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G Data Total Security is a premium security with advanced engineering techniques to prevent malware and antivirus attacks. In the search for features that are beyond these basic software, we should not forget that infection prevention is the main purpose of premium security software.

G Data Total Security 2014 Review


AV Test, an independent institute for IT security, is a respectable source of product testing information. This institute is located in Germany. It happens that G Data is a German company, and they took the time, effort, money, and trouble to include their software to compete with dozens of other antiviruses at the AV Test. The test has 3 categories: usability, repair, and protection.

G Data was efficient in the protection test and proved itself to be competent in preventing malwares like Trojan, worms, and viruses. Some tests involved real-time situation that included new threats that do not exist yet in the database of threat signatures. The test also included malwares that prevalent and widespread.

G Data did a good job in repairing computers that were infected by viruses. On the other hand, the software nearly failed to the usability tests, which had to do with false flagging of malware on legitimate software and impact of system performance.


G Data Total Security 2014 filters dangerous website and keeps your emails protected. The software can protect your when filling out your bank credentials as it can detect Trojans. It has a database for signature threats and can analyze threats by monitoring the program behavior. This implies that it can protect your against new threats. Other advanced features include automatic backup of your files and protection for your confidential information like passwords.

G Data Total Security is a complete solution for internet security and data protection. It provides the best protection from internet threats, spam, hackers, and viruses by employing advanced technology. In addition, it offers data backup and personal data protection against identity theft or loss. The protection is configured easily and it runs on the background and does not consume your resource too much. You are covered with instant protection when you are browsing the net or handling your emails. It can recognize the behavior of new viruses. The program is very light on your resource because it uses fingerprinting.

So if you are looking for a respected antivirus that offers top quality protection, then you can never go wrong if you choose G Data.