Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: All-in-one Audio / Video Editor

We are nearing the end of 2020. Not exaggerating, but it is going to be the video age. It is here to stay, and it's not me but the stats that follow say so.

According to Hubspot, 72% of customers would learn about a product or service through video rather than image or text. Taking cues from this research, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, 63% in the last year. Not only that, as per Cisco, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is a staggering 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Are you using this engaging medium to communicate with your audience? Are you effectively utilizing tools that can help you make more engaging, professional-looking, and informative videos? Good quality production no longer remains for the professionals; even amateurs can now make awesome video footage with effective tools.

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review

Today we take a look at the Movavi Video Suite review. One such tool that can make your video creation & editing journey very easy. Movavi has just launched their latest Video Suite 2021. Since 2004, Movavi is known for creating powerful software for content creators to create, edit, share & enhance their content.

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Quick Look

Movavi Video Suite review box


  • Supports Windows 7 & above
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Lot of premium features
  • Inbuilt Training Module
  • 4K Rendering


  • Lacks some features
  • Can get a little slow when rendering heavy files
  • Does not support H.265



USD 79.95






The Movavi video suite 2021 is an all-in-one tool. It is a video maker: editor, convertor, screen recorder, and much more. Hence, it perfectly complements remote work and distance education.

Movavi Video Suite: Key Features


  • Editor
  • Converter
  • Computer screen recorder
  • Capture from VHS, Cameras & TV
  • Spit Video
  • Player

Additional downloadable features:

  • Record Video Games
  • Movavi 360 Video Editor


  • Audio converter
  • Sound recorder
  • Music Player

Additional downloadable features:

  • Audio CD Burner


  • Convert Images
  • Create Slideshows

Additional downloadable features:

  • Editor
  • Manager
  • Focus
  • DeNoise


  • Import AVCHD

Additional downloadable features:

  • Burn Disc
  • Burn Image to Disc
  • Copy Disc to Disc
  • Copy Disc to Hard Drive
  • PDF Editor

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Download & Installation

The download & installation is pretty straight forward and simple to follow. From the official Movavi site, download the installation file. Once downloaded, you can double click on it for installation. It takes under a minute to install. The Video Suite is available for Windows. Also, it is compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit systems, according to your Windows edition.

It is available for Windows 7/8/10. The interface is available in 14 international languages. Usually, it requires 830 MB for installation and 2 GB RAM for operations.

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Pricing Structure

At this moment, Movavi offers its video suite 2021 at a price point of USD 79.95. There is also an optional offer to opt-in for a download insurance service, which can help you download your installation files for up to 2 years after purchasing the product.

We do not recommend taking the download insurance to always download the files from the official website. Hence, save your money! On that note, you can also check out Movavi Video Suite Coupons and get great discounts.

Movavi Video Suite 2021: What's New?

The upgraded version of Movavi Video Suite 2021 has the following upgrades from its previous 2020 version.


Video Suite 2020

Video Suite 2021

High-Resolution Preview Mode






Free Clips Movement



Audio Recording



Webcam Recording Tool



Widget management



Selecting Files for Conversion



Media Library



Mobile Companion



Video Suite Community



Movavi Account



Timeline Scaling



Apart from these, the feature list remains the same as in the 2020 version.

Movavi Video Suite 2021: User Interface Review

Movavi Video Suite Review Interface

Upon start-up, you land upon the home screen of Movavi Video Suite 2021. The default view is for the favorite apps screen.

The main interface is divided into three sections:

  • Features: This section holds all the main tools, favorites, and extras column.
  • Favorites: Favorites section has all your favorite tools from within the video suite.
  • Spotlight: This segment highlights the latest news around video production, helpful tutorials, and interesting articles centered around content creation.

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Functionality

Movavi Video Editor 2021 review

Edit Video

The edit video feature is one of the simplest forms of video editing available today. Also, you can access it through the main feature window on the left panel under the video. Once you click on the new project tab, a new window launches where you can start editing your video.

You get access to all the tools you would require to clip, mask, and insert audio & text onto your videos on the editor. You will have to import the videos through the 'import media' option, and it will get saved under the media bin tab. Also, all other media forms that you import externally are placed under the media bin for easy accessibility.

