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Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: All-in-one Audio / Video Editor

Are you using video content to communicate with your audience? Are you effectively looking for effective tools that can help you make more engaging, professional-looking, and informative videos?
Good quality production no longer remains for the professionals; even amateurs can now make awesome video footage with effective tools.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review

Today, we take a look at the Movavi Video Suite review. This tool can make your video creation & editing journey very easy. Movavi has just launched its latest Video Suite 2023. Since 2004, Movavi has created powerful software for content creators to create, edit, share & enhance their content.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: Quick Look

Movavi Video Suite Box


  • Supports Windows 7 & above
  • Extremely easy to use
  • A lot of premium features
  • Inbuilt training module
  • 4K Rendering


  • Lacks some features
  • It can get a little slow when rendering heavy files
  • It does not support H.265



USD 99.95

Supported Platforms: Windows, OSX









The Movavi Video Suite 2023 is an all-in-one tool. It is a video maker: editor, converter, screen recorder, and much more. Hence, it perfectly complements remote work and distance education.

Movavi Video Suite: Key Features


  • Editor
  • Converter
  • Computer screen recorder
  • Capture from VHS, Cameras & TV
  • Split video
  • Watch video
  • AI Upscaling


  • Audio converter
  • Sound recorder
  • Music Player


  • Convert Images
  • Create Slideshows


  • Import AVCHD
  • Burn Disc
  • Burn Image to Disc
  • Copy Disc to Disc
  • Copy Disc to Hard Drive

You can read my in-depth Movavi Video Editor Review to know more about the Video Editing features.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: Download & Installation

The download & installation is pretty straightforward to follow. From the official Movavi site, download the installation file. Once downloaded, you can double-click on it for installation. It takes under a minute to install. Also, it is compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit versions of Windows.

It is available for Windows 7/8/10/11. The interface is available in 14 international languages. Usually, it requires 628 MB for installation and 2 GB RAM for operations.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: Pricing Structure

At this moment, Movavi offers its Video Suite 2023 at a price point of USD 99.95. There is also an optional offer to opt-in for a download insurance service, which can help you download your installation files for up to 2 years after purchasing the product. 

We do not recommend taking the download insurance to always download the files from the official website. Hence, save your money! On that note, you can also check out Movavi Video Suite Coupons and get great discounts.

Movavi Video Suite 2023: What's New?

The upgraded version of Movavi Video Suite 2023 has the following upgrades from its previous versions.


Video Suite 2021

Video Suite 2022

Video Suite 2023

New Interface with Dark & Light Themes




Personalized Recommendations




Cloud Transfer




Live Chat Support


Yes (For Paid Users)

Yes (For Paid Users)





Movavi Account




AI Background Removal




AI Noise Removal




Direct Upload to Tiktok




AI Upscaling


Yes (4K)

Yes (8K)

Apart from these, the feature list remains the same as in the 2022 version.

Movavi Video Suite 2023: User Interface Review

Interface of Movavi Video Suite

Movavi's applications are known for their brilliant beginner-friendly user interface, and Movavi Video Suite is no different. The interface of Movavi Video Suite 2023 is the same as the previous version, with dark and light themes.

When you first launch Movavi Video Suite 2023, it asks for your interests which we will have to fill up. Based on those interests, it will give personalized recommendations on programs, effects, and online courses that will be useful in the long run.

The default view is for the Favorite apps screen under My programs. The Favorites section holds all your favorite programs from within the suite. You can even add a new feature from Video, Audio, Photo, and Data sections.

On the left side of the home screen, you will find all the essential modules vertically aligned.

  • My programs: This section has five tabs, namely the Favorites, Video, Audio, Photo, and Data sections.
  • My files: Here, all the assets you have worked on are categorized in their respective formats. Images, Audio, and Videos are all sorted as per their category for easy access later if required. You can also add new files here.
  • Store: The Store section includes Programs, Sets, Effects, Stock Content, and Online Courses.
  • Extras: The extras segment includes Movavi Video Suite Community. It was a new addition to the Movavi Video Suite 2021.

The top section highlights the latest news around video production, helpful tutorials, and interesting articles centered around content creation. The bottom section holds the list of your frequent projects to access whenever you want.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: Functionality

Multi-Layered Timeline

Movavi Video Editor 2023 Interface

There is a timeline on the bottom where you can see and edit the clips' timelines, including audio, video, and more. The timeline is divided into three parts:

  1. Titles track
  2. Videos track
  3. Audio track

It is as easy as drag & drop. Anything that you want to edit should be dragged and dropped into the respective timeline track.

