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IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Review: Remove Stubborn Windows Applications

Microsoft Windows is a powerful operating system and one of the most popular choices worldwide. Today there are 1.6 billion devices that use Windows. Its flexibility, affordability, security, and ease of use make it one of the most preferred choices to use on PCs.

Is Windows Uninstaller Good Enough?

No. The built-in Windows Uninstaller isn't good enough.

Windows today has many pre-installed bloatware and native apps, which are difficult for regular users to remove. As a result, these just lay unused on your systems and leech out on your system resources. Also, some apps you install become stubborn and simply refuse to uninstall entirely from the Windows default removal tool.

Thankfully some apps help you get relief from all such unwanted software, unused Windows apps & browser extensions. One of the most famous names in this category is the IObit Uninstaller app. Above all, they have come up with their latest release IObit Uninstaller 13, which supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro review


  • Supports Windows XP & above
  • Automatic Software updates
  • Lot of Handy Tools
  • Bulk Uninstallations
  • Install Monitor


  • Support Response is bit slow
  • IObit upsells within App



USD 10.25

Supported Platforms: Windows









IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Review: Introduction

Iobit Uninstaller Pro Review

What does IObit Uninstaller do?

IObit Uninstaller 13 helps you to:

  • To altogether remove any unwanted software & bundleware. Also, it removes all residual files from your system.
  • Remove any malicious browser extensions and toolbars to protect your privacy on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer. 
  • Keep a tab on all software updates required for a safe and secure experience.

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro: Pricing

Considering upgrading to the pro version for the extended features? You can switch to the pro version by buying the license for USD 16.77 from the official website, covering 3 PCs/year. However, you can also purchase it for USD 10.25 using IObit Uninstaller Pro coupons from Dealarious.

Do you want to have an automated System Maintainance application? Do check our Advanced SystemCare Pro review.

How to Install IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro?

The installation process is pretty simple. I just went to the IObit official site and selected the IObit Uninstaller from the product list. Then I downloaded the install file and went ahead with the installation process. 

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Review: Key Features

  • Supported on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • IObit Uninstaller integrates itself into Windows Explorer. Also, you can remove programs from the desktop or any other folder without opening the main program.
  • It monitors all your software installations automatically. So, when you decide to remove one of those programs, it will exactly know which files/folders of that program to delete & uninstalls it without leaving any traces behind.
  • IObit Uninstaller can sort installed programs by name, size, installation date, or even version number.
  • After uninstalling any program, it searches through and removes any files left behind in the registry and the file system. Also, it notifies you of how much free space you can recover.
  • Force Uninstall helps in removing any program that cannot be uninstalled by the Windows Add-Remove program function.
  • A residual file cleaner can delete Windows patch cache files, invalid shortcuts, and unused files in the Downloads folder. Hence, you can recover more storage space on your hard drive.
  • Schedule any files for deletion when the system restarts if you cannot remove them while Windows runs.
  • Quickly delete or restore your system to system back-ups from within the program.
  • Perform Bulk Uninstallations

IObit Uninstaller User Interface

Interface of IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro

The program offers a simple & intuitive user interface. Hence, you will find all the essential tools and features on the welcome screen.

There are different options on the left panel for uninstalling Programs:

  • Software Health
  • Install Monitor
  • Browser Extensions
  • Windows Apps
  • Action Center

Also, on the top right, you have access to additional tools:

  • Software Updater
  • Easy Uninstall
  • Force Uninstall
  • Stubborn Program Remover
  • File Shredder
  • Windows Updates Uninstall

All in all, it is straightforward to use the software, and all the essential tools are placed in clear sight and simple to find.

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro: Functionality

The IObit Uninstaller provides various ways to uninstall applications from your system. Let us take a look at these and some critical functions of the application.

Programs Screen

Software filter in IObit Uninstaller

On the home screen of IObit Uninstaller, you will find the Programs tab on the left. Clicking on it, you will see all the uninstall options. You can see a list of all the installed programs on your system. Below, you can also find a list of bundleware applications that some other programs installed on your system without your complete knowledge.

Besides, there is a Logged Programs tab monitored by Install Monitor for uninstallation & any recently installed programs you would like to uninstall. Also, you can see a list of programs that take up the most space on your hard drive and the least used programs you would want to uninstall.

The uninstallation process is straightforward. You have to select any program you want to uninstall by selecting it on the checkbox and then clicking the Garbage icon on the right. That's it. It's that simple. In addition, you can filter the programs that need to be uninstalled with the Software filter feature.

