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Bitdefender Renewal Discount Coupon

Are you an existing Bitdefender customer and want to renew your subscription? Since you got a huge discount on your first time purchase of Bitdefender protection, you expect the same while renewing it.

Unfortunately, you cannot leave things on to Bitdefender with auto-renewal. As a matter of fact, Bitdefender and any Antivirus company exercise the same practice with auto renewals. They overcharge you in the name of continuous protection.

Bitdefender Renewal Discounts

If you have auto renewal active, discounts are simply not possible.


Dealarious customers always enjoy huge discount on Bitdefender renewal. You can get a good discount on Bitdefender products as well.

Bitdefender Auto Renewal: A serious issue

This article aims at educating users about how they can save a good amount of money when they want to renew Bitdefender. So, let's understand the generic concept of auto renewal. It is a feature often passed down to the customer masked as a great convenience. Many companies target customers with scary email messages like "You will be vulnerable," etc.

However, the sole intention is to retain you as a customer. Yes, they say you can "Opt-Out" at any point, but in most cases, the process is not very clear.

Why does Auto Renewal Exist?

The only good thing that happens in an auto renewal is that you have to do nothing. Your same license will see a validity period extension for another year. However, at the same time, the company will charge you with the full product price.

What's Wrong with Bitdefender Auto Renewal?

The one thing that I do not like about Bitdefender Renewal is that the official checkout cart for Bitdefender by default enables auto renewal. The option is not a checkbox but a hyperlink text, which is not that easy to figure out. This practice has forced many customers to be a part of auto renewal even if their default choice might have been a NO.

The reason is simple. It will auto renew your subscription at full price (which is really high) without any discount. It's not just me, but even other customers have suggested it. Here is a clipping of a review on Amazon.com

Bitdefender autorenewal issues

Many such stories exist if you are willing to investigate deeper. You can also check for customer complaints about Bitdefender auto-renewal on their official forum.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal

Many customers are not aware of the fact that auto-renewal is enabled by default when you purchase from the Bitdefender website. The first thing you should do is, disable Bitdefender auto-renewal if you haven't done it already from your Bitdefender Central Account. If you are unsure whether you subscribed to auto-renewal, you can contact Bitdefender support and ask them about the same.

Bitdefender Renewal Discount Coupon: Official Way

Till now, it is clear that by default, there is no scope of discounts in auto renewal. To retain your subscription, there are strong chances that their support will give you a custom Bitdefender renewal discount coupon.

Well, that's again a win-win situation, if you agree to it. Also, this is the only probably official way to keep the same license and extend the protection. So, now the question arises, if you did not receive a renewal special offer from Bitdefender support, what other ways do you have? Let's discuss some other methods to get Bitdefender renewal discounts.

Bitdefender Renewal Discount Coupon: Your Way

Bitdefender often gives decent discounts on new license purchase (for customer acquisition purposes). We will use the same at our disposal as a renewal discount coupon. Yes, instead of renewing the same license, we will again purchase a new license key. This process is similar to the Bitdefender student discount, where there are no specific criteria officially for education institutes.

So, all you need to do is search for a Bitdefender coupon code on Google. Yes, it takes some time and effort to find working Bitdefender coupon codes. However, when you get a working coupon, it's worth spending the time.

New license keys are cheaper than renewal price. You can easily save more than 70% the actual price.

Renew an Existing Bitdefender Subscription with a new License?

If you buy the same subscription and device number, your existing license should extend.

For example, you have an existing subscription: Bitdefender Total Security: 5 Devices - 1 Year. Now, if you purchase a new Bitdefender Total Security: 5 Devices - any year, after adding the new license in your Bitdefender Central account, the validity period increases automatically.

Hence, a vital thing to remember when you renew Bitdefender subscription. The extension of validity days happens only when the product variation and number of devices match.

Change / Upgrade Bitdefender Subscription

Want to change your subscription to another Bitdefender product? If you are using Bitdefender Antivirus Plus or Internet Security and want to upgrade to Total Security, you should know the following:

Bitdefender does not extend validity days while changing subscription. Hence, you can contact Bitdefender Support and upgrade your existing product. Bitdefender deducts many days from your validity to upgrade the subscription. So you have to calculate and make the decision wisely.


You can buy the license at discounted price and activate it later. Validity days start reducing from the day of activation and not purchase.

Conclusion: Should you Renew from Bitdefender?

The above method solves the license renewal problem directly from Bitdefender, which is expensive even after offering a discount (if any).

Long story short, BitDefender Renewal discount doesn't exist. It will help if you prefer buying a new license to renew Bitdefender.

Always disable Auto Renewal while buying an Antivirus solution.

After purchasing a new license key, you have to place it in the Bitdefender Central account. No need to re-install the application. You can refer to our Bitdefender License activation guide or contact us in case of any problem.

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9 thoughts on “Bitdefender Renewal Discount Coupon”

  1. This is still valid (although from your bitdefender account it is easy to turn off auto-renew), my subscription was set to auto-renew in two weeks at $79.99. The current offer on the Website is $24.99. When I went to turn off automatic subscription it automatically offered me a ‘one-time’ discounted price of $40. But I’ll think I’ll stick with 24.99… I’d probably let it auto re-new if the price just stayed around $35 every year. But don’t triple the price!

  2. Hi, i wanting to buy bitdefender total security for the first time for my pc, from Dealarious, as i do not have this installed, how do i go about it, because i don’t want a auto renew subscription with bitdefender central, do i have to open an account there, thanks Brendan.

  3. If i purchase a key on your website now, can i wait till the end of December before to use it? Or do i have to use it before an expiration amount of days?

    My current bitdefender account is valid until mid-December.

    Thanks for the answer.

    • Yes, you can keep the license unused. Bitdefender licenses only activate once you use it in your Bitdefender Central account to generate the subscription.

  4. I requested a refund for the whole price that they “took” using Auto-Renewal, which was a big one, and that request, they gave me a 45 % discount. So you need to sound unsatisfied and they answer to that in a good way. The 45 % off was refunded to my account short time after. After that, I always disable the Auto-Renewal option.

  5. Only now do I see this blog and realize that my experience is not unusual. I received an email from Bitdefender advising me that they will automatically renew my license for $139.95. I found this very steep and checked the website discovering that they offer the same product for US$59.95. When I opened my MyBitdefender account I saw a price offer for CA$39.95, repeat CA$39.95. Two times requested clarification of this unethical business behavior with copies to the management in Romania and the sales manager in the U.S. but only received an evasive answer from the support staff suggesting that I should switch off the autorenewal option.
    This is the worst unethical manipulation of customers I ever saw so far in any business.

    • Hi Klaus,

      Good observation. Actually this has been the scenario for years now. We are happy to see users like you who are aware of what the situation is. You can call it a UpSell technique. Again it is advisable to keep eye on Checkout form for Auto-renewal Ticks. Not only for Bitdefender but also for other companies.


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