Is there a Bitdefender Unlimited Device Subscription?

With the advent of accessible and affordable gadgets, people tend to have more than one computing device.

One for each purpose. Android phone for communication, Macbook Air for travel and commute, Windows Desktop for work.

That's what defines me.

In such case, you need to have separate antivirus protection software for each one of them.

This is the scenario considering an individual but what if every individual has multiple number of gadgets, the total number rises enormously. Moreover, this number isn't there to stay but may rise or lower down at any time in a subscription period of an year.

To tackle such situation, Bitdefender has an unlimited device subscription package called as Family Pack.

Bitdefender Family Pack supports multiple platforms and it is package with product for each platform:

  • Bitdefender Total Security for Windows PC.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac for Apple Macbook and iMac.
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android Smartphone and Tablets.
  • On purchase, you can use the license on any combination of devices of any count.

    Family Pack subscription starts from 119.95$ per year but Dealarious is offering it at 53% discount so you can grab it at $54.95 a year.

    Moreoever, there is a limited time discount of 35% on 2 and 3 year subscription so, you don't have to worry about renewal for long period of time.

    I have only 3-5 devices in family but on different platform.

    Instead of Family pack, you can purchase Bitdefender Multi Device Security which supports Windows, Mac and Android upto 5 Devices. It is $20 cheaper than Family pack.

    Is Family Pack different from Total Security?

    Family Pack is a package containing Total Security as a product. You can read more about the difference.

    How many License Keys are given?

    You get only one license key which is used to add Subscription in Bitdefender Central account.

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