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Genie Timeline 2014 gives you advanced automated backup options. The best thing about this backup tool is that, You can view backup activities in a timeline and also have compressed backups with Military grade Encryption. Coupon code already integrated with purchase link.

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  1. Karel Podaný

    Karel Podaný

    Good for automated backup. Thanks for the great discount.


If you are looking for a data backup and restoration software, then Genie Timeline is perfect for you. Before you decide to buy Genie Timeline, you have to read this post first as there are 3 different version of this software, namely Home, Pro, and Server.

Genie Timeline Home 2014 – Effortless protection for all your files

  • The software is very simple and easy, three steps to configure and you can forget about it.
  • The program merges with Windows by controlling your back with a single right click.
  • Fully automatic. No intervention is required as the program will automatically run without you noticing it.
  • Backup and monitor your files on the go. You can monitor your backup files anywhere in the world.
  • Backups all your important data. It automatically finds and backups important files in your computer so you do not have to do it.
  • System recovery protects your computer from crashes, hardware failures, and viruses.
  • Lightweight and fast software. It does not consume much system resource and does not alert you with notifications when playing games or viewing movies.

Genie Timeline Professional 2014 – One time setup, a lifetime of protection

  • Filter restore view
  • Has 3 level protection status
  • Control the program when turbo mode starts
  • Search old backups
  • Rename backup folder and set username and computer name
  • Remove deleted files from the backup files
  • New GUI
  • Configure full scan interval
  • Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Improved filter system
  • Activate delayed service start
  • Edit email subject
  • Exit system tray agent

Genie Timeline Server 2014 – One time setup, a lifetime of protection

  • Genie Timeline is protected with a military-grade encryption algorithm known as the 256-AES. This ensures that your files will never be leaked or hacked.
  • You can now recover deleted files with the Timeline version.
  • The software offers a mobile app to track your backup status. You can also receive notifications of the backup status through your inbox.
  • The advanced settings will guarantee that users will have all their needs. You can utilize the IntelliCDP to let the software work on its own like shutdown computer after backup and much more.
  • Basically, this version has the features and functions of the Home and Professional editions but offers a high level of encryption and protection.

If you are only after the basic backup functions, then you can go with the Home edition. If you are a more advanced user, then you can go with the Professional user. And lastly, if you know more about the advance functions of data backup with additional features, then you can go with the Server version.