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SuperTintin Review: Best Skype Recorder HD

SuperTintin is a popular name when it comes to Skype Call Recording. There are many Skype recording solutions available in market today for this purpose but how they work is entirely different. In this SuperTintin review article I will review each and every aspect.

I have been using a bunch of solutions till date to record my Skype Calls. These calls mostly include meetings and training sessions that I need to refer from time to time. I used to use any generic Screen recorder to perform the task.

Skype Recording Issues with a Regular Screen Video Recorder

supertintin review: box


  • Lightweight
  • HD audio recording
  • Two-way audio recording for calls
  • Auto call recording
  • Many video recording options


  • Lacks audio format selection
  • No watermark option present



USD 29.95

Supported Platforms: Windows

Ease of Use


HD Recording


Video Formats




A standard Desktop video Recording software comes with a internal system audio recorder. Hence it can record system audio without a problem. The inconvenience factor comes in as the software is just recording the screen. If you minimize Skype during the call, the video recording will show it minimized. This is a great disturbance considering you do not want to miss any part of the conversation.

Even if the Video Screen Recorder allow selective screen section recording, the option does not prove to be much helpful later on. Reason is, selective screen recording affects the overall resolution of the video and hence the quality.

The generic nature of the screen video recorder also acts up and makes the video very unprofessional. There are lot of elements and activities happening on your desktop and they are recorded too.


SuperTintin Review: The Recording Concept

SuperTintin works with a different approach. It is not a generic Screen recording software. The only purpose of SuperTintin is to record Skype videos. It directly captures the streaming data (audio & video) from Skype. This technique eliminates the need of screen recording as the recording is done internally.

SuperTintin Review: HD Skype Recording Features

You have plethora of recording options using SuperTintin. A notable feature with recordings is that you do not have to manually record each calls. If you intend to record all your calls, SuperTintin can do it for you, automatically. That’s a great feature considering you may forget to start recording manually. Recording Options Depending on your need there are a lot of options you can select from. In video recording section you have the following options:

  • Video Image Size: Select the output resolution of the video recording. This option deals with quality of the output video. The more you increase the quality more storage space will be required. The highest quality available is 720P.
  • Video Frame Rate: There are 2 options: High & Normal. Frame rate attributes to smoothness of the video playback.
  • Video Recording Mode: This is the most interesting section and allows you to select the format in which the recording will be done. For better understanding, I will go into details.

SuperTintin HD Video Recording Modes

This section is so interesting, it blew my mind. 

None Mode

This recording mode in SuperTintin does exactly what it says. It records audio only, without a video. It can come in quite handy when you want to record a conversation to share quickly over messenger or WhatsApp.

Picture in Picture Mode

SuperTintin: Picture in Picture mode

The picture in Picture mode, which is also the default SuperTintin Recording mode will capture your picture on a small box, and a full screen picture for the person on the other end of the line.

Side by Side Mode

skype video recorder: supertintin

This mode in SuperTintin let's you capture two equal sized videos for both the ends of the call. It can be great for a presentation, or a shared video collaboration also.

Local Webcam only

supertintin review: local recording screen

This recording mode lets you record only your end of the video without recording the other end. 

Remote Webcam Only

supertintin review: local webcam recording

Just like the local webcam recording, this option lets you record a vide for the other end of the call.

Separate Files

This recording mode combines the power of local and remote webcam mode, and records two separate files for each of the call ends.

HD Skype Recording Tweaks

Local Image position & Local Image Size These tweaks are primarily applied to Picture in Picture mode. It gives you more control on how your own video part appears on the final recording. You can also control the position and size of your Video Window. These options can be used as required.

In Side by Side mode, only Picture position (Left/Right) is available. These options fade out in other modes.

User friendly options to create custom format video recordings.

Audio Recording Options

Audio recording options are very basic. You can also select audio source to record. It can record two-way audio also providing you with the flexibility to choose one-way audio only.

SuperTintin Review: Interface

supertintin interface

The interface is simple and once you have customized the recording options, there is nothing else to do. Just hit the record button as you start the call that needs recording. Home screen shows the videos recorded in a list.

The best part with the interface is the categorization of recordings. You can directly navigate to audio streams, local and remote webcam only videos.

SuperTintin Review [Video Overview]

SuperTintin Review: Is it the best HD Skype Recorder?

Not exactly a negative point but I would love to have more audio recording options with an option to Watermark the Video. Watermarking can save time if we intend to directly publish a Skype meeting.

Is SuperTintin Worth Your Money?

At a Price of 29.95 USD it's the best you will get when Skype Call Recording is concerned. They also offer a 30 Days money back guarantee which gives you a tension free purchase experience. Hence, in my opinion SuperTintin is the best HD Skype recorder.

Is there something I missed in this SuperTintin Review? Do share your experience in the comment section.


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