Note: Similar to other professional video editing applications, you can add multiple titles, videos, and audio tracks to the timeline.  If you are new to Layered Timelines, you must give it time to understand the concept. Hence, with a grip on layered editing, you can create detailed videos with ease.

Assets Management

You can also modify individual assets through the Clip properties tab to adjust their specific properties like Volume, Equalizers, Beat recognition, and more for audio clips. Similarly, you can adjust contrast, filters, and more for videos. There is an easy option to clip excess assets and delete them with one click.

You can also add filters, transitions between videos for smooth movements, titles for text overlays, and stickers for added value. All these options come with presets you can easily access through the preset tab.

The 2023 version includes AI-based features like AI Background removal, AI Noise removal, and AI-based Motion tracking.

The More Tools tab has options for advanced video and audio editing options.

Video Editor options

Video editing tools in Movavi
  • Color adjustments
  • Crop & Rotate
  • Position
  • Pan & Zoom
  • Stabilization
  • Animation
  • Highlight & Conceal
  • Chroma Key
  • Background removal
  • Scene detection
  • Logo
  • Slow Motion

Audio Editing options

Audio editing tools in Movavi
  • Sound autocorrect
  • Noise gate
  • Compressor
  • Audio effects
  • Synchronization
  • Equalizer
  • AI Noise removal (New)
  • Audio Effects
  • Reverberation
  • Beat Detection

AI-based features

Movavi has introduced a few features based on AI in Movavi Video Editor for easy, neat, and quality processing of your video content.

AI Background removal

With the AI Background removal feature, you can remove clean backgrounds from a video and replace them with any background you like. In my review, it did a pretty impressive job.

Background removal using AI in Movavi

Note: It is advised to trim the clip of the clean background to a precise length before applying this feature. The trimming will ensure a somewhat accurate result. Otherwise, the process will remove unwanted backgrounds from a lengthy clip.

AI Motion Tracking

With the AI Motion Tracking feature, make elements, such as stickers and title texts, track any chosen subject from the video.

This feature works only with inbuilt objects.

AI Noise removal

With this feature, you can minimize all the background noises from videos and listen to the clear sounds of the subject. This feature is most effective during editing a Vlog, and so far, no complaints. It worked aptly during my review by minimizing the most cluttered background noises.


After all the edits are done, you can export the video to your desired format to save it to your system. However, with the export button on the top of the toolbar, you also get options to directly upload your videos to YouTube, Google Drive, Tiktok, or Vimeo at a click of a button.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Video Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Video section options

Edit Video

The Edit video feature is one of the simplest forms of video editing available today. Once you click on the New Project tab, a new window launches where you can edit your video.

Importing files in Movavi Video Editor

You get access to all the tools required to clip, mask, and insert audio & text onto your videos on the editor. You must import the videos through the 'File import' option, saved under the Project files tab. Also, all other media forms you import externally are placed under the Project files for easy accessibility.

Once you import your required files, you can edit by dragging and dropping the audio and video files into their preferred timeline track.

However, I felt a few things could be improved to make the editing process a little more convenient.

  • The program doesn't let you pre-trim the clips before putting them into the timeline. However, pressing Ctrl+B allows you to split a certain clip section inside the timeline.
  • The next feature was the absence of some prominent hotkeys such as In(I) and Out(O), Mark Clip (X), and Add Marker (M). However, you can find some hotkeys like Ctrl+O ( Add media files), Ctrl+F (Open project), Ctrl+R (Record Audio), Ctrl+D (Clone Clip), and others in the help menu.
  • Leaving a blank space in the video track is a feature that is present but is hard to navigate for beginners. You must click the small arrow next to the main track to leave a blank space in the video track. I was unaware of this function until the support assistant guided me.

These features would have given Movavi some added advantage over its competitors and a little enhanced user experience.

Video Enhancement

Enhancing Videos

Video enhancement is the part where all the magic happens. Once you are done with the formation of the clips on the timeline, you can start enhancing videos by adding effects and transitions. Movavi has a bundle of effects, transitions, and LUTs collection that you can purchase from the Movavi Effects Store. However, the inbuilt collections are enough for amateur and intermediate creators.


You can apply transitions on any clip to add cool graphical movement to your Videos. You can even set the transitional duration, a handy feature for amateur users. Also, you can preview the transitional effect in action in the preview screen and add multiple effects as required.

Filters, Overlays, and LUTs

You will find all these three modules under the Effects panel. Movavi has many useful filters for multiple occasions. However, there are only a few inbuilt overlay effects and LUTs.

