Shipping Policy

All orders placed on Dealarious Store are fulfilled digitally via Email. There is No Physical shipment of any products. 

Once the payment is authorized, the Delivery is done automatically within 20 minutes to 4 hours (Usually much faster, just considering worst case scenario). Please be patient. In case you did not receive your license within the maximum mentioned response time, check Dealarious My Account section or Contact Us.

Where to Download the Software Application?

Dealarious only provides you with the subscription key to activate the software. You can always download the application from the official Manufacturer website as a free trial. Once you receive the subscription key, you can activate the trial version to the Pro / Full version.

For your convenience, we also include the official download link of the software. It is the same link as available on the Manufacturer website.

Return Policy

You can find more details on our Refund Policy Page.