Refund Policy

If 30 days (or days as mentioned on the product page) have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. However we will take any action required, if any issues arise with the License we Provided, even after the mentioned days.

We strongly suggest the use of Trial software before purchasing the software. It helps you to confirm whether you can install the software or not. Hence eliminating compatibility problems. Once confirmed you can activate the trial by just using the purchased license.


Our refund policy covers only technical problems that can't be solved during software installation. We don't offer refunds for product satisfaction, as we are a reseller. If you encounter technical issues while installing the product, please Contact Us immediately.

Keep in mind that the problem shouldn't be with your operating system, like a corrupt OS or missing updates that are essential for the software. This is why we suggest trying the trial version before buying. If our or the manufacturer's technical team can't help you to install the software you bought, we will give you a full refund.

Also, we fully guarantee the licenses we sell, covering their entire validity period. If you have any issues with a license, just let us know.

Full Refund Cases

Refund Request before product delivery / Purchased Wrong Product (License Unused)

When a customer places an order with us, an order confirmation Email is send to the customer’s registered Email ID. This Email also consists of the download links to the purchased product.

Final order delivery is done after some time ranging from 10 minutes to 5 hours Manually. Once we fulfill your order, you will receive completion email which consists of the Activation Keys to the purchased products.

If a customer places a Refund Request before the order is dispatched from our side, we will accept the request and cancel the order. No questions asked!

Note: In case the order is delivered, make sure that the license key is not used to activate the product. In this case, the request should be made within 12 hours from the time of purchase.

Not Able to Install the Application (License Unused)

If you are not able to install the software and the license key is unused, we will provide you will all Technical help guides to resolve the issue. If the problem is unsolvable we will issue a full refund.

Note: Make sure that you are able to install other programs.

Special Case: In case your PC is completely damaged with viruses, we suggest formatting the Operating System before installing Antivirus. If critical OS files are infected prior to installing an Antivirus, you system may get unstable due to removal of those files. This is an extreme case, if you are not facing such drastic situation an antivirus will always help.

On business days, we ensure that the problem is solved or refund is initiated within 24 Hours of receiving the Request.

License Key did not Activate the Product

In such case we offer replacement of product if Software product fails to activate or is invalid. This is a Genuine Guarantee for complete Validity of license.

Note: Dealarious is not responsible if provided license is blocked by the Manufacturer due to violation of their usage terms by the end user.

Non Acceptable Refund Requests Cases

Do not like the Software / Features not as Expected / System Slowdowns

As already mentioned, we do not provide Satisfaction Guarantee. After an order is complete, we do not encourage refunds for the above reason. You can always use a trial version to know your convenience with the software. We are just providing you with the license keys or subscription.

Refund Requests will be accepted only for customers having unsolvable technical problems and with unused license keys.

Failure to Provide Proof of Error /  Non cooperative to Support Team

If you are not able to install any Software or have other issues, please allow our Technical Team to help you or provide us with a Screenshot of the unsolvable error faced. This is a mandatory condition for applying refund on technical grounds.

If the above information is not provided, Refund Request cannot be processed.

Got better Price Somewhere Else / Price reduced after purchase

Once the order is complete we will not be able to refund or match the difference if a better price on the product is found. On a discount store like Dealarious prices keeps changing as per the stock received. Hence, it is very much possible that there is a price drop or raise after any purchase. we will not be able to make refunds or partial refunds in such cases.  

Refund Requests for Volume Purchase

Once the volume purchase (10 or more quantity) is made, there will be no full refund for the same. However we will replace licenses, if found faulty. Volume purchases may also take considerably longer time for delivery, as we might have to arrange more licenses ensuring safe amount of licenses for our regular customers.

Refunds on Special Combo Offer Pack

We create combo products with additional discounts. In case a refund is needed on some items in the combo, we will follow the procedure below:

Any partial refund in "combo offers" breaks the composition of the pricing structure. Hence, if a partial return is applicable, all other items in the combo product will be considered at their respective individual prices on our store on the day the purchase was made.

For instance, a combo consists of products A & B at the offer price of $X. If a refund is necessary on product B, the value of the refund amount will be the difference between the total amount paid and offer price of product A on the day of purchase.

Refund Amount = ($X - (Price of A))

How to Request a Refund

You can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase by using our Contact Form.

Details to be provided while applying for a refund

Please provide us with as much details as possible. Below are the basic required details.

  1. Your name and Dealarious Order Number.
  2. Screenshot of the error message, wherever applicable. The simplest way to take a screen shot is: On the error screen message screen press “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. Open Paint application and click on paste or press Ctrl+V whichever is convenient.
  3. Assigned License Key.
  4. Problem Description.
  5. Version of Operating System and RAM installed. For example, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit with 8 GB RAM. You can get this detail in System Properties.

Any other details to isolate the problem will help us in serving you at the earliest.

How long Does it take to processes the request?

Once our team receives your request, we will contact you with probable solutions to your problem. If the Problem remains unsolved, we will approve the refund request and you will be informed about the same via Email.

For direct Card Payments it may take about 5 – 7 working days for the refunded amount to get reflected in your account. PayPal users will get the update reflected sooner. It solely depends on the source of payment.