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WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory can be a one-stop solution for all your video conversion, screen recording, and streaming media downloading needs. In this review, I will go through all the features that this handy video converter has to offer.

Established in 2009, the company has managed to gain over 3 million clients which reflects that they are doing something right. In this WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory review we will go through all the features in details.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

HD Video Converter Factory: Review Summary

HD video converter factory box


  • Support for a wide range of formats
  • Download streaming media
  • 4k, HVEC, and H.265 support
  • Hardware accelerated speedy conversions
  • Bulk convert videos


  • No direct conversion for downloaded streaming media



USD 14.95

Supported Platforms: Windows

Ease of Use




Tech Support


Conversion Speed


Wonderfox Hd Video Converter Factory offers you the ability to convert video and audio to many popular formats. Besides, there are a lot of handy editing features that you often pay significant money to get separately.

Let us see what you will be getting with this product in more detail below.

HD Video Converter Pro: Key Features

I am listing some critical features of the product. Hence, go through them carefully before you decide to spend your money.

So what makes WonderFox HD Video Converter the talk of the town?

  • Many output formats supported (over 300 formats)
  • Easy to use editing tools even for beginners
  • Audio converter
  • Video compression
  • Batch support
  • Volume tweaker
  • Online video downloader
  • Video uploader
  • Easy interface to navigate and get used to

How to Download HD Video Converter

How can you get your hands on this product? We have made that easy for you as well.

You can go to their official website to get your hands on the application. Also, you can follow this link which will directly download the installer to your desktop.

After the successful download of the installer, the rest is as easy as it gets. The installer is quick, and you should get the application running in a minute. 

HD Video Converter: Interface Review

HD Video Converter Factory Pro Interface

The fluidity of the interface is what caught my attention. How minimalist the design was yet how much information they conveyed not only made the whole experience very efficient but also headache-free. Getting used to a tool usually takes time, but WonderFox is right on their money when considering the entire look and feel of their application.

You can see how sleek and smooth the display looks with well-labeled icons that prevent you from getting lost.

HD Video Converter Full Functionality Review

On the Home Screen, at the bottom end, you will find all the options.

HD Video Converter

HD Video Converter Factory Conversion Screen

The Video Converter is more than just an ideal converter. It offers a lot more than just conversion. When you click on the video converter feature at the bottom of the home display, the following window pops up.

Click or drag to add the video files that you want to convert, and you are already halfway through the process.

Video Conversion Formats

Wonderfox video converter output formats

On the right panel, you can choose the output video format. There are a lot of presets for the conversions. You can select the device you want the output format to suit. Also, you can configure your Video and Audio output settings.

Wait! do you notice more options on the right pane. You can click on the parameter settings and manually set a lot of different aspects that your converted video would later reflect after the whole process is complete. Also, you can manually configure all variables like the frame rate, resolutions, aspect ratio, and the audio Bitrate.

You have the option to use the more robust and widely used H.264 encoder or the latest H.265 encoder for better quality at the best possible file size. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports all the file formats you will ever need for your devices.

Hence, you can see that there are a whole bunch of options for you.

Video Conversion Speed

Hd video converter Factory hardware conversion speed

Hardware acceleration is a feature that lets you convert videos with more speed without losing any quality in the process. That’s a plus point if you have long videos to convert or have to process them in a batch.

The Hardware acceleration makes a considerable difference once you start using the feature in HD Video Converter Factory Pro compared to when you were not.

What sets apart this converter even from other premium tools is its support for NVIDIA NVENC, CUDA, and Intel HD Graphics hardware acceleration technology. Hence, you get much higher conversion speeds and minimal loss in video quality.

Online Video Downloader

Streaming media Download

Ever stumbled upon a YouTube video that you want to download badly?

With HD Video Converter Factory, you can easily download YouTube videos with audio. Also, you can download from other online streaming sites. While writing this review, I downloaded videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, and Twitch.

Download YouTube Videos with audio

I was able to download 4k YouTube videos with sound. However, if you wish you can also download only audio formats. The download speed is good and mostly depends on the source. 

YouTube gives better download speeds. However, for Daily Motion, the speed was not that impressive.

Video Quality Selection

You can download any quality that suits your need. HD Video Converter Factory lists all the available formats and quality. Hence, select the one you need and add it to download queue.

Bulk Download videos

To bulk download streaming videos, you can add all the links to the downloader. Once you have all the links, hit the download button.

The primary feature works as per my expectation. However, I wish that in future versions, they should add the functionality to convert downloaded videos to various formats directly. Auto conversion upon download is a feature available in Wondershare Uniconverter. Check out our full Uniconverter Pro review.

HD Video Converter Factory: Screen Recorder

wonderfox screen recorder options

The recorder feature is for you to record your computer screen. You can manipulate a lot of different options even while doing a simple thing as recording your screen.

You can select a part of your screen and also record full screen. The best part is that you can record from your microphone at the same time. Hence, you can quickly make an explainer video with narration.

Create GIFs using the GIF Maker

Wonderfox GIF Maker Options

Browsing through social media, we stumble upon many Gifs, most of which are funny. Are you wondering if you can make some of your Gifs? It can be anything, funny pictures that you have saved on your gallery or a funny video clip of your pet that you happened to capture.

Wonderfox Hd Video Converter Factory lets you create your GIFs from either your pictures or your videos, whichever you like. Select either a video or picture option that you get once you over the GIF Maker feature option at the bottom. Then you are greeted with a similar screen as below.

Open your video or image file, then start making a GIF. You can choose various options like resolution settings, the frame rate, the output format quality, and the start and end timestamp.

Once you start using this feature, all you would ever be doing is making GIFs. It is very contagious.

Toolbox for More Functionality

HD Video Converter Factory Tools

You can choose any of the four exciting features that are displayed on your screen as soon as you hit the toolbox feature option. Hence, you may find these features beneficial and fun to have.

  • Photo to Video Maker: Sort of like photo animation
  • Ringtone Studio: Make your ringtone
  • Split-screen Video Maker
  • Subtitle Extractor

Other Features: Basic Video Editing

HD Video Converter Factory Pro has specific built-in tools to edit your videos if you need them as well. You can manipulate videos like:

  • You can remove unwanted part from video
  • Create only a small clip from existing larger video
  • Merge videos
  • Add different effects

Compression Rate

Wonderfox video compression options

Why do you compress your files? To save up on space, of course. When a lot of data take up space on your device, the first things that you would like to consider is compressing them then only opt for cloud storage.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro uses 5 x compressions which helps you reduce the size of your video files to a large extent while keeping the original quality intact. That means more space on your devices with minimal loss in quality. It’s a win-win situation, and anyone would take it gladly.


Wonderfox Hd Video Converter Factory is a bang on its money. Hence, you will get the full out of what you are paying. If you are not sure if this software is for you, then you should try out their trial version before buying it.

Fast conversion rate, different formats, easy interface, and editing tools, Streaming media download makes it one of a unique video converter.


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