Dealarious.Com is a venture of Blogsolute Media, and founded by Rohit Langde (Retired: June 2017) and Sourojit Nandi,
Software Enthusiasts and a Professional Blogger in the Software Industry since 2006.

Company History

Our story begins in 2006 with a Tech Blog called TheWebdale.

The idea was to help people who were having a hard time dealing with their Computer issues and understanding evolving technologies. We were driven by our will to learn and our desire to change the way people perceived technology.

As the blog’s popularity grew, so did the topics that we covered — Software, Mobile, Web 2.0, Tricks, Reviews, and Giveaways were some of the broader categories that we covered.

Our hobby and passion were also becoming our profession. Soon, others joined our team. In keeping with these and upcoming changes, the blog was rebranded as Blogsolute — a blog that dissolves the barriers to technology.

From that day in 2008 to today, Blogsolute has had an interesting journey. Tasting success and crossing milestones interspersed with surviving pitfalls, Blogsolute remained firm in the hearts of its readers with its Tutorials, Reviews, and guides to understand the ways of the Internet.

With the passage of time, the blog was also creating a strong foundation for a new venture. The intention was to extend our reach and expand our service offerings by pooling together all our knowledge and experience over the years.

Blogsolute Media was born in April 2014 and quickly became the aegis under which all the future ventures would be fostered. These strong pillars are built to support Blogsolute Media through its many adventures today, and also in the future.

The Dealarious Web Store is the second of such ventures fostered by Blogsolute Media. Several new ventures are already being strategically reviewed. Be sure to stay tuned for the new ventures that we will launch in the future!


rohit langde

​Rohit began his Internet journey in 2005 while he was still studying Mechanical Engineering in college. It was his passion for Computers and web technology that kept him rooted with Blogsolute. An ardent admirer of WordPress and gadgets, Rohit often speaks about his passions and his journey at events and seminars. He Retired from the Company on June 2017.

Sourojit’s story as a tech blogger begins in 2008 when he was also featured as one of the top technical bloggers. During his college days, Sourojit spent most of his time troubleshooting issues with his friends’ computers. A Computer Engineer, Sourojit still loves to mess around with his gadgets, tweak his Android devices, and play around with his Windows system.

Sourojit Nandi

​Our Commitments


Value Trumps Success


​​Customer is the King


​Right solutions for Your problems


​Your privacy is our responsibility


​​Quick. Smiling. And even on ​holidays


​​Coverage for products during their validity period

Our Motto

Sales go up and down. Service stays Forever.

​Sales go up & down. Service remains forever..