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Bitdefender Total Security + Zemana Antimalware

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Zemana has earned it’s reputation to be the most light weight Anti-Malware application. Among the top three worldwide Zemana offers an additional protection to your Pc along with Bitdefender. This package offers you the best security combination from the two Cyber Security giants.

Contents of Package:

  • Bitdefender Total Security | 5 Devices – 1 Year
  • Zemana Antimalware | 3 Pcs – 1 Year

Having both of them together makes your PC extra secure. Zemana Antimalware is 100% compatible with Bitdefender.

Region: Global | Download Only | Limited Time Offer

Customer reviews of Bitdefender Total Security + Zemana Antimalware

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5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Frank Jones

    Frank Jones

    This holiday shopping weekend I saved $100 from Dealarious on this combo offer!!
    Made the purchase through PayPal.

  2. Bryan McCombs

    Bryan McCombs

    What more could I have asked for! Cheers and Happy Halloween to Dealarious team!!

  3. Jack Anthony

    Jack Anthony

    I am impressed with Zemana Antimalware’s in-depth scan. The antivirus of my choice is Bitdefender Total Security. Great products!

  4. James Merrill

    James Merrill

    Most advanced anti malware tool that I have ever used. Super awesome combo!

  5. Randy

    Great Combo, FABULOUS PRICE!


    I used to run Avast “Free” and Malwarebytes “Free”…they are both good in their own right but I wanted something far more robust, more secure, & faster/less cumbersome on system resources without the aforementioned limitations AND the other things that come by nature of ‘freeware’ ie nothing is EVER “free” in this field. SO GLAD i decided to purchase the bundle, and at a HUGE savings! Right now we have our WIN 10 computers and Android phones on Bitdefender, and while still in the honeymoon phase with a new product- I’ve VERY impressed and will refer others to this duo. I really appreciate the extra installation instruction link (it wasn’t needed but it’s nice to have) and more importantly, the Bitdefender 2019 Total Security downloadable manual. Just…IMPRESSIVE!! As far as Zemana Antimalware Premium, I don’t have anything bad to say about it, and am confident in the product from what I’ve read about it. For the money, IMO, this bundle should be purchased by anyone looking to upgrade their AV/Security suite, etc on their Windows computer/Android phones etc. I had my codes and was downloading product just minutes after my purchase. At this point I can’t say anything but THANK YOU, dealarious.com!