Legitimately Low Priced

When Software Piracy is rampant, it is natural for customers to question the legitimacy of the low priced/discounted cost of License Keys. We believe differently. We believe that if software products are made available to customers at affordable prices, we will play a big part in reducing piracy and scams.

Dealarious Store is a reseller/affiliate of software companies. We take advantage of reseller discounts and occasional offers to give you our famously low prices. For more information, see our FAQs Section.

All trademarks and logos of the software products belong to their respective copyright holders. Dealarious Store only uses them for promotional and informational purposes.

At Dealarious, we only list genuine and legal Software products. We sell them to you AS IS and without any alterations. When you buy a discounted software from Dealarious Store, you purchase the subscription license to activate the Pro/Premium version product. Hence, you can download the latest version of the software from the respective Manufacturer's website.

Buyer’s Protection Policy

We provide legitimate activation keys for all the Software Products in our store. We also provide our customers with total purchase protection and support satisfaction.
When you buy from us, you get access to our FREE Product Activation Support and Guidance. That includes technical support and step-by-step product activation guidance.

Dealarious only sells software obtained from globally trusted vendors.

Is Dealarious Legit?

Dealarious Store Legit

We hate piracy as much as you do. Ours is but a small effort at eradicating it by making legitimate license keys available at affordable prices.
 We assure you that you will never receive any cracks/keygen/torrent/pirated License Keys from our Store.

We encourage you to download the latest version of the software from the manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve installed and updated your trial version, you can activate it using the License Keys purchased from the Dealarious Store.

We want you to get the latest version of the software without any alterations. Our License Keys are meant for the latest version of the software at the time of your purchase. Depending on your software version, you may even be able to upgrade to a newer version of the software within the validity period of your License.

License Validity Guaranteed

You may have heard about License Keys that work when activated but become invalid before their expiry date. It happens when the same license keys are sold to several buyers. Many pirate and scam sites sell such keys. Usually, when these keys are detected, the manufacturers step in and block them as a security measure.

The ones who suffer are the genuine buyers!

At Dealarious, we only sell authentic software products. Our licenses won’t become invalid before their expiry date. We have quality guarantee for the entire validity period of your subscriptions.