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Hide My IP v6 is a trusted software for anonymous browsing and protecting your privacy online. Free yourself from all restrictions imposed by your ISP. Premium Add-ons can be purchased separately to increase the extent of your experience with greater speeds and vast range of IP’s to select.

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Hide My IP is a trusted software for anonymous browsing and protecting your privacy online. IP address of your computer connected to Internet reveal stuffs about you more than you can think. Hide your IP and protect your real identity on web!

Hide My IP Overview

Your Address location, Service provider, area of residence and many things which should be confidential can be available to others at the moment you are connected to Internet. So, Hide My IP makes sure that you surf web without revealing your real identity. It is made possible by changing the IP to something else.
With the help of Hide My IP, hiding IP of computer is just a one click job.

Benefits of Hiding IP

• Real identity is protected
• Surf Web anonymously.
• No country specific restrictions.
• Websites cannot collect personal information about you.
• Hacker Safety online.

Regarding its compatibility with web browsers, Hide My IP seems to come fully prepared as it supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Opera. With a single click users can enable Hide My IP for either of the aforementioned web browsers.

Along with identity theft protection, you get a bonus feature of anonymous surfing. It means if you are from India, it is possible to surf web as if you were from USA. All those websites, videos, Radio channels and TV shows restricted for you will be unblocked automatically.

It happens because the websites which you visit couldn’t track your location. Nobody comes to know who are you and where are you from so, you get to see all the content.