Video Stabilization

You can minimize the shaky effect in your videos by applying video stabilization mode over a clip, which you will find in the More Tools section.

The feature worked quite well during my review. The feature stabilized my minimal wobbly video to a good amount that I didn't notice any shaky movements. However, the process works modestly, processing a major oscillated video footage.

Chroma key
Chroma key feature in Movavi Video Editor

Chroma key feature lets you remove the green screen background and add stunning special effects to your videos. This feature is located under the More Tools section. It allows manual controls such as Color, Tolerance, Noise, Edges, and Opacity.

Motion Tracking

Motion Tracking is another advanced feature you can apply to your videos. The feature is quite accurate but is limited to only inbuilt elements. You can make any objects like stickers or text track your preferred subject through Motion Tracking.


You can adjust the speed of your video clip by navigating to the Clip properties of the footage. You can increase your clip speed from 10% to 1000%. You can even apply the reversal effect. Finally, you can navigate to More Tools-->Slow motion and decrease your video footage speed to apply the Slow motion effect.

Convert Video

This feature converts video to different formats. It also converts audio and images to other supported formats. It is the universal "Converter" available for all formats in the Video Suite. Movavi Video Suite integrates Movavi Video Converter. If you wish to look at other options, check our WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro review.

Convert videos to different formats

The best feature here is an option where you can plug in your portable device like a smartphone/tablet/iPad, and Movavi will auto-detect the best suitable supported format for that device.

The conversion function is also easy to use. You can drag & drop any media file into the window and choose the available output format for that file. You can convert videos, audio, images, and even select devices. There is an additional option of converting a DVD as well.

Movavi Video Converter 2023 version includes an improved AI upscaling feature. It lets you change the video resolution to improve the video quality.

Screen Recorder

The Screen Recorder is a neat and simple tool for basic and advanced users. Once you launch the tool, it starts up on the right side of your screen. You get options to capture your screen or video record it. 

Recording your screen starts with selecting the area of the screen you want to record, and once complete, you can stop the same. Once you stop the recording, you can edit that video and save it to your drive.

Movavi Video Converter review

You can also record your webcam feed/system sound/mic to render an mp3 file. You also get a scheduler to set automatic tasks for capturing & saving your screen.

In the 2023 version, Movavi Screen Recorder introduced long scrolling screenshots and multiple shapes you can use during a recording session. Learn more in our full Movavi Screen Recorder review.

Split video

Movavi Video Split

Split Video is the handiest tool when editing or producing the final version. This tool allows you to split your Video as you want at that exact time.

You also get options to mark clip beginning and end for easy recognition. Another option is to delete the in-between clips not required in your final version. You can also invert the selected clipped videos for easy rendering on the final version.

Once you are satisfied with your editing, you can save every separate clip or the entire collection as a single video.

Watch video

It is a Player where you get options to watch videos supported in a lot of formats.

You can't play H.265 codec files through this media player. This codec is not supported in the program by default.

AI Upscaling

With this feature, you can improve the quality of your images and videos up to 8 times the original size using Artificial Intelligence. However, the recommended resolution for upscale is 1920x1080 or lower.

During my review, the feature performed close to my expectation by optimizing the video quality to the tiniest bit. You can only notice the difference during a comparison. I upscaled a 640p video of 4mins lengths to 8 times (5120 X 2880) which took around 15 minutes to process. The difference was only visible when I played both tracks beside each other in a synchronized manner.

AI Video Upscaling in Movavi
Impact on system performance

The Upscaling process took a heavy toll on my CPU and RAM usage. The process also impacted my browsing experience with Firefox by freezing all the tabs. I had to force-stop Firefox and restart the application.

Technically, it is recommended to upscale such videos at most 2x. It may increase the load on your hardware, which can result in crashing or other lags.

However, if you are keen on upscaling a very high-resolution video, in that case, updating graphic card drivers to the latest version is recommended. If it takes too many resources, you can close all other programs since it also requires a lot of RAM.

There should be no issues for smaller files, only that the larger the output, the more resources it would require to upscale.

Capture from cameras, VHS, and TV

This feature lets you record video through the camera attached to your Computer or Laptop. If you use multiple external webcams, you can choose between them. 

In the recording menu, you can select the microphone you want to use - once selected, it will also record the audio.

Create Quick Video

With Movavi's Slideshow Wizard, you can create quick videos without trimming them manually. You can start the instant movie-making process by adding transitions, music, titles, etc. Once done, you can save the video or continue editing the video in manual mode. You also get the option to upload and share the created video file through the available social media networks.