Multi-Layered Timeline

There is a timeline on the bottom where you can see and edit the clips' timelines, including audio, video, and more. The timeline is divided into three parts:

  1. Titles track
  2. Videos track
  3. Audio track

It is as easy as drag & drop. Anything that you want to edit should be dragged and dropped into the respective timeline track. If you are new to Layered Timeline, you will need to give it some time to understand the concept. Hence, with a grip on the layered editing, you can create detailed videos with ease.

Assets Management

Individual assets can also be modified through the properties tab to adjust their specific properties like volume, equalizers, beat recognition, and more for audio clips. Similarly, you can adjust contrast, filters, and more for videos. There is an easy option to clip excess assets as per requirement and delete with one click.

You can also add filters, transitions between videos for smooth movements, titles for text overlays, and stickers for added value. All these options come with presets that you can easily access through the preset tab.

The More Tools tab has options for advanced video and audio editing options.

Video Editor options:

Movavi Video Editor options
  • Color adjustments
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Overlay
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Stabilization
  • Animation
  • Highlight & Conceal
  • Chroma Key
  • Scene detection
  • Logo
  • Slow Motion

Audio Editing options:

Movavi Video Editor Audio Options
  • Synchronization
  • Equalizer
  • Noise Removal
  • Audio Effects
  • Beat Detection

After all the edits are done, you can export the video to your desired format if you want to save them to your system. However, with the export button on the top of the toolbar, you also get options to directly upload your videos to YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo at a click of a button.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Video Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Video options

Convert Video

This feature converts video to different formats. It also converts audio and images to other supported formats. It is the universal "Converter" available for all formats in the video suite. Movavi Video Suite integrates Movavi Video Converter. If you wish to look at other options, check our WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro review.

movavi video converter

The best feature here is an option where you can simply plug in your portable device like a smartphone/tablet/iPad, and Movavi will auto-detect the best suitable supported format for that device.

The conversion function is also straightforward and easy to use. You can drag & drop any type of media file into the window and choose the available output format for that file. You get options to convert videos, audio, images, and even select devices. There is an additional option of converting a DVD as well.

Screen Recorder

The screen recorder is a neat and simple tool for basic users to advanced users alike. Once you launch the tool, it starts up on the right side of your screen. You get options to capture your screen or video record it. Recording your screen starts with selecting the area of the screen you want to record, and once complete, you can stop the same. Once you stop the recording, you get the option to edit that video and save it to your drive.

Movavi Video Converter review

You also get options to record your webcam feed/system sound/mic to render an mp3 file. You also get a scheduler that can set automatic tasks for capturing & saving your screen.

Split Video

Movavi Video Split

When you edit a video or produce the final version, the handiest tool will be the Split Video tool. This tool easily allows you to split your video as you want it at that exact time.

You also get options to mark clip beginning and end for easy recognition. Another option is to delete the in-between clips not required in your final version. You can also invert the selected clipped videos for easy rendering on the final version.

Once satisfied with your editing, you can save every separate clip or save the entire collection as a single video.

Watch Video

It is a Player where you get options to watch videos supported in a lot of formats.

Record Video Games

Movavi Gecata

This feature is also separately available from Movavi under the brand Gecata. It allows you to easily record, save, and stream your video games while taking your headshots or planning your game strategies. It is a simple interface that will enable you to record your game, live stream it for your audience, or take screenshots. You can also toggle between video games or your desktop to record the screen.

You can select your streaming partner and enter the authentication key to start streaming right away in the streaming tab. If you want to record while streaming, you also get an option to do that.

Movavi also helps you with key parameters on your screen, which let you know how much disk space is left, resolution & what is the size of the file you are recording, naming a few.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Audio Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Audio section

Convert Audio

This option launches the same window that we saw in the convert video option. It is the same multi-format converter to convert audio, video, and images.

Record Sound

Here you get options to professionally record sound from your system or any external sources like a mic attached. You can save, edit, and convert the input file easily and save or distribute it instantly.

Burn Audio to CD

There are options to easily select and write that audio on a CD/DVD instantly. You can choose out of many input and output formats to burn on the CD/DVD.

 Play Music

It is a simple music player to play music from your choice of input.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Photo Section Features

Movavi Photo Editing Section

Convert Images

Again, this multi-purpose converter can convert images, audio, and video to different output formats.

Create Slideshows

Here you can easily create dynamic video slideshows by selecting different images and combining them into video files. You get options to put out titles or music on your videos. There are many options to select transitions between different images to move from one slide to another smoothly.

Once done, you can export them to your desired video format for easy sharing.