Software Health

Analyze all Installed Software in IObit

The Software Health feature comes up first in the left panel. On entering it, IObit starts analyzing all of your installed programs' health status and suggests actions on the same.

It checks for uninstallation leftovers from any of the previously uninstalled software and gives you the option to delete those leftover files. 

Next, it allowed me to block any unwanted site notification from disturbing me. 

It also checked and gave me the option to update an old program on my system. However, please note that this was a paid option, and the free version would not update it from this window.

Another option was for malicious or suspicious extensions for a fast and secure web browsing experience. Again this option is only available for the paid version.

Note: The latest version includes two new features - Software Redundant Files and Software Hibernation to improve your system performance.

Software Redundant Files helps you remove the temporary files and other traces, thus freeing up more disk space. With the Software Hibernation feature, you can put to sleep those applications that aren't used frequently, thus speeding up the PC booting process.

Install Monitor

Monitoring Program Installations in IObit Uninstaller

Install Monitor keeps a watch & logs your system changes during any new program installation. It allows you to see what changes the program made to your system during that installation.

There are two modes available:

  • Auto Monitor: IObit automatically keeps an eye on, and logs system change information for any new installations.
  • Manual Monitor: You must drag and drop the set-up file in this window for the program to log its installation.

Browser Extensions

Unwanted Browser Extensions Removal with IObit Uninstaller

In this section, you can retrieve a list of all the extensions installed on every browser that you use on your system, including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, & IE. You can then select every browser, see what extensions are installed, and remove them if necessary.

It is quite a useful feature since it helped me with some outdated extensions I had installed on my browsers, which I was not using lately. Getting rid of them means reducing your junk bandwidth consumption and improving browser performance & stability.

Windows Apps

Remove Windows built-in Apps

In this section, as the name suggests, you get the power to uninstall bloatware that gets bundled with your Windows license. Many apps and features are mostly of no use to a standard PC user. 

Even though most of these apps are never of any use, some of them lack the option to uninstall from the default settings of Windows OS. IObit gives this same power to your hands. Hence you can uninstall even the most stubborn apps from this window and boost your system memory.

There are two menus here, one for Windows apps and the other for Third-party Apps downloaded from the Windows store.

Action Center

The last section on the left menu is the Action Center. However, I thought this menu would be more of an 'instructions for the user' type, but they are a window for IObit to promote their other apps.

IObit recommends installing system maintenance programs like Driver Booster, Advanced System Care, Malware Fighter, and more.

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro: Tools Section Review

Now, we come to the Tools option on the top right of the home screen of IObit Uninstaller.

Software Updater

Update Outdated Programs

In this window, you see all your third-party programs that need an update. However, in the free version, you must update every program manually. The paid version will Auto-Update all the programs in a single click at the top of the screen. If you are interested in the automated Pro features, check our IObit Software Updater Pro discount section.

Clicking on the update link will take you to the vendor's homepage, where you can manually download and update your programs.

Tip: You can, however, always go back and do it manually for both of the above features if you do not wish to upgrade to the paid version.

Easy Uninstall

Iobit easy Uninstaller

It is, by far, my most favorite tool in the IObit Uninstaller. The easy-uninstall tool provides the most simplistic way of removing programs on your PC. You just have to click on the icon. Once launched, you can drag it onto any open application window, an icon on the desktop, or even a system tray icon, and voila, it can uninstall the application in minutes. You can choose to uninstall right from where you drop this tool icon.

Force Uninstall

We come across some programs in our system that cannot be uninstalled by the Windows default add/remove programs function. There are numerous reasons behind it: faulty uninstallation/installation or interruption during the process.

The 'Force Uninstall' feature is just for these types of stubborn programs. You have to browse and provide a link to the app folder or simply drag & drop it on the window to start the uninstallation. It also makes sure it removes everything related to the program from your system, including any leftover residual files, data, and even shortcuts for that app.

File Shredder

We all agree on the importance of data privacy and protection against unauthorized access to our sensitive data in the digital age. As we know, any data that you delete from your system is present on your hard drive and can be recovered later by using data recovery mechanisms. It can be potentially dangerous if you store sensitive and personal data on your system.

However, with the File Shredder option on IObit Uninstaller, you are sure that all the shredded data is non-recoverable, and you cannot get them back under any circumstances.

You have to drag and drop a file or folder in the File Shredder to permanently dispose of the file without a trace. There are 3 shredding methods to remove files safely.

Windows Updates Uninstall

Uninstall Windows Updates with IObit Uninstaller

On the Windows Update Uninstall tab, you see a list of all the latest Windows updates downloaded and installed on your system and the installation dates. You can select individual updates and remove them to free up space on your system.

