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iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: A Good PC Tune Up?

As time passes, all Windows PCs start accumulating junk files causing them to slow down & become less responsive. PC tuners help resolve these issues by tuning up your PC to make it faster and more responsive.

iolo is a well-known name in the PC tuning space. They have been making great PC tuners for quite some time under the brand "System Mechanic." It is also listed as one of the best Registry Cleaner Software.

System Mechanic has three levels of subscriptions, with Ultimate Defense being the fully loaded top-tier product.

The Ultimate Defense subscription helps you clean out clutter, fix registry issues, speeds up hard drives, processors, memory, and boost Internet speed. Along with the System Mechanic Pro features, Ultimate Defense also blocks & removes the latest malware. It further helps recover deleted data & also completely protects your privacy online.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: Quick Summary

SMUD box


  • Cost Effective with Unlimited PCs
  • Easy to use interface
  • Variety of enhancements
  • Fully Automated
  • Includes Virus protection


  • Poor Chat support
  • Can appear complex to basic users



USD 19.99

Supported Platforms: Windows

Value for Money








In short, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is a complete PC optimization software. It takes care of all your security, privacy, and performance needs, wrapped up in a very user-friendly interface.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence is built upon the trusted System Mechanic Pro base. It includes Privacy Guardian, ByePass, System Shield, Malware Killer, System Mechanic, Search and Recover, and Drive Scrubber.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: Pricing

The regular price of Ultimate Defense is USD 79.95 per year. However, you will undoubtedly get great discounts of up to 80% using System Mechanic Ultimate coupon codes from Dealarious Store. Also, with a single license, you can install the iolo software suite on all of your Home PCs under the iolo licensing policy.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you can try other budget-friendly alternatives like Advanced SystemCare Pro and CCleaner. If you are unsure which one to choose among the two, here is a comparison of Advanced SystemCare Vs. Ccleaner for further insights.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: Key Features

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Homescreen

Here are the key features of the iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defence.

Privacy Guardian

The Privacy Guardian protects your online privacy against all kinds of attacks and personal information gathering attempts. This feature protects any attempts made by sites to track your digital fingerprints when surfing the web & enables identity theft protection.

It keeps your search history private & also disables all Windows internal data collection settings. In addition, it also automates the cookie clearance process.


ByePass is a secure password manager for all your passwords. It shields passwords and credit card information from prying eyes & works with almost all Operating Systems and leading Web browsers. It helps generate and recommend secure passwords for you to use online. Also, it can instantly & remotely log you out of all the logged-in websites with a single click.

System Shield

System Shield is System Mechanic's built-in antivirus app. It offers real-time antivirus protection to your PC against the latest viruses & malicious software. It works with the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence to dig out any malware threats or even useless bloatware from your PC.

With System Shield, you can safely recycle any old PC with military-grade drive wiping technology. The data recovery option can recover irreplaceable photos, videos, and any other data from many devices.

Malware Killer

Malware Killer is an on-demand malware removal tool. It safely analyzes suspicious files for any threat using iolo proprietary technology. It works by drawing from an ever-increasing 'reputation database' set-up globally. Also, AI ensures that this tool can detect new online threats unknown to the world.

System Mechanic

With the Ultimate Defense subscription, you also get all of the System Mechanic Pro features. For instance, these include tools that delete junk files, help boost PC performance in real-time for gaming, video streaming, and downloading.

It also removes system bloatware, recovers trapped memory, and helps defragment drives. It can automatically clean and repair your PC in the background when the system is idle.

Search and Recover

With this file recovery tool, you can easily recover all types of deleted documents like music, photos, emails, and videos. This tool works by searching in specific folders or the entire hard drive, cameras, or removable media and recovering these files in a different location.

Drive Scrubber

This tool permanently erases files, pictures, and documents with military security protocols beyond recovery. It can securely wipe all drives before you decide to sell, give away or recycle your PC.

It is a very handy feature to restore your drives in case of virus or spyware damage. Drive Scrubber can wipe PC drives, flash drives, memory sticks, cameras, and more.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: Interface & Ease of Use 

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Interface

The interface is neat and clean with minimum distractions. All the important functions are placed on the left side panel. Upon startup, you arrive on the Dashboard & every tool has a separate dashboard of its own. The Dashboard shows you a complete summary of your system health for that function.

The Toolbox panel on the left hosts all the functions, and clicking on each of them expands them further into sub-tools for easy access.

Every tool & feature is easy to locate and use, almost within less than three clicks. All in all, Ultimate Defense is very easy to use and suited for beginner and advanced users.

With the latest update, the earlier interface is further simplified and is cleaner to the eye. The new interface has moved some functions around to make them even easier to access & use.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: Functionality

In this section I will go through the functions you can perform with Ultimate Defense.

System Mechanic for PC Optimization

System Optimization in Progress

System Mechanic is the first tool on the side panel of the toolbar. Here you find a wide range of optimization tools to maintain your PC at peak performance. It is done by removing junk files, defragmenting drives, or optimizing RAM usage & more.


It has a variety of tools to tune up your PC. The various tools under the Toolbox are Clean, Speed Up, Protect, Recover & Manage. The Clean option includes cleanup tools to clean redundant files from your Windows Registry, Windows temporary files, clean junk files & even remove unwanted files and programs.