Note: The sections below are available in Movavi Video Suite as optional add-ons. If you like them, you have to purchase them separately.

Photo Editor

It is an excellent and near-professional photo editing tool for basic photo retouching and editing purposes. You get many tools for adjusting the photo properties like sharpness, contrast, white balance, and more on the interface.

Besides, additional tools for enhancing your photo like adding frames, making a collage, resizing, rotating, restoring, adding text, removing objects, and more are available on the toolbar.

Apart from the basic editing tools, I found these three special functions worth mentioning:


This tool can literally help you if you have brought in an image and are not satisfied with how the model in the photo turned out at the last moment. Using this tool, you can retouch the skin, hair, tone, make-up, and even add a layer of foundation to the skin. It is a wonderful tool to use for fashion photographers.

Object Removal:

This is one of the best tools I have seen for quite a while now.

Ever had a beautiful beach photo, and when you go on to check it out, you find a photo bomber behind you. Ahh. That's frustrating, right? Movavi Photo editor comes to your rescue here.

The object removal tool is as simple as selecting the object with the paintbrush and click on erase. THAT'S IT. As simple as that. The AI automatically checks for the surrounding pixels and uses them to re-surface your image as if there wasn't anyone ever there.

Change Background:

This is also an excellent tool. If you want to cleanly remove your objects' backgrounds and replace them with a neatly selected background, this is the tool. You just need to choose the image foreground, click on erase, and select a solid color or background to replace it. 

Photo Manager

The photo manager is a simple photo managing app for your entire photo collection. This app lets you keep your photos in a neatly arranged manner so that you can retrieve them easily whenever you want them.

The gallery gives you options to sort your photos in individual albums. You also get an option to tag them as favorites, tag people, and an ability to geo-tag them as well.

What makes this feature an interesting one is that the app can "see" and group people's faces. Once you name these faces, you can simply type in their names in the search bar, and the app will find out all the albums & photos that feature that person's face.

Apart from people, you can also tag your photos according to the ambiance or moment. There are options to tag a photo as a Landscape, Hobby, Travel, or Family. Apart from these default choices, you can also create your own custom tags. Hence, this gives you an ability to search for photos with particular search criteria.

Photo Focus

This feature helps you to create a blurred effect around your main focus in the image. It works similar to the latest Bokeh effect on a smartphone. There are various options to choose from in the presets for focus options like – Portrait, Nature, Architecture, and Macro to choose from.

You can choose from a list of preset focus options like Classic, Bokeh, Heart Bokeh, Star Bokeh & Triangle Bokeh.

You can still make changes individually and tweak every setting in the selected image blur pattern among all of these presets. Apart from these, there is a 'free focus' option for complete control of every individual setting.

Moreover, you can also rotate, crop & resize the images from this window.

Photo DeNoise

The photo DeNoise option helps you smoothen out some photos, which might feel grainy due to the lack of adequate lighting. There are presets as well as custom controls to help you smoothen out images easily and efficiently.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Data Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Data Section

In the data option, we get options to import AVCHD data that is typically a format used by HD camcorders and cameras. With this option, you can bring in the data to your device and save it right away.

PDF Editor

If you have to add or delete matter from a PDF file or simply make small changes in it, the PDF editor is a convenient tool.

In the PDF editor interface, you get options to create a PDF altogether from scratch by adding images, text, and even your signature.

You can then edit or modify a PDF file & combine several files into one PDF file. There's also an option where you can convert files to & from PDF to other formats. For instance, you can convert any PDF file into Word, EPUB, JPG, PNG, HTML, etc.

CD Burning

You also get many CD Burning options, including image to disc, copy disc to disc, and copying a disc to your hard drive.

Movavi Video Suite Library Section

Movavi video suite library

Just alongside the applications tab on the main app's home screen, you will find the Library tab. In the Library tab, you will find all the assets you have worked upon categorized in their respective formats. Images, Audio, and Videos are all sorted as per their category for easy access later on if required.

Mobile Companion

Mobile Companion is a new feature in the Video Suite 2021 version. The Mobile Companion helps you transfer all the files to the media library without any physical transfer wires.

Application Settings & More

Most of the settings in the Movavi Video Suite 2021 can be changed and tweaked as per individual customer needs. Apart from that, the program itself runs on 'preference-based adaptation.' It means that the program studies and adapts itself with the best possible layout of options in line with your regular usage and personal preferences.

