BitDefender 2016 offline Installer

BitDefender 2016 Offline Kit
Version: 32 Bit
File name: bitdefender_ts_20_32b.exe
Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 and 7
Size: 278 MB
Version: 64 Bit
File name: bitdefender_ts_20_64b.exe
Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 and 7
Size: 316 MB

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How to Install Bitdefender 2016 offline?

This guide is applicable for Total Security, Internet Security as well as Antivirus Plus 2016.

Upgrading to Bitdefender 2017 version? Get Bitdefender 2017 Offline Installer.

What Bitdefender has done is merged every program in single installer called offline kit and when you install it along with Bitdefender Agent, program changes its name according to the license key entered.

So, follow the procedure step by step to install Bitdefender 2016 offline:

1. Download Bitdefender Agent
2. Download offline kit : 32-Bit or 64-Bit according to your system configuration from above links.
3. Now You have Bitdefender Agent + Offline kit 2016
4. Uninstall any existing Bitdefender installation on Computer
5. Now you should be Offline [Disconnect From Internet] 6. Now First Install Bitdefender Agent [Install is complete when we have C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Agent] 22MB
7. If Bitdefender Agent have error please ignore this and close agent and install offline kit.
8. Now, you should be Online [Connect to Internet] and open Bitdefender and Log In to your Account

Online installers are not reliable and it would be a cumbersome job to download same file repeatedly on different computers in case of multiple installation.
“Bitdefender My Account” is now re-branded as Bitdefender Central and is considered as a Single Portal to manage everything. But, users still want offline installer download links and in this article we are presenting them as found on official Bitdefender servers. As of now, not all links are available and there is no official comment about availability. Also, we are not sure for how long these files will be available on their server. So, download them as soon as possible.

Personally, I feel that it is a wrong move taken by Bitdefender to go completely online with installers. For some regions where Broadband speeds aren’t good, online installers are barely of any use.

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.


    Rohit Langde

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    dingoola - 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks you. Bitdefender can be a little bit annoying to install if trying to do it offline, and I like to use the previous version until the latest version has fully working firewall components and AV without any hickups before upgrading.

    Andriana - 3 years ago Reply

    Hi, Bitdefender Antivirus realy best security for PC and Laptop. this blog is very useful.

    simon - 3 years ago Reply

    I am getting a message that the version I am trying to install is for 32 bit and I have 64 bit, but its file name shows it is the 64 bit version, I have the agent installed.

    Pavan - 3 years ago Reply

    I followed above steps.Installation is over but BDF Central is asking to sign in into Central Account, i have registered there too but when i am signing in it shows ” Unexpected error please check that your PC is connected to the Internet an try again”.

    Can you please solve this issue asap.
    Advance thanks to the Geek.

    Sourojit - 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Noeway,
    There should be no issues with trial. The installer will be same. It just depends on what subscription you have in your Bitdefender Central Account. Once you login to the Central account in Application, it will automatically turn it to Trial.

    noeway - 3 years ago Reply

    Would it work on trial version.I mean if i installed it offline then would i be able to active trial version.

    kurt - 3 years ago Reply

    I installed bitdefender_ts_20_32b. Then I disconnected the internet. Problem is where and how do I install bitdefender agent?

    isz - 3 years ago Reply

    How to install the bdf agent? because when i run it up, there’s nothing windows show.

    Shane - 3 years ago Reply

    Hi there,
    The Bitdefender agent will not install offline? Keeps wanting to connect to the internet. Thus cant install? Please help…

    Thanks so much for the offline installer. Internet speeds are atrocious where I am.

    lenny - 4 years ago Reply

    this offline installation, when i am putting my license or logging in it doesnt work until i repair it then it will show that it has activated.

    Emilyclaire - 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks for providing an offline installer. I’m in USA on broadband but after several attempts, the online installer stalled. Then when it finally finished, the files were corrupt, per the installer which instructed me to download again. Forget that. I came here and found the offline. Please let BitDefender know it needs to supply an offline installer!

    noe4epher - 4 years ago Reply

    Is Bitdefender agent just the same Bitdefender uninstaller tool?
    Already tried to install via online way, but at the end of installing process, it said “some files corrupt… please download the fresh files and reinstall…” what does it mean?

    Thanx in advance…

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      Nope. Agent is something responsible to change the program according to the license while uninstaller tool is for removal.

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      There is no separate offline installer for Bitdefender Internet Security 2016. Please follow the updated article in order to install any Bitdefender 2016 program offline.

    Saravanaprabhu G - 4 years ago Reply

    Sir I am unable to install the bitdefender 2016 total security in my windows 8 64 bit laptop . It shows me like that ” you must be installed bitdefender 2016 agent to be able to install bitdefender ” please help me sir how to install it

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      Hi Saravanaprabhu,
      Tutorial has been updated and hope it will clear all your doubts.

    Malay - 4 years ago Reply

    You’re a lifesaver! I’m currently traveling abroad where internet speeds are notoriously bad, and as you rightly predicted, the online installers were of no use. It’s only because you posted the offline installer that I could upgrade my BitDefender software to the 2016 version. Thanks a lot!

    tabish - 4 years ago Reply

    Hi i m using hp 430 laptop running with windows 10 enterprise 64 bit i bought bitdefender av plus 2014 dvd when i tried to install it says it is not supported .then i downloaded 2015 version offline installer still same problem what to do please help

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      Windows 10 compatibility has been fixed with Bitdefender 2016. You need to upgrade in order to have successful installation.
      Have you purchased it from us? If so, contact us for personalized support session.

    Dennis Wright - 4 years ago Reply

    I would like to load down Anitvirus Total 16 that i paid for. i have not seen where I ca accomplish that task.

    Umar Liman - 4 years ago Reply

    Your support highly appreciated.

    lenny - 4 years ago Reply

    Hello , Hi. i would like to know if the offline installers for BAV 2016 and BIS 2016 are out ?

    adngospel - 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks very good.

    Albert - 4 years ago Reply

    What about Total Security Multidevice version or Family packs?

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      Those are only packs not different product.
      So, I recommend downloading Total Security version from the link given above.

    Chris - 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks a lot but I want to know if it is only in English language?
    How do I get the French version?

    Mike - 4 years ago Reply

    Are these download links official?
    As you mentioned, BitDefender isn’t going to give offline links so, how did you get them?

      Rohit Langde - 4 years ago Reply

      Good question Mike!
      Officially, there isn’t any link published by BitDefender but the links given above are hosted on BitDefender servers itself so be assured that they are official and legit.