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iObit Protected Folder

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Security of sensitive files in a PC is a top priority task. Protected Folder is a simple yet efficient application by iObit for this task. It has a simple interface with easy to use functions. Add files/folders by simple drag & drop operation. You can lock the files with few clicks and keep them safe.

Locked files can only be accessed with correct password and no other way.

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  1. Ted Wood

    Ted Wood

    An efficient security application from Iobit to protect my files and folders. I tested it before purchasing the subscription.

    At Dealarious store, It cost me only around $13 as opposed to the official store price at $19.95.


Protecting one’s Privacy is a major concern in the present scenario. Unlike online Privacy, which is a near to impossible goal, Privacy on your computer is easy to maintain. Of course, you will need the help of some tools.

Privacy on the local level on PC mostly concerns a lot of folders and file protectors out in the market today, but they don’t work in the desired manner. Most of them have a bad interface, most don’t work at all, and others take a long time to encrypt or decrypt.

Protected Folder Overview

iObit Protected folder is a simple tool to lock any folder or file on your system. As iObit is already well known for software with a beautiful interface, the Protected folder does not disappoint.

The interface is simple and beautiful. All you need to do is add a master password to the application. Be careful not to forget the password, as it can lead to another issue where you cannot get your files.

Once the password is set, you must add files and folders to the application. This action can be performed either by using the “Add” Button or, the simplest way, dragging and dropping the files. Once Files are added to this Virtual Vault, they are locked.

Among the lock options are Hide, Restrict Read, and Restrict Write. To unlock the files, first, you have to remove them from the vault, or you can also unlock and view files/folders from the vault itself without removing them. No additional time is taken to decrypt the files.

Protected Folder Performance

We tested Protected Folders in Windows 10 x64, and everything went fine. We could not break through locked files, no matter what method we adopted. This leads us to say that Protected Folder secures your Files and folders on your PC efficiently.