Upon start-up, the app also asks you your main purpose for using Movavi Video Suite 2021. If you chose out the options presented to you, the app adjusts its preferences to the best of your requirement.

Technical Support

Reaching support is relatively very easy for Movavi Video Suite 2021. You can take the first approach from the app itself. You have the option to contact support on the right top corner of the main application screen. Upon clicking, you are redirected to a webpage where you can fill out all the details of the issue you are facing and raise a ticket. The team will get back to you for more information.

Besides, there is also a support center dedicated to the website of Movavi. You can find many helpful resources through videos, FAQ section, how-to guides, user manuals, upgrades, lost key recovery, and more.

Can you not find the answers you need? No worries, you can submit a manual request to the help team, and they will get back to you.

If you prefer to reach out to and seek help or inspiration from your fellow community members, you can now interact with them on the Movavi Community tab in the extras segment. It is also a new addition in the Movavi Video Suite 2021. Here you get options to post your content, ask questions, seek support, and much more.

Movavi Video Suite Extras

At the bottom of the home screen, you can find a tab called extras. There are some additional resources on this tab.

Stock Content

Here you can browse through stock content that you might find helpful for your projects. You can buy videos, images, and audio from the stock content tab.


You can also browse through Movavi's other applications that you might want to try and purchase.

Online Courses

You can access a host of different courses to enhance your knowledge and train you effectively using content creation tools. Paid and free courses are available on many topics surrounding better content creation on the Online courses tab.

Most of the features under the Extras tab are paid. 

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Editing Performance

For Performance testing, we will use a Windows 10 64 Bit system. The system specifications are Intel i7, 32 GB RAM, and Nvidia RTX 2060. Keeping the hardware specs in mind, we will export our sample video in 4K (3840x2160) resolution and with the best quality settings. Also, we will keep the video preview quality high to push the editor to the maximum limits.

Movavi Video Suite review: Editor Demo

So, in this scenario, we check the resource consumption while editing and rendering the video. While editing and placing videos and audio on the timeline, the Memory consumption was about 1 GB with varying CPU usage. It depends on how many elements we are placing on the timeline. We did not notice any lags in the high-quality preview.

Once our video editing was done, we proceed to export the video. Movavi Video Suite uses Intel, Nvidia, and AMD graphics acceleration. Hence, the rendering process should also use the available GPU power. Using GPU acceleration not only speeds up rendering but also reduces the load on your CPU.

Rendering CPU - RAM - Disk Usage

Movavi Video Suite review: CPU & Memory usage

While rendering a project in 4K, the primary CPU spiked up to 15%. Memory usage went up to 2.7 GB and remained around this zone. We also notice the disk being used while Movavi was processing and saving the video.

Rendering GPU Usage

Movavi Video Suite Review: GPU Usage

Coming to the Graphics Accelerated part. Here we see that Movavi is efficiently using the GPU and dedicated resources. Hence, the load is lower on the primary CPU as we see in the CPU screenshot.

Performance Conclusion

In our demo project, we did not find any issues with the basic behavior of the application. The editing live preview works perfectly and the overall interface is lag Free. However, looking at the Memory consumption trends, the more details you add to your timeline, it will affect your performance slowly. Especially on devices on low physical memory (RAM), the experience will be different while creating complicated project.

On lower end devices, you should keep the live preview to low quality. Also, an important point to note is that the render time depends on the complexity of your project and the hardware specifications of your system. For a moderately complex project, it took Movavi Video Suite neatly 24 minutes to render it to 4 minutes video.

In our case, we faced an issue. We had to cancel the 4K render process once and the application got stuck. We had to force stop the application and start with a fresh instance. However, Movavi restored the project, so we did not lose and work.

Movavi Video Suite 2021 Review: Is it worth your money?

Short answer: Yes

Anyone who wants to enter video production & editing space will find this application worth their time and money. Getting almost all the features you will ever need when you are starting on your content journey at this price point is a great deal.

Advanced users may find that this app misses out on certain technical features, but the main aim of Movavi is to create apps that appeal to low-to-medium users who are low on budget.

During this Movavi Video Suite review we also found that it does not support H.265 encoding. Missing this encoder can be a deal breaker. Hence, if you desperately need H.265 encoding, Movavi is not the one for you.


Are you an amateur videographer or content creator who wants a budget-friendly but feature-packed multimedia editor? If your answer is "Yes," Movavi Video Suite is an all in one application just for you. Go for it.

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