Is Advanced SystemCare Safe?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: We can say YES so confidently because we have a track record to back it up.

Advanced SystemCare is a cleanup and optimization software for Windows Computer. IOBit technologies, which is a parent company of the product is developing software since 2006. With more than 50 million downloads till date, it is proving true to what it claims to be.

Just not going by facts and data provided by others but we have single hand experience to share. Since 2014. we have sold 723 copies of Advanced System Care PRO and Ultimate till now with just 9 complaints. People have continued renewal of the product year after year without a hitch.


The question of safety arises when:

  1. Personal data is involved which you do not want to risk
  2. You are unsure about its working features
  3. Something is too good to be true

It is understood that data on your computer is valuable which you definitely want to protect. SystemCleaner involves in cleaning up of files from system but it does not interfere with personal data. It is programmed intelligently to find junk files and clean them. You always have option to review files before deleting them.

When you are unsure about its working because you are not tech-savvy, it is better to rely on critics and public opinion. Advanced SystemCare has many awards in its kitty and good customer reviews listed on number of trusted websites.

If it sounds “too good to be true” that you can clean up and speed up computer in just one click using a magic tool then you must experience it yourself. There is a free trial available for Advanced SystemCare.

To conclude, question shouldn’t arise in first place about the safety and worthiness of Advanced SystemCare. Being so popular in software industry, it delivers what it claims to be.

Go. Try yourself. Risk Free!


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