Bitdefender 2018 Offline Installer Kit

Bitdefender has moved on to Central Account. A Single Portal to manage your account, subscriptions, downloads, etc. However, many users still need Bitdefender 2018 offline installer download links which are not available in the portal. In this article, we are presenting them as discovered from Bitdefender servers. As of now, not all links are available.

bitdefender 2018 offline installer

It is always a good idea to have the Bitdefender 2018 Offline Installer kit handy. You can use them at time of reinstallation. Doing so, you will save a good amount of Internet data.

Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Offline Installer Kit

Download LinksSize in MB
Download 32 Bit353.85 MB
Download 64 Bit378.72 MB

Compatible with: Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 & 7

This guide is applicable for Bitdefender Total Security 2018, Internet Security 201​8 and Antivirus Plus 201​8. Bitdefender has merged every program in this single installer called the offline kit. When you install it along with Bitdefender Agent logged in to your Central Account, the program changes its version according to the subscription in your account.

Bitdefender 201​8 Offline Installer: Procedure

  1. Download offline kit: Bitdefender 2018 32-Bit or Bitdefender 2018 64-Bit as per your OS. This Step almost covers 50% of the task.

  2. Uninstall prior Bitdefender version from your PC. You can do so by using Bitdefender Removal Tool.

  3. Disconnect internet. Do not Forget this step.

  4. While you are offline, start Installation. If things are at the right place, the installation will finish. Connect Internet and Login to Central Account. Update the application. That's it.

    Have you already added a subscription in Central Account? Probably a different product i.e. Internet Security 201​8 or Antivirus Plus 201​8? Don't worry! As soon as you log in with the account, Bitdefender will automatically change the application.

  5.  Got Error?

You must first install Bitdefender Agent to be able to install Bitdefender 2018!

If you face above error, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to Bitdefender Central Account. Go to My Devices. On this screen, click on "Install Bitdefender" button. Download the web setup, 8.6 MB.
  • Now run the above setup. As a result, after a while, you will see the web download starts. Cancel the download.
  • Bitdefender agent installation is complete in above step. Silently done just before the download started.
  • Resume from step 3 and perform step 4. That's all for the installation part.
  • Right click on System tray Bitdefender icon and select "Update Now."

​Removing Offline Installer Kit is not a good step by Bitdefender. There are a lot of people who do not have a good Internet connection. Another case is for people who format their system very often. Hence, downloading the same package, again and again, makes no sense.

Bitdefender 201​8 Offline Installer: Issues

​Although it is an offline installer, you need a stable internet. Activation cannot happen without it. Please note that when using an offline Installer, you are using a relatively old setup file. Therefore, the time taken for the first update will be long. A patience test if your internet connection is either slow or keeps disconnecting a lot.

A web installer detects 32 / 64 bit OS automatically while the offline installer does not. Hence you have to download the exact version as your OS is. Confusing? You can use Microsoft OS Version Finder Guide. It will help you to determine the version of OS you are using.

Comparing to the web Installer, the Offline installer is still better. As you can at least install the application without fail. Updating the application is not an issue as it happens automatically as a background task.

Are these Bitdefender 201​8 Offline Installer links Official?

​Indeed a good question. Officially, Bitdefender says:

There will be no Bitdefender offline Installer kits

However, the links available now are from our official server. Hence they are safe to download and install. In addition, You should also take care not to download Bitdefender 2018 Offline Installer from dubious websites. If you do so, you are at risk of downloading modified files. While you install from such links, you might be installing other hidden applications too. Hence as a final caution, do not download from unknown servers.

What do you think? Are these Bitdefender 2018 Offline Installer links helpful? Do let us know by commenting below.

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