Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Protect Windows 10?

Since Windows 8, OS comes pre-installed with an antivirus solution. It is called as Windows Defender which is actually an updated version of Microsoft Security Essentials which was actually offered for Windows 7. This arises question whether it is enough to provide strong protection shield against viruses on Windows 10 too?

If you were to believe AV Test ratings, then it's a big NO.

Windows Defender scored just 0.5 out of 6 which clearly suggests, you should move on.

Geeks and few advanced users may argue that it is good enough for Windows 10 but then it will be foolish to decide based on their opinions. Reason is that they aren’t saying their computer was attacked by malware because their Antivirus program didn’t tell them about it.

Malware programs are not always destructive (which is visible) but sometimes act as agents which pass on your data to hackers. These kind of viruses are dangerous which can cause identity theft and financial loss and the worst thing, you will never know about them sitting on computer.

Hence, a dedicated security solution preferably from a third party company specialized in this field is recommended.

What’s good about Windows Defender?

It runs out of the box- No need to install anything. You have an antivirus just after installing Windows 10.

Most importantly, it is completely free. By saying free, it’s 100% free of any nags, pop-ups and unnecessary programs which are present in most of free antivirus programs.

From usability point of view, it is perfect as nothing much to configure and it doesn’t interfere in working of other programs.

Truth still remains the same that it is far behind other antivirus products available for Windows 10.

Windows Defender might be enough for those who restrict themselves while browsing internet and use it for only updating their Facebook status. For most of us, involving in activities like viewing email attachments, trying and downloading software programs, shopping and online banking, etc should go for sophisticated antivirus solution.

Then, which is Best Antivirus for Windows 10?

One should not compromise when it comes to security and protection of computer. Selection of antivirus should be done on the basis of it’s protection score by individual lab tests. They suggest Bitdefender and Kaspersky as the best choice. Bitdefender is ranked as #1 consistently for the fourth year and it has a reputable name in Security industry.

Bitdefender (5.9)
Kaspersky (5.8)
Norton (5.6)
McAfee (5.6)

Best Protection Against Infections (on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the highest protection)Overall Score.
January 2011 - Oct 2015. AV TEST.

Even Bitdefender has several options when it comes to purchasing so go through comparison of Bitdefender Total Security vs Internet Security vs Antivirus Plus before purchasing.

You can refer to top 5 antivirus for Windows 10 as mentioned below:

#1 Award















What if you install another Antivirus?

Windows 10 will automatically disable Windows Defender if you install another anti-malware program. It won’t continue performing real-time scans, so it won’t interfere with your other antivirus.

Try to open the Windows Defender settings pane with another antivirus installed and you’ll find every option grayed out. Click the “Use Windows Defender” link and you’ll be informed Windows Defender has been disabled. Windows Defender will pop-up and say “This app has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer.”

If you uninstall the other antivirus, Windows Defender will kick into gear once again and take over, providing antivirus protection.

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7 thoughts on “Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Protect Windows 10?”

  1. I used to use Bitdefender but then it started getting bloated, demanding, and annoying so I stopped using it (2012 version). There were constant warnings, etc. and it drove me up the wall. Bitdefender was great until they started adding a lot of unnecessary items to it like a wallet, etc. I called their customer service and they told me the constant warnings were to protect me. If your security software is a constant annoyance, why have it?

    I went back to Kaspersky and that is where I plan to stay. Kaspersky has been around for a long time and they have a great track record. I have it on my Android phone as well. I do not download pirated or dangerous applications but many people have been hit by flyby malware just browsing the web. Remember the one that claimed to be the FBI and highjacked people’s computers? My daughter got hit with that one.

    How sad to see Java labeled as dangerous. I’ve removed it from my machine but then discovered that some very reputable web sites could not accessed without it so it’s still on my machine. No problems so far anyway. BTW Kaspersky lets us download their latest version as long as the subscription is valid. My version was having issues with Windows 10 but their latest (2016 edition) works perfectly.

  2. What I have found out with windows defender, being light on windows 10,system. Perhaps it’s the way one surf’s the web, the tests that are being done, are hardly realistic. M.dougherty, 3/29/2016.

  3. Just to add a bit on best choice, After using Bit Defender for 2 years without any problems ,I opted this time to go for the Total Security package. Firstly the download went well , the company support was excellent, and I would not be without all the features that this package has. although I do not use the wallet. The security has been great and the Tools available have proved their worth many times. I did use Kapersky at an earlier time but gave it away as it was such a resource hog that my computer( a desk top ) felt like it was running on one cylinder instead of 6.
    Yes , all Security software does have their inconsistencies and Bit Defender does have a couple of very minor niggles IMO, However I accept them for gain of having a excellent trustworthy program.

    • I agree with you completely Noel.
      With the advent of Photon technology, the impact on Computer’s performance has been reduced consistently.
      Minor niggles you are pointing out may be its compatibility issues with some applications but in recent days, they have been fixed. Looks like company is listening :)

  4. One annoying thing about Windows Defender is its tendency to cause system slowdown when opening a folder full of exe files. I am currently thinking of switching to Bitdefender or Kaspersky whichever is lighter on system.

  5. The problem is finding a reliable pure AV product like MSE. Unfortunately, a lot of the mainstream alternative are loaded up with extra security ‘junkware’ that in turn cause other issues and complications.

    Most users don’t actually need an extra firewall/browser security/password locker/secure cloud storage/network protection/child protection/safe search etc. etc.

    • I agree with you completely so if extra features are problem, then you can opt for basic product line (Antivirus only) instead of Total security or Internet Security.
      Also, though you called them junk, I don’t think they will take much space on your computer… moreover you always have an option to disable / opt for not using it.


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