Pre-Sale Questions

How are Products Offered at a lower price on Dealarious Store?

Dealarious collaborates with many software distributors for product subscriptions from companies like Bitdefender, iObit, AVS, Kaspersky, McAfee, Internet Download Manager, etc. Software licenses sold on Dealarious are unused, genuine and you are liable for official support. Merchant discount and Bulk pricing help us to avail software copies at much lower prices. Hence we can provide the same to our customers.

Also, software vendors, from time to time, conduct promotional campaigns, and offer discounts on their products to gain more customers. Dealarious lists those promotions so that you can take benefit and save money. Also, we arrange exclusive deals with vendors to get the lowest possible price.

In Addition to the above, focusing on quality service and not Marketing has helped us in reducing unnecessary costs. Support is provided via Emails only. Hence, the overall cost of products remains lower. Dealarious employs a small but efficient and hard-working team. Since 2014, we have reached record response time to customer queries and even operate on weekends and public holidays.

Does Dealarious Store ship Software Box to my address?

In case you are purchasing a software product, it is a digital purchase, which means downloadable products only. You get a link to download it along with a genuine license or serial key to activate the product.

A physical package (CD/DVD) is a waste of money. There are several reasons:

  • They get damaged over time.
  • The application becomes unusable and outdated, as there is a new version available. Hence, anyhow, you will end up installing the same from the official manufacturer site.
  • The physical package increases the cost.

The solution to this issue is to download a fresh copy of the software, which is readily available free of cost at the manufacturer's website.

Is it safe to make transactions on Dealarious Store?

Dealarious Store uses SSL for general browsing. SSL encryption means even if you are on the store and are browsing through the products, your data is encrypted.

Our Payment Gateway 2Checkout is an entirely secure way of making money transactions online. Your Credit Card details are passed through 256 Bit SSL encryption, so do not worry about any information stealing. 2Checkout also provides the option to pay via PayPal. Hence an added layer of security for the skeptical.

Does Dealarious Store offer refund on purchase?

Almost all the 3rd party digital software sellers online strictly Do Not offer refund once the license is delivered. Dealarious store uniquely differs here.

On Dealarious store, you are purchasing the license key to activate the software.

We at Dealarious strongly suggest you download and test trial software before placing your order. Trial software helps you to determine whether you like the features of the software, compatibility issues, etc.

Once you are happy with the trial software, place your order. We cover the entire validity period of the purchased license. Hence, you do not have to worry about it. We stand by our quality, and in rare cases, if issues arise, we quickly resolve it with a replacement or refund as applicable.

If you think that you have made an error in the purchase, Contact Us immediately before the final delivery. If you have received the license email, please do not activate the product.

All refunds processed by Dealarious store are on technical grounds. We do make considerations if we find the request to be a genuine one. If you are not able to use the software due to technical issues, and there is no solution to it, you do not have to pay for it. As simple as that.

Is it safe to enter my Billing Information on Dealarious Store?

The contact information is necessary for billing and order management purposes only. If we are not able to deliver the order by Email (Delivery Failure), we will contact you via phone for an alternate email address where we can fulfill your request.

Apart from this, we DO NOT use your contact information for any other purpose. You will only receive occasional updates from us to your email.

Safety of your Privacy is our responsibility!

Where can I find additional coupon codes?

In many products, we integrate our coupon codes with the purchase link. You can compare the price before making the purchase.

Occasionally we give extra discounts, even at the lowest price, to benefit the customer. We will mention these coupons on the top section of the Product page.
In general, even without a coupon, you will get the best price for software products.

Will I get product support for my purchase?

Yes. If there is an issue with payment or activating the product, please contact us to get instant support.

If you need technical support like setting up and usage of software, please refer to the manual or contact us for further help. You are eligible for official support from the product manufacturer, as well.

Will I get the latest version of the software I plan to buy?

You are only buying the license key to activate the software product. Any purchase you make is for the latest version of that software product. You can directly download the software from its official website. For your convenience, we also include the download links in the order email.

Also, if mentioned (most of the time it is), you will get free upgrade versions of the product till the license period. Refer to the product Manufacturer policy for upgrades.

Post-Sale Questions

The download link in Email does not work

If this problem occurs, you can download the software directly from the developer website. Dealarious only provides the download links for your assistance. The links in emails are the same as available on the official product websites.

How long does it take for license delivery?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive the order confirmation email. This email notifies you that we have successfully received your order and are waiting for the payment verification to complete. The order confirmation email also consists of the download links to your purchased products. The best thing to do is to get the software ready before receiving the license code.

The order will be digitally delivered to your email address once Your Payment is verified. The average time for delivery is within 10 minutes.
If you do not receive the email receipt for your order immediately, contact us. It implies that your email provider is blocking emails from Dealarious.com, or they are landing in your Spam folder.

In your message, you can also provide us with an additional Email ID that you own. It ensures that we can send the license to another email if we are receiving delivery failure notice from your initial email used for the order.

Note: Please add Dealarious.com to your email address book so that your email provider does not block our emails.

I have mistyped my Email while placing the order, what now?

Do not worry. Just let us know, and we will make the necessary changes and manually send the delivery email to the correct ID.

Where Can I find the License key?

We will send an email with the product activation details i.e., the license code or serial key. Check your spam folder in case the email reached there. If you are using an office Email with storage space restriction, make sure you have enough free space to receive new emails before you place the order.

So, in any case, if you have not received the email, please do not panic — all you have to make sure that you can receive emails with the dealarious.com domain. Also, you can contact us and provide an alternate Email.

If you have created an account with us before placing the order, the details and license for the same will be available in your My Account area.

The License key I received is not as described

This problem will never happen. You will receive the License Key as described. However, there is always a chance of human error. If your license key is not working properly, Contact Us immediately.