups. Will Bitdefender total security or internet security will be suitable?
    Or should I consider some others. If so what should I go for.

    Chris - a couple of years ago Reply

    Great valuable review!! The separation of description and comments in this review is very professional, i am very impressed, thank you.

    I just installed this version (on Windows 10 Pro 64bit with Creators Update), until now everything seems to be fine, but I still need to learn more about it. First I’ll let it run in “autopilot” mode to evaluate how that goes.

    The installer of the 2017 version did not work on all my computers (all Windows 10 64bit, maybe something related to the fact i am living in Brazil), and customer support service apparently could not resolve it (but seemed to be ‘responsive’). Happily, the new installer as delivered since mid-july 2017 works ***FINE***.

    P.S.: For those on Windows OS who still need to install the Creators Update, i recommend to de-install their 3rd party antivirus applications before running the MS Update even if this is a painful procedure. And deconnect external harddrives and remove 2nd harddrives, just to be sure Windows does not delete their content.

    Anik - a couple of years ago Reply

    What about this stupid, bias, awful, bizarre issue! Has it been fixed in Bitdefender 2018???

    Harv.84 - a couple of years ago Reply

    Bitndefender 2017 total security changed the drive names on my system.

    My C drive is now E and my is now C.

    The computer will not boot at all goes automatic repair mode yet will not do nothing there tried everything. I called tech support and have been escalated but nothing from them.

    Charles Malinowski - a couple of years ago Reply

    Neither your review nor on any of the official Bitdefender websites can I find any statement regarding Bitdefender’s compatibility or incompatibility with other types of anti-malware, such as Malwarebytes Premium or Zemana Anti-logger. Bitdefender information kind of alludes to the fact that it protects you against malicious websites, but there’s no comparison to its level of malicious website protection compared to the level offered by Malwarebytes. The only mention of anti-keylogger protection is while using their safe banking feature. anti-keylogger protection is something that is needed 100% of the time a person is online not just while they’re banking.
    Could you provide more specific information with regards to compatibility of Bitdefender Total Security 2017 and Malwarebytes Premium and Zemana Anti-logger?

      Sourojit - a couple of years ago Reply

      Hi, Charles. Yes, Bitdefender is compatible with Zemana and Malwarebytes. In addition, I have also used it with Iobit Malware Fighter which has a dual layer protection with Bitdefender Engine. We will add the information with more details in our next update to this review. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Evelyn - a couple of years ago Reply

    I am a bitdefender user since 2012. Just downloaded 2017. Was not easy. Plenty of reboots to finally get it right. Support did answer my questions right away but I had solved the problem with the help of the internet. The problem I am facing now is everytime I turn on my computer (Windows 7), my computer states “not protected” when I check it says “fix firewall” it says “failed”. I then have to manually turn on/off bitdefender firewall and reboot then everything is OK. This is a big headache. Know of any solution?

    Rose - 3 years ago Reply

    Mr. Sourojit, are you kidding!! Your review on Bitdefender 2017 is totally inaccurate. PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT BUY Bitdefender 2017. Bitdefender failed to notify their present customers….still selling this product with known security faults. It’s been now 7 hours still no call back. This is cut and paste of my recent online transcript.
    March 12, 2017, 9:25 am – Rose Wilkins : Bitdefender updated to 2017….now I can’t print to any of my three printer without turning of the firewall…..
    March 12, 2017, 9:39 am – Cosmin Ploscaru : This is a known situation….
    March 12, 2017, 9:49 am – Cosmin Ploscaru : If you just turn the firewall off for a few moments so you can print and turn it back on after that it won’t be a problem.
    March 12, 2017, 10:30 am – Cosmin Ploscaru : I am really sorry about this inconvenience. I don’t have an ETA.
    March 15, 2017, 12:53 am – Rose Wilkins : I have only recently been able to access my account after 8 months, I can’t print to any of my 4 printers unless I disable the firewall. I can’t download programs and install them like ‘dropbox’. I can’t receive emails from mobile devices.
    March 15, 2017, 1:17 am – Elena Lixandru : I am very sorry for the situation.

      Sourojit - 3 years ago Reply

      Hi Rose,

      Hope you are doing well.
      I am sad to know that you are facing inconvenience with Bitdefender. However, I still stand by each word written in my review. As I have made the same after weeks of testing and I am Still using it on one of my Systems. Now skipping to the important part. I understand the printing issue, it’s actually not an issue but a security feature and can be easily solved. In summary, all you need to do is add the network to Trusted network. Please follow this guide from Bitdefender.

      Note: This guide talks about 2016 version but it works exactly same with 2017 version. Hence there is no need to disable the firewall.

      I hope this solves your problem. Bitdefender Support did give you a lame response. I have already mentioned in my review about the poor quality support.

        Rose - 3 years ago Reply

        Hi Sourojit,

        Bitdefender has taken the ‘well’ out of me!!….but I do hope you are well.

        How can you stand by your review?? Don’t test it, use it… the current trial and test it now. I’m sure after doing so you’ll change your review.

        Thank you for the link but Bitdefender 2017 doesn’t have the facility to add anything in the firewall – tab adaptor. This issue occurred with their last update. Cosmin (Bitdefender staff) claims that ‘it’s a known problem’…..problem known before I contacted them. Yet they are still selling their product knowing that they have unresolved issues with it.

        I run three online business. Printing is one of many issues they have….unable to down load ‘Dropbox’ yet under Firewall- Rules ‘Dropbox….exe is an accepted rule.

        Today I sent an email from my mobile phone to my business email….never received it, yet it was received on another computer which does not have Bitdefender.

        Morally, Bitdefender should take their product off the market or the very least inform potential and current users that they have issues!!

    Guido - 3 years ago Reply

    Hello, I’m living in Belgium and my pc/Windows 10 has Dutch as standard language.
    Could I change the language in bitdefender into Dutch?

    Ray Bramlette - 3 years ago Reply

    I’m having a problem with BD Total Security only offering their product in 5 or 10 device protection. What happened to 2 or 3 ? when I asked them to just sell me protection for 3 devices they said 5 is the minimum. Otherwise, I’ve never had a problem with BD.

    Pedro - 3 years ago Reply

    Hola Edwin,
    Se podrá configurar la versión 2017 al idioma español?

    Edwin Cook - 3 years ago Reply

    I never had an issue Installing Bitdefender. I am using it since 2013 version. Well, I have to admit that back then it was not this great. It used to lag, slowdown pc etc. Since 2014 version it has improved a lot with every aspect. For a change I did try Avast, Eset, Norton but nothing beats Bitdefender. I love the interface and it’s light weighted functionality.
    For People having installation issues, please ensure that you are clean removing previous antivirus applications. Following a proper method should not give issues. Of course again there are many other situations apart from this. In the 2017 version, I was hoping for a better firewall. Is there any chance that it will be included till the final version?

      Sourojit - 3 years ago Reply

      Hi Edwin,

      Thanks for your valuable input. As of now I don’t think there will be any major change to the Firewall module. If it is extremely necessary you can use this free application Glasswire. It is handy. More control can be achieved via the paid version which you can decide later on.

    Joe Brown - 3 years ago Reply

    Great Review. I am using Bitdefender Internet Security 2016. I did face installation issues. After a long try and research finally I was able to install it. Since that day I have no issues. Waiting for the new release.

      AOL tech support - last year Reply

      People who are using the Bitdefender antivirus for a period of time must know all the details about the software. They have given a positive feedback after using this antivirus, thus the level of security provided by this software is much better.