How to Clean Uninstall Software and Remove all Traces

Using the Windows feature to uninstall any program makes use of the program’s own uninstaller which is incapable of removing all of its components. Most of the program leave some files behind or registry entries even after uninstalling it.

These traces can be removed manually by carrying out file search but that’s neither effective nor feasible.

 Advanced SystemCare incorporates “Powerful Uninstall” feature into Windows Add/Remove feature which can uninstall any software completely by cleaning out leftovers if any.  

Powerful scan looks into system files vigorously to find out any file or registry entry related to uninstalled software.

Forced Uninstall option is helpful in the cases when program cannot be uninstalled easily. For example when software is corrupt or the case of stubborn applications which refuse to leave the system.

How to remove all traces of Software?

  1. Download and Install Advanced SystemCare Pro.
  2. Just like you uninstall any other software application, go to Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs

  3. On the top Menu bar, you will notice a new button with green icon called “Powerful Uninstall“.

    Add Remove Programs on Windows

  4. Select the software you want to remove completely and click on “Powerful Uninstall” button.
  5. This opens a new “Forced Uninstaller” Window.


  6. After uninstall is complete, click on “Powerful Scan” button.


  7. If there are any leftovers (maybe in form of files / folders / orphan registry keys), you get to choose and delete them.

    Clean Uninstall

That’s how we make a clean uninstall of any software on Windows.

Advanced SystemCare Pro can be used to remove almost all kind of programs along with its traces. However, it is not recommended to use on Antivirus programs. For Antivirus or any security suite, you should use their respective removal tool.


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