Speed Up

This option analyzes browsers, networks & processes for any unwanted apps that slow down your system performance. You can choose to defragment RAM & HDD, Re-align programs on your disk for superior performance & optimize programs at startup for faster booting times.


Through this module the entire process of PC tuning is automated by System Mechanic. It runs in the background to make sure your system is always working at its best.


This feature hosts two options, Real-Time Boost & On-Demand Boost. According to your PC needs, these options help you choose the best combination of PowerSense Modes for the best performance possible.

Privacy Guardian for Privacy Protection

Privacy protection in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

Privacy Guardian has tools that safeguard your online identity & ensure you get complete privacy when browsing online.

Fingerprinting protection stops browser agents from spying on your online browsing habits. Privacy Shield blocks access to detailed Windows features that share your Wi-Fi connection with your contacts to collect personal information. You can also use a completely secured private browser, so you wouldn't have to share any of your search history with the search engines you normally use.

Privacy Guardian can also be completely automated through the 'ActiveCare' function.

Malware Killer for Malware Protection

Malware Protection in System Mechanic Ultimate

Malware Killer is a special cloud-based tool that scans your entire system for any Malware infections. Upon malware detection, you can choose actions like removing the infected item or quarantine them to purge later. With the help of AI technology, iolo's anti-malware tool can even detect infections that are yet to be recognized globally.

System Shield for Real-Time Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Protection on SMUD

System Shield is a full-fledged antivirus software from iolo. It works almost like an independent antivirus app that scans for threats in real-time. Moreover, it can auto-update its database & warn you in case any threats are detected on your system.

ByePass for Password Management

At the forefront, ByePass is your go-to password manager. It helps you generate and manage various passwords that you require to log in to multiple sites & accounts online.

It does this through local encryption of all your passwords & sensitive data like credit card information. You wouldn't need to manually enter any password or bank details on any browsers; instead, ByePass will help you generate and enter passwords securely on any of these sites.

ByePass needs to be installed on browsers as a plug-in before you can start using it. It is supported on all leading browsers available.

Search and Recover

Recover lost files

With the Search & Recover tool, you can easily scan a specific folder on your system, a removable media, or your entire hard drive for accidentally deleted data & recover that on a new location.

Under Search & Recover, you can enable the 'SmartScan' feature. It eliminates irrelevant & unnecessary files from searching, making the search process faster & easier.

Similarly, by enabling the 'StrongScan' feature, then System Mechanic will perform an in-depth sector level search & reassemble deleted data to recover some hard-to-recover deleted files.

Drive Scrubber

Wipe Drives

Using Drive Scrubber, you can permanently erase every byte of data beyond recovery from any drive on which Windows isn't installed.

Drive Scrubber uses Military-grade drive wiping technology. You can use it to erase data off your hard drives or any removable media like memory sticks or cameras.

Suppose you want to erase the entire drive, including the installed operating system. In that case, you can create a bootable USB drive to create a boot disk & erase the entire system drive, including the operating system.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review: How good is the Software Support?

The official iolo website has a lot of support options for the System Mechanic app. The website's support page has two options, free basic support and paid premium support. You can also reach out to the support team through the Live Chat Support window by providing your email ID & name.

You can also check for new updates to Ultimate Defense through the Help option from within the app. There are also many self-help options on the website consisting of guides, FAQs, and more. It is mostly sufficient for most of the common issues that users face.

I felt that the chat support is a bit inefficient with complex issues. Support was more focused on upselling other products than understanding or helping with the real issue.

What is the difference between System Mechanic Pro and System Mechanic Ultimate Defense?

Apart from getting all the advanced features of System Mechanic Pro, the Ultimate Defense version has some exclusive features.

  1. The Privacy Guardian protects your Online privacy. 
  2. The ByePass feature takes control of your online security by managing all your passwords.
  3. With artificial Intelligence technology, Malware Killer, protects your system against all kinds of Malware threats.

Is iolo System Mechanic better than CCleaner?

Both optimization tools have many excellent features in common. Compared to CCleaner, System Mechanic has additional features like Antivirus Protection and Firewall Monitoring features.

However, some CCleaner features like Registry Backup and Software Updater are missing in System Mechanic. The features of CCleaner are mentioned in detail in this CCleaner Pro Review.

Also, iolo System Mechanic is available for Windows PCs only, and CCleaner is available for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Is iolo System Mechanic better than Advanced SystemCare?

Compared to Advanced SystemCare, iolo System Mechanic provides antivirus protection features. iolo's Ultimate Defense program protects your system from malware.

Advanced SystemCare has features like Registry Backup and Software Updater, which are missing in System Mechanic. Read our Advanced SystemCare Pro Review to know more.

On the other hand, you can install System Mechanic on as many PCs in your household Whereas you can install advanced SystemCare on 3 PCs only.

Is iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense any good?

There is no doubt that Ultimate Defense is a worthy investment. The additional features that build upon the base of System Mechanic ensure your Privacy & Security in 360 degrees.

In other words, I would recommend Ultimate Defense from iolo as your one-stop tuning & security software.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate Defense: Frequently Asked Questions

Is System Mechanic a virus?

No. iolo System Mechanic is not a virus. It is an all-in-one PC optimization and security software.

Is System Mechanic Ultimate Defense free?

No. The program is not available for free. However, you can download the free trial, and if you find it useful, go ahead with the purchase decision.

How to contact iolo Customer Support representative?

You can contact iolo customer support on their official website. Alternatively, you can directly visit their support page.


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