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Is Advanced SystemCare Safe?

Short Answer: Yes!

Advanced SystemCare is a cleanup and optimization software for Windows PC. IObit technologies, which is a parent company of the product, is developing software since 2006. With more than 50 million downloads to date, it proves true to what it claims to be. Apart from the system maintenance software IObit also has Driver BoosterUninstaller, and Malware Fighter which are widely popular.

Our full Advanced SystemCare Pro Review covers all features of the software. Check the review if you are unsure if it has everything that you need.

Is Advanced SystemCare Good?

Is Advanced SystemCare Safe?

Our goal here is to determine whether Advanced SystemCare is safe and good for your PC. Hence, let us go through the points that will help in understanding how it works.

How Safe is Advanced SystemCare?

The question of safety arises when:

  1. Personal data is involved, which you do not want to risk
  2. You are unsure about its working features
  3. Something is too good to be true
  4. You find conflicting reviews online

The data on your computer is valuable, which you want to protect. System maintenance software involves cleaning up files from the system, but it does not interfere with personal data. Hence, it is only programmed to intelligently to find junk files and clean them. You always have the option to review files before deleting them.

What about Advanced SystemCare PRO Reviews?

Optimize your PC with Advanced SystemCare

When you are unsure about its working because you are not tech-savvy, it is better to rely on critics and public opinion. Advanced SystemCare has many awards in its kitty and good customer reviews listed on a number of trusted websites.

However, always remember that if you find 10 good reviews there will be 3 critical reviews as well. Hence, we always suggest you to read the reviews carefully and match them with your experiences by using the trial version.

While going through several reviews online, we found a lot of complaints regarding IObit Call support. It is provided by 3rd party partners and can lure you to buy additional services. Hence, avoid the call support and stick to email support only.

Is there a Advanced SystemCare Free Trial?

Take a trial

If it sounds “too good to be true” that you can clean up and speed up the computer in just one click using a magic tool, then you must experience it yourself. There is a free trial available for Advanced SystemCare. You should always try applications before buying them.

Is your free trial about to expire? You will get huge discounts using our Advanced SystemCare coupons if you wish to upgrade from Free Trial.

Is Advanced SystemCare a Virus?

No, it is not a virus!

It is an interesting fact that you will come across while checking for Advanced SystemCare on the web. Most of the Antivirus applications like Malwarebytes, Avast, AVG, Avira, etc. detect Advanced SystemCare as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). It has been the case for many years now. However, we have never faced any issues with Advanced SystemCare since we started testing it regularly for a straight six years now.

Advanced SystemCare pup detection

A test with VirusTotal shows that 2 antivirus engines detected the installer file as a PUP out of 70. Antivirus engines detecting the same are:

  • DrWeb
  • GData

In our opinion, Advanced SystemCare is a victim of Antivirus false positive detection. Usually, such cases happen when the Antivirus thinks that the application will alter your system core files or make changes to other vital aspects. Of course, system maintenance software does all that and bundles free versions of their other products to install on your wish. In the recent past, even Microsoft Defender started flagging Ccleaner as a PUP, another reputed system maintenance software.

Advanced SystemCare with Bitdefender

Advanced Systemcare compatibility with Bitdefender

To further check if Advanced SystemCare is safe, we installed it on a PC with Bitdefender Total Security. Bitdefender did not raise any alarms and also did not cause any issue with the installation.

Hence, if you get alerts from your Antivirus, you can add Advanced SystemCare to the ignore list. You can trust Advanced SystemCare as a safe application.

However, please note that you should always perform a moderate research before adding any other unknown applications to your Antivirus's ignore list.

Is Advanced SystemCare is Popular?

Advanced SystemCare top seller Dealarious

Just not going by facts and data provided by others, but we have single hand experience to share. Since 2014, on Dealarious Store, we have sold approx 7.8k and counting copies of Advanced System Care PRO and Ultimate. Also, it has remained one of the Hot Selling products. Till now we have received just 23 complaints.

Nearly 85% of People have continued renewal of the product year after year without a hitch.

Out of those 23 complaints:

  • 2 are for Advanced SystemCare, creating system issues.
  • 5 are for criticizing the fact that ASC does not include Pro versions of other applications.
  • 4 are for installation issues with our email links.
  • 12 of them are delivery issues due to mail provider blocking our emails.

Is Advanced SystemCare Worth it?

To conclude, the question shouldn’t arise in the first place about the safety and worthiness of Advanced SystemCare. Being so popular in the software industry, it delivers what it claims to be. As a Windows PC application Advanced SystemCare is safe and is good at what it does.

However, it is a good step to be careful if you are a first time user and are confused by several negative reports on the web.

Go. Try it yourself. Risk-Free!

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