General Settings & Options

Along with these functions, you can access the general app Settings in the right drawer. There you will have access to a different user interface theme, font sizes, and more.

You have the option to restore your system to a previous point in time in case something goes wrong when uninstalling any programs on the system. The Export program list option exports a list of all the programs installed on your system in a .txt format. This list is highly detailed and contains not only names but the publisher, version, installation date and time, and the windows registry entry for the program.

You also get User Feedback options, a User Manual, and Technical Support.

I felt that this is a very user-friendly program; however, if you want more help or detailed information on the features, make sure you check out the User Manual section. It describes all the elements in great depth on its official site page.

Uninstall History

This feature helps you to keep a log of what programs you have uninstalled with the help of IObit Uninstaller. Here you get a detailed record of which programs were uninstalled and how much space they consumed on your system.

You also get to know the removal dates and even the corresponding registry entries for the same.

You also get a complete summary of all the programs deleted and the total amount of space recovered on your hard drive from day one till date on the top of the screen.

IObit Uninstaller: Support

You get an option to contact support on the application settings window. Clicking on it will take you to the support page on the IObit website. 

The page contains an FAQ section and the most frequently required options like resending code, transfer, renewing license option, and re-install on the top for a DIY support experience. You can also submit an online support ticket by filling out a form with product details. Besides, there is an option to reach out via phone with a 24x7 support line.

However, I found their email support to be slower than what I was expecting.

IObit Uninstaller - Free vs. Pro

IObit has given out most of the useful features for the IObit Uninstaller in the free version. However, in the paid version, they further up the game by extending certain features like auto-update and complete uninstalling of more stubborn apps.

Hence, in this IObit Uninstaller Pro review, it is vital to talk about the differences between the Free and Paid versions. As a part of the Pro version, you will get the following additional features:

  • Record & revert any system changes made by program installations
  • Auto Detect and uninstall third-party programs bundled along with freeware
  • Completely removes stubborn programs
  • Identifies and removes malicious & advertising browser extensions
  • Auto-delete leftovers by programs
  • 1-click update feature for all-important software
  • Auto-update to the latest version of IObit Uninstaller
  • 24/7 technical support

IObit Uninstaller Pro Review: Pros & Cons

In my review, I find that IObit Uninstaller weighs much more on the Pros than the Cons.


  • Effortless and quick installation
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Makes sure it creates a system restore point before uninstalling any program
  • It has an option for multiple programs to uninstall with a single click
  • You can search through the list of installed programs and browser extensions
  • You can create & export your program list in detail
  • It gives a drag and drop and an easy uninstall option on the screen
  • It gives a powerful file shredder option
  • It also has the option to remove Windows Update files


  • You cannot edit the list of installed software export list
  • Until you upgrade to Pro, you will always see a banner prompt to do so
  • It is not possible to delete some bundleware automatically; you only get notified about it.

Which is better IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller?

Both programs are effective as uninstallers. Compared to Revo, IObit Uninstaller is easy to use and has a good interface. You can also perform bulk uninstallation. Other features include Software Updater, File Shredder, and Windows Updates, to name a few. As far as pricing is concerned, you will get IObit Uninstaller at a reasonable price.

One advantage of Revo over IObit is that the former can be installed on Windows and Android devices, and the latter is compatible with Windows PCs only. Also, the portable version of Revo Uninstaller Pro works on unlimited computers and can also be used with a USB stick. Read more in our detailed IObit versus Revo comparison.

IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Uninstaller for Windows?

Yes. We recommend using a third-party uninstaller like IObit Uninstaller that can completely uninstall an application from your system. The in-built Windows uninstaller will often leave some leftovers that you cannot remove, which will slow down your PC.

What is the best Uninstaller for Windows 11?

From my experience, IObit Uninstaller is the best. It has a neat and clean interface and is easy to use.

Is IObit Uninstaller Free?

There are both free and paid versions of the program available to users.

Is IObit Uninstaller safe?

Yes. IObit Uninstaller is safe for use. It is one of the best uninstallers for Windows PCs. It is simple, fast, and highly reliable.

Is IObit Uninstaller 13 Pro Worth it?

After going through all the features and options that IObit Uninstaller offers, I recommend installing it to remove unwanted and stubborn programs from your system. If you are a power user who has a requirement beyond the free features, upgrading to a pro version is a good deal for the features you would get in the paid version.

Have I missed any feature in my IObit Uninstaller Pro review? Do let me know in the comment section below.


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