Bitdefender Free Edition Vs Paid

Bitdefender free vs paid comparison

​We would say, with no doubt, that Bitdefender is one of the best-available antivirus software you can go for! After all, awarded as the best detection engine by AV comparative Test. It’s one of the worth-depending-upon solutions when you need advanced protection, from not only common viruses but also further threats such as spyware, spam stuff, social media privacy, web security etc.

​However, you can find two versions of the security solution available – Bitdefender Antivirus Free and Bitdefender Paid Antivirus which is the starting variation. Among these, latter is the premium version that ​starts at $19.95 for single-device license.

Similar​ities: Bitdefender Free ​Vs Bitdefender ​Paid Edition

​There are some antivirus-based features that are present both in the free and premium versions of Bitdefender! Protection features that are present in both Free and Paid versions are:

Protection Similarities

​Basic Antivirus protection for Windows, Android & Mac

​Automatic Updates

​Anti-Phishing & Anti-Fraud

​Web Attack Prevention

​Advanced Threat Defense

​Automated Threat Blocking

​Bitdefender Central Account

For instance, if you just need protection from common viruses out there, Bitdefender Free would do that job. Likewise, it comes with Bitdefender Autopilot — a feature that lets you stay least conscious about protection of the PC; also, it is possible to make use of Cloud Scanning and HTTP Scanning features in the free edition. Thus offering you the basic protection from web-based threats and vulnerabilities. 

Of course, you can have the simplicity and lightweight nature of Bitdefender paid Antivirus in the free edition.

In short, you can have most basic antivirus protection from free edition of Bitdefender, for that matter.

Features You Will Miss in Bitdefender Antivirus Free

​Now, we shall check out the features you ​will possibly miss — or at least sense the absence of — in the free edition of Bitdefender Antivirus. And, these are the most prominent features you can find in the premium counterpart.

​Features not in Bitdefender Free Edition

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

Online Banking Protection


​Password Manager

​Search Advisor

Vulnerability Scan

​File Shredder

​Webcam Protection


​Safe Files

​Parental Control

​File Encryption


​Device Optimizer

  • ​Bitdefender Photon

Bitdefender knows that every PC is different, in one way or another. This is why Bitdefender developed a technology called Bitdefender Photon, which can optimize the security solution to get you best results. This cloud-based feature is implemented in the core of antivirus solution and it determines the best possible scanning decisions based on the software configuration of your PC.

The best part of Bitdefender Photon is that it can check every application you have ​on your device and act accordingly, based on the input. Also, it’s to be noted that Bitdefender Photon has a list of trustworthy software — based on system analysis — and leaves the safe ones, so that less system waste would be created at the end of the day. In short, you can have a protection that is dedicated to your PC — and you’ll badly miss this feature in the free edition.

 Tip for Educational institutes Take advantage of Bitdefender student discount to purchase the best protection at cheaper price online.​

  • ​Bitdefender Safepay

​Bitdefender Safepay can be interpreted as one of the professional ways to keep your confidential information safe as you process financial transactions and all. It’s a minimal web-browser you can use during financial transactions, such as the purchase of something. To support this technology, Bitdefender has integrated a password manager that can store your web service credentials as well as payment details, which can be used for auto-refilling of information required. Bitdefender Safepay can help you a lot when you are using a public network — public Wi-Fi hotspots — for payment. Those who travel a lot will understand the absence of this feature, we suppose.

 ​Don't want to pay yet? ​Try free 30 day trial by downloading Bitdefender offline installer.

  • USB Immunizer

​This is a very useful feature an antivirus solution would possibly have! You may come across pen drives or other sorts of removable media that contain viruses. You can, quite conveniently, use USB Immunizer to remove viruses from it and use it safely. Moreover this feature is designed to work automatically on detection of a removable device. Hence you go worry free.

  • ​Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

​This is the most important feature you will miss in the free edition. Ransomware is a big security issue nowadays and losing this protection is usually not recommended. If you are using the free edition, make sure you are downloading applications from sources that you trust.


​At the end of the comparison, we can confidently say that Bitdefender ​paid edition offers some ​useful features! In addition to the productivity, these features can secure your internet life, accounts, transactions etc, by adding extra layer of security and privacy. One thing should be kept in mind that when you pay someone, company is liable for any problems faced.

​Privacy and security is something not to be compromised so, do not risk yourself. Take the decision wisely.

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