I would not recommend this feature for video compilation, as the end result will require some manual edits. However, you can use this feature for quick image compilation and slideshows.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Audio Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Audio options

Convert Audio

This option launches the same window that we saw in the convert video option. It is the same multi-format converter to convert audio, video, and images.

Record Sound

You can professionally record sound from your system or external sources like a mic here. Once done, save, edit, convert the input file, and save or distribute it instantly.

Burn Audio to CD

There are options to easily select and write that audio on a CD/DVD instantly. You can choose from many input and output formats to burn on the CD/DVD.

 Play Music

It is a simple music player to play music from your choice of input.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Photo Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Photo section options

Convert Images

This multi-purpose converter can convert images, audio, and video to different output formats. However, for image conversion, you can only convert your images into a few popular formats, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and other social media formats.

Create Slideshows

Here you can easily create dynamic video slideshows by selecting different images and combining them into video files. You get options to put out titles or music on your videos. There are many options to select transitions between different images to move from one slide to another smoothly.

Once done, you can export them to your desired video format for easy sharing.

Note: Converting images and creating slideshows is a part of Movavi Video Suite. Additional features like Movavi Photo Editor and Picverse Photo Editor for Mobile are optional add-ons. If you like them, you have to purchase them separately.

Movavi Video Suite Review: Data Section Features

Movavi Video Suite Data section options

We get options to import AVCHD data in the Data option, typically a format used by HD camcorders and cameras. With this option, you can bring the data to your device and save it right away.

CD Burning

You also get many CD Burning options, including image to disc, copy disc to disc, and copying a disc to your hard drive.

Mobile Companion

Mobile Companion was a new feature in the Video Suite 2021 version. The Mobile Companion helps you transfer all the files to the media library without any physical transfer wires.

Mobile Companion is still in development, so it may take time to become available to users.

Note: The Movavi Video Suite program includes Import AVCHD and ChiliBurner (Burn disc and everything with a similar icon). The Stellar Photo Recovery is a separate program that can be launched via Video Suite but purchased additionally.

Movavi Video Suite Store Section

Movavi Effects Sets

In the Store section, you will find tabs for Programs, Sets, Effects, Stock content, and Online Courses.

Most of the features under the Store tab are paid. 

Movavi Video Suite Extras

You can find an Extras tab at the bottom of the home screen. 


Suppose you prefer to reach out to and seek help or inspiration from your fellow community members. In that case, you can now interact with them on the Movavi Community tab in the extras segment. Here you get options to post your content, ask questions, seek support, and much more.

Application Settings & More

Most of the settings in the Movavi Video Suite 2023 can be changed and tweaked as per individual customer needs. Apart from that, the program itself runs on 'preference-based adaptation.' It means that the program studies and adapts itself with the best possible layout of options in line with your regular usage and personal preferences.

Upon start-up, the app also asks you your interest areas for using Movavi Video Suite 2023. If you choose the options presented, the app adjusts its preferences to the best of your requirement.

Technical Support

Reaching support is relatively very easy for Movavi Video Suite 2023. You can take the first approach from the app itself. You have the option to contact support on the right top corner of the main application screen. Upon clicking, you are redirected to a web page to fill out all the details of your issue and raise a ticket. The team will get back to you with more information.

Besides, there is also a support center dedicated to the website of Movavi. You can find many helpful resources through videos, FAQ sections, how-to guides, user manuals, upgrades, lost key recovery, and more.

Can you not find the answers you need? No worries, you can submit a manual request to the help team, and they will get back to you.

You can always enter the chat directly via the website if needed. You can enter chat directly from the program if you are a premium user of Movavi Video Suite.

Movavi Video Suite 2023 Review: Editing Performance

For my Movavi Video Suite review, I will use a Windows 10 64 Bit system. The system specifications are Intel i7, 32 GB RAM, and Nvidia RTX 2060. Keeping the hardware specs in mind, we will export our sample video in 4K (3840x2160) resolution with the best quality settings. Also, I will keep the video preview quality high to push the editor to the maximum limits.

Movavi Video Suite review: Editor Demo

So, in this scenario, I checked the resource consumption while editing and rendering the video. While editing and placing videos and audio on the timeline, the Memory consumption was about 1 GB with varying CPU usage. It depends on how many elements we are placing on the timeline. I did not notice any lags in the high-quality preview.

