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IObit AMC Security Pro

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AMC Security is an all-in-one app for Android smartphone security and speed-boosting. Using this app, you can not only protect your phone but also improve speed and performance.

It also comes with an in-built antivirus suite for finding malicious apps and other types of malware on your phone. You also get features like Battery Saver, Call Blocker, Privacy Locker, and App Manager in AMC Security for Android.

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IObit AMC Security for Android offers a bunch of options for Security and Performance Boosting. It’s a lightweight app you can install on any Android device, but the performance improvements are superb. Is your smartphone is lagging? Are you unsure about the reasons? IObit AMC Security is here to help. It will help you find the reasons and fix them. You can also have an antivirus tool inside, which will scan your Android for malicious apps, adware, and other malware.

IObit AMC Security: Features

  • Performance Boosting: IObit AMC Security uses different methods to boost the performance of your Android phone.
  • Memory Boost: You can release RAM from the device in a single click.
  • Security: Android security section of IObit AMC Security has many features to offer, like antivirus and anti-theft.
  • App Manager: Uninstall Android apps in bulk. A must have feature!
  • Battery Saver: The battery saver utility optimizes your Android phone for better performance.
  • Call/SMS Blocker: You can easily get rid of annoying SMSs and Calls from particular numbers
  • Privacy Locker: It’s a private space where you can encrypt and store your files, photos, documents, contacts etc.
  • Privacy Analyzer: This feature will analyze your apps and required permissions. So, you know if there are privacy issues.

Android Mobile Security: Overview

Despite being lightweight, IObit AMC Security uses different methods to increase speed and protect your device. We can take the case of Performance Boosting for instance. This Speed Booster package will clean your cache junk, delete obsolete APKs, close background running apps, and deletes privacy records. This way, you can release more resources.

In the same way, Security utility analyses your Android devices quite deeply. You can get features like Anti-Theft Protection and Anti-Phishing Protection. At the same time, Memory Boost works by closing the active apps from the list. You can release more RAM and have a better multitasking experience.

It’s equally easy to use the other features of IObit AMC Security. Privacy Locker is a good way to password-protect your confidential files and documents. Or, you can use the Call/SMS Blocker to get rid of annoying people. All these features work hand in hand with the Protection and Speed Booster suite.


Summing up, AMC Security is an effective way to increase the speed and get antivirus protection. We really loved its additional features like Anti-Theft, Privacy Locker, and App Manager. Unlike the other so-called speed booster apps, IObit AMC Security does not lag Android devices. In our experience, there was a notable increase in speed and stability.