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Kaspersky Student Discount / Education Pricing: How to Claim

Kaspersky Student Discount

Kaspersky is perhaps the most reputed antivirus company in the world. Their products are of the finest quality and any customer using their product will agree. The amount of research that they carry out around viruses, exploits and zero-day threats has set a precedent for the entire industry and they are applauded throughout the world for this endeavor.

Kaspersky Student Discounts

Kaspersky Labs launched Kaspersky Internet Security 2018, Kaspersky Total Security 2018 and Kaspersky Antivrus 2018 in July this year. This is a complete package and provides premium protection for your computers and laptops. It protects all your private and confidential information like your bank details and pictures. But, alas! There is no Kaspersky product for students and they don't offer any special student discount edition either. Especially for students, it is not possible to spend huge amounts of money and they are on the constant lookout for an educational pricing of some sort. 

Our Offers on Kaspersky Products

We are aware of this need for students and offer our help to our beloved student community. Students can grab a copy of Kaspersky 2016 at great discounts from our stocks.

Kaspersky Total Security 1 Device/1 year @ $39.99!
Get Upto 44% Discount on Kaspersky Total Security Multi Device!!

In today’s day and age when online shopping has become inevitable, it becomes important to protect the information that is shared on websites. This is the reason why we highly recommend Kaspersky Internet security as an all-round protection of your computer. A single security package for protection of your Windows Desktop, Macbook and even Android smartphone. However, if you want separate protection for Mac only, we have that on offer too.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac @ $24.99!
Get Upto 17% Discount on Kaspersky Internet security for Mac!!

This hefty discount is given keeping the student community in mind. Students go through a lot of trouble in saving up to buy software for daily use. Now you can enjoy all the advantages of this antivirus, that too at a much lesser price.

Student Tip: Trust seals on website do not always mean Safe and Secure, so beware before buying antivirus from anyone on the internet.

Why Choose this Offer?

All you have to do to avail a great discount is, instead of purchasing it form Kaspersky, you purchase it from our Dealarious store directly. Students can choose to buy one single user license or buy three device licenses in case you want to protect your tablets and smartphones as well. The best part about the license is that you can even choose to share it with your friends and divide the cost among yourselves. That way, you would be saving more money.

It's not just about one brand but we provide student discount on Bitdefender products too, which is #1 awarded Antivirus engine and tough competitor of Kaspersky.

You might come across discounts by Kaspersky or other websites from time to time but there are two problems with that, which are:

  • Those discounted prices are available for a limited period of time. After that period is over, you can not avail the discount. Also, because everyone will want to buy the product at that time, you might not even get the product due to rush. At Dealarious, you would not face any such problems. The discount is there to stay. So, you can choose to buy the product at your own convenience.
  • Even after the average discount available on the market, the product can not be cheaper than the price offered at Dealarious.

Another major advantage of buying products from our Dealarious is the guaranteed 30-day money back policy. In case you don't get what you ordered, you can claim your money back.

Choose wisely, shop with us! Our years of impeccable record is a testimony to the quality of our service.

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3 thoughts on “Kaspersky Student Discount / Education Pricing: How to Claim”

  1. Its great for the students to have Kaspersky security with huge discount. Wow this is great move to cover more target customers and to extend widely the users.

  2. Checked your pricing and there is no student discount as such. However, the price is pretty low and is the best price that I could find. Is that what you mean by this blog post? I am not complaining because the price really is good and cheap, and the license worked for me. I am just asking what you mean by student discount: How to Claim in the title of this post.

    • Hi Danny. May I call you Danny? Well, you are right. There is no official student discount from Kaspersky. True. That is what our blog post has mentioned clearly. I’m glad you could make good use of our Kaspersky discount offer though.

      As far as the title is concerned, we wanted to reach an audience that is probably looking for student discounts, or an educational pricing and does not see Kaspersky offering it. We wanted to reach people like you. You see, Kaspersky only makes antivirus, but we are the ones selling their Kaspersky antivirus at great discounts for students and people like you who love software deals. So, we did not take the verbiage very strictly as it was our discretion and instead, wanted our audience to know that they can claim the discount from our store nonetheless.


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