Once the video editing was complete, I proceeded to export the video. Movavi Video Suite uses Intel, Nvidia, and AMD graphics acceleration. Hence, the rendering process should also use the available GPU power. Using GPU acceleration not only speeds up rendering but also reduces the load on your CPU.

Rendering CPU - RAM - Disk Usage

Movavi Video Suite review: CPU & Memory usage

While rendering a project in 4K, the primary CPU spiked up to 15%. Memory usage went up to 2.7 GB and remained around this zone. I also noticed the disk being used while Movavi was processing and saving the video.

Rendering GPU Usage

Movavi Video Suite Review: GPU Usage

I am now coming to the Graphics Accelerated part. Here I see that Movavi is efficiently using the GPU and dedicated resources. Hence, the load is lower on the primary CPU, as we see in the CPU screenshot.

Performance Conclusion

In my demo project, I did not find any issues with the basic behavior of the application. The editing live preview works perfectly, and the overall interface is lag free. However, looking at the Memory consumption trends, the more details you add to your timeline, the more it will affect your performance slowly. Especially on devices with low physical memory (RAM), the experience will differ while creating complicated projects.

On lower-end devices, you should keep the live preview to low quality. Also, the render time depends on the complexity of your project and the hardware specifications of your system. It took Movavi Video Suite neatly 24 minutes to render a moderately complex project into 4 minutes video.

In my case, I faced an issue. I had to cancel the 4K render process once, and the application got stuck. I had to force-stop the application and start with a fresh instance. However, Movavi restored the project, so I did not lose work.

Movavi Video Suite: Best Alternatives

No doubt, Movavi Video Suite is a beginner-friendly, all-in-one multimedia suite. However, it is always good to have more options. Check out these alternatives here; we compare Movavi Video Suite with the other best video editing programs.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is fairly similar to Movavi. They both have intuitive, beginner-friendly user interfaces and editing layouts.

It gets an added advantage over Movavi by providing users with additional built-in effects and transitions. At the same time, it supports H.265 (HEVC) video format, whereas Movavi doesn't.

Filmora is a good choice for intermediate users. In contrast, Movavi is a perfect companion for beginner content creators. It is easy to use, cheaper and has a short learning curve compared to Filmora.


AVS4YOU is also a multimedia suite with a Video Editor, Video Converter, Audio Editor, Audio Converter, Image Converter, and much more.

It has a relatively outdated user interface and supports Windows PCs only. Compared to AVS4YOU, Movavi is affordable, has more advanced features, and supports Mac.

Both Movavi and AVS4YOU come with lifetime and 1-year subscription plans. However, with a single AVS4YOU lifetime license, you will receive free lifetime upgrades. A disadvantage is that you can use a single AVS4YOU license on only one computer. For using the program on another computer, a new purchase is required.

In Movavi, however, a lifetime license purchase means you will receive all minor upgrades to the current version of the program for a lifetime. You need to buy a new license for major version upgrades.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is yet another excellent beginner-friendly Movavi alternative. It has a fairly clean user interface and provides an adequate user experience. Compared to Movavi, it is highly priced for the features it provides.


Both iMovie and Movavi are multifunctional, user-friendly video editing programs. However, the former is only available for Mac and iOS devices. 

The best part about iMovie is that it is completely free. Compared to iMovie, Movavi has advanced features and supports Mac and Windows. 

Movavi Video Suite Review: Is it worth your money?

Short answer: Yes

Anyone who wants to enter the video production & editing space will find this application worth their time and money. Getting almost all the features you will ever need when starting your content journey at this price point is a great deal.

Advanced users may find that this app misses out on certain technical features, but the main aim of Movavi is to create apps that appeal to low-to-medium users who are low on budget.

During this Movavi Video Suite review, I also found that it does not support H.265 encoding. Missing this encoder can be a deal-breaker. Hence, if you desperately need H.265 encoding, Movavi is not for you.

Movavi Video Suite: Who is it for?

As an all-in-one program, Movavi Video Suite is a perfect go-to editing platform for amateur content creators. In this Suite, you get a Video editor, Audio editor, Screen recorder, and many more multimedia tools.

It has a very intuitive user interface packed with useful features, AI-based features, multilayered timeline settings, and much more. You have manual control over most features, providing creative freedom and making the process simple even without audio/video editing experience.

If you are looking for more robust editing features and manual controls over your videos, you can try Camtasia Studio or Adobe Premiere for the ultimate professional touch.


Are you an amateur videographer or content creator who wants a budget-friendly but feature-packed multimedia editor? If your answer is "Yes," Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one application just for you. Go for it.


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