Is Bitdefender Good?

Bitdefender Antivirus good or bad?

In-depth review of Bitdefender considering all the points which general customer would think of before making a purchase decision. Get to know if it is good enough for you.

Bitdefender Family Pack Review

Bitdefender Family Pack consists of all the best protection suites from Bitdefender available for different platforms and devices. It’s a single license product to cover complete family.

Icecream Screen Recorder Review

Developer of utility software, IceCream apps have come up with a low cost solution for a screen recorder cum video editor. Although not to a professional level but it can serve as good solution for personal usage limited to creating video tutorials.

Sticky Password Premium Review 2017: A Fast Password Manager

An awesome Password management software with military grade protection. Cool thing about it is that data can be optionally stopped from syncing on Cloud and have Local sync over WiFi. Another plus point is its browser compatibility. I haven’t seen any Password manager with so many browser support and sync capabilities.

ABBYY Finereader PRO Review: Don’t Buy before Reading this

ABBY Finereader is advertised and even praised by critics but does it really read fine?

Range of Optical Character Recignition (OCR) software products isn’t crowded like any other field. Probably because it is difficult or a skilled job to develop OCR technology on our own which would be accurate in order to capture market.

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