Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security

We are sure that you’ve heard about Bitdefender and its security product line. Well, isn’t that how you landed on this page? Bitdefender is one of the most consistent and trusted antivirus solutions! Do you follow lists of best security products recommended by experts? If so, you might have noticed that Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Family Pack continually tops the charts.

We did a review of Bitdefender Family Pack a while ago. In that review, we talked about the product package, explained its features, and analyzed if it is beneficial for you in the long run.

Bitdefender family pack vs. total security

However, you might still be confused when it comes to choosing between Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Family Pack because they are both so similar. We are here to help you with this dilemma by chalking out the differences between Bitdefender Family Pack and Total security. However, the differences can be cornered best if we talk about the similarities first. Let’s begin.

Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security: Similarity

FeaturesBitdefender Total SecurityBitdefender Family Pack
Intelligent Antivirus YESYES
Advanced Threat DefenseYESYES
Multi-Layer Ransomware ProtectionYESYES
Safe BrowsingYESYES
Wi-Fi Security AdvisorYESYES
Online Banking ProtectionYESYES
Password ManagerYESYES
Search AdvisorYESYES
Anti-Phishing & Anti-FraudYESYES
Vulnerability ScanYESYES
File ShredderYESYES
Webcam ProtectionYESYES
Parental AdvisorYESYES
File EncryptionYESYES
Speed Up Your DevicesYESYES
Multi-Device ProtectionYESYES

Total Security Quick Glance

As you all might know, it is the topmost version of Bitdefender security solutions for Windows. Also, it is superior to Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Bitdefender Internet Security. Besides protecting various kinds of viruses and threats, you also get additional features in Bitdefender Total Security, such as System Tune-up and File Encryption. It is worth noting that all these features of Bitdefender Total Security are in addition to what you’d already get in Bitdefender Internet Security. These are features besides enhanced firewall and anti-spam capabilities.

Are we moving away from the topic? You can always check our Bitdefender Internet Security vs. Total Security comparison to gain more insights on that comparison. However, let’s come back to our Family Pack vs. Total Security discussion. Overall, for a security-conscious home user, the choice of Bitdefender Total Security is a pretty simple and straightforward one. Since 2016, Total Security was converted to a Multi-Device suite. Our Bitdefender Total Security review deals will all the features offered by the latest version. You’ll be surprised to know that it can also protect your Android, Mac & iOS devices besides your desktop PC.

Family Pack Quick Glance

It is also a Bitdefender package for home users with larger Families. Suppose that 10 or more of your family members use smartphones (Android & iOS), and others use computers. All these devices need the protection of a good antivirus and a hassle-free central account. That is the case where Bitdefender Family Pack is the best choice for you. It’s a compilation of security solutions that work with different Operating Systems and devices such as macOS, iOS, and Android Smartphones/tablets.

So, with Family Pack, you’re going to get something more than just Windows protection. However, what about the rest of the features? Worry not. Bitdefender Total Security is also a part of this package, so you are not compromising security in any way.

Let’s take a look at the particular security features. In both Family pack & Total Security, apart from Windows protection, you get protection for the following.

Antivirus for Mac

It helps you to protect your Mac from various kinds of threats— offline and online. The best part is that it doesn't affect your Mac's speed or performance but enhances multi-aspect protection, such as firewall and better browsing.

Protection for Android

Protect Android Smartphone or Tablet. It can protect your Smartphone from online and offline threats. You get options, such as Privacy advisor, Anti-theft, and App Lock options. Get Security updates on the smartwatch.

iOS Protection

iOS protection was a long pending feature. Now Bitdefender has added the same to their product line. With iOS protection, you can avail Anti-Theft, Account Privacy, and Parental Advisor on your iPhone. It gives good security options.

Hence, while comparing Bitdefender Family Pack with Total security, we see no differences in the core features. Both the versions include useful features like Ransomware protection, Webcam protection, Anti-theft, and Parental Advisor, and much more.

Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security: Differences

 Total SecurityFamily Pack
Number of DevicesMaximum 10 Devices15 Devices

The only difference is the number of devices you can protect. So, you get one additional advantage when you go for Bitdefender Family Pack. That is the ease of managing antivirus protection for an entire family from a single, central account.

Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security: Pricing

N.o. of YearsTotal Security (10 Devices)Family Pack (15 Devices)
1 Year$99.99$119.99
2 Years$169.99$199.99
3 Years$229.99$249.99

The above prices are available on Bitdefender’s official website are without any discounts. However, you can claim up to an 80% Discount using our Bitdefender Total Security 2021 coupon codes. Similarly, visit our Bitdefender Family Pack 2021 coupon section to get up to a 70% discount.


Bitdefender Family Pack is superior to Bitdefender Total Security. However, it is only useful to you if you have nearly 10+ devices to protect in your Family. If that is not the case, you can stick with Total Security without any issues. Just check the prices for the number of devices and years for Total Security and compare them with Family Pack.

There is not even a single difference between security features and protection capabilities.

16 thoughts on “Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security”

  1. Bitdefender renewal system is chaotic. Click on renew the subscription and you get sent to a confusing page listing multiple products instead of the product you purchased.

    I had the Total version for 10 PCs but I got redirected to the 5 PC version–there was no way to change it to 10. Reached out to support and they could not care less, they simply said purchase 2 subscriptions. When I did this the system mucked up the entire process and I ended up with multiple charges on my credit card. What could have been a one-click process ended up in a nightmare scenario.

    Bitdefender is an excellent Firewall but their ordering process is a mess.

    Quite often support is lazy and unintelligent. On some occasions, they have been great but most of the support staff can be compared to mindless robots responding with automated replies that are totally irrelevant to the issue. Some of the worst ones compounded the errors by creating new ones on top of the ones experienced.

    • Yes, you are correct. I was shocked that the Bitdefender’s auto-renewal system was charging me way more that was available online. Bitdefender has a good product but painfully bad support system.
      So, last year I cancelled their auto-renewal, got a refund as it was within 30 days and then bought a subscription at 1/3 price from Dealarious store. Since then I have manually purchased a new license at a way lower price for my renewal.

  2. Bitdefender support told me minutes ago they only allow 15 devices under the family pack. Otherwise they refer you to “business sales”. I’m not a business but have had “unlimited devices” (17 to be exact) for my family for the past two years. But now I cannot “renew” without going through business sales. Can anyone else confirm this happening to them? Thanks

  3. Hi,

    It says “Family Pack” is only for 15 devices, but in the other section it says “Unlimited devices” which one is correct?
    Please clarify as I need to make sure I can add atleast 20 devices


    • Hi Damith,

      As per Bitdefender’s fair usage policy, only 15 Devices can be protected. They reduced the count from 20 Devices which was the initial FUP for “Unlimited”. It seems that Bitdefender has also dropped the “Unlimited” term on its website.

      • they changed the licenses… no more licenses available with unlimited devices… the new licenses starting somtime in 2019 only offer 15 devices. had the same trouble… we had 21 devices with all phones and tablets together… found some old licenses in the end and could renew the “unlimited” plan. but these old licenses are very scarce in 2021… almost impossible to find.

  4. If I use family pack, subscription will start from the First device activation as a common date for all devices?
    It will start for the individual devices activated on different dates with any stipulated period??


    • Hi there. Excellent question. Unlimited* is a notorious marketing term that often overpromises and underdelivers. Bitdefender Family Pack is unlimited, yes, but not in the sense that the entire earth can use it with one single license. There is a fair usage policy which makes sure that the license is not abused in this way. On top of that, there is a hard limit of 30 devices. So, your Bitdefender central account can have a maximum of 30 devices tied to one account and all of them have to be in the same country.

      It isn’t unlimited in the most technical sense, but practically, it is unlimited for a family because families tend to be smaller than 30 in most countries.

  5. I am from India…Can I place order here and get the key for Family pack as it is cheaper here than the official bitdefender page?

      • That might not be true. Bitdefender is available for Mac and it works just fine. Moreover, App Store has antiviruses like Avira and others. So, antiviruses are not washes out from the App Store entirely.


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