Kaspersky Plus 2024

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$57.99 $20.95

$57.99 $20.95

Kaspersky Plus is a powerful cybersecurity solution that provides rigorous, real-time defenses against the latest malicious threats along with additional security features. 

It protects your digital identity, secures online banking data, and provides a hassle-free browsing experience across multiple devices. Check countries supported by Zone Americas.

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  1. Terry


    Very nice offer. Kaspersky Plus is a good choice if you need an antivirus with VPN and for the features that it provides, it is well worth the buy.


Kaspersky Plus is an effective antivirus solution that protects against the most current malicious threats. Its comprehensive antivirus engine not only ensures the security of your devices against dangerous malware but also prioritizes safeguarding your digital privacy. The program effectively shields your online browsing, transactions, social media interactions, personal data, and other sensitive information across multiple devices. Also, you can get antivirus protection at the best price using Kaspersky Plus Promo codes and coupons.

Note: When installing Kaspersky Plus, you can install additional applications such as Kaspersky VPN Secure and Kaspersky Password Manager to enhance the security of your online identity. They are separate applications, but its included with the Kaspersky Plus subscription.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 and later, macOS 11 or later, Android 8 or later, iOS 15 or later

Processor: 1GHz or higher 

Disk Space: 1500MB free space 

RAM: 1GB (32-bit), 2GB (64-bit)


Kaspersky Plus Interface

The Kaspersky Antivirus product range maintains a consistent interface design, which is hardly distinguishable. The interface features a left-side menu with options such as Home, Security, Performance, and Privacy, each with its own dedicated page with various functions. 

On the Home page, just below the security status banner, you’ll discover helpful tips and recommendations. Below these suggestions, there are panels to initiate

  • Quick Scan,
  • Speed up your PC, and 
  • Kaspersky VPN. 

As you scroll down further, you’ll find a button allowing you to view a list of devices connected to your network, which is unavailable in Kaspersky Standard.

Kaspersky Plus: Features

Real-time Scanning:

Kaspersky Plus continuously scans your system to detect and block new and established threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, botnets, etc., safeguarding your online privacy.

Anti-Ransomware Protection:

The tool helps detect and block both local and remote-access ransomware attacks.

Anti-Phishing Protection:

This feature protects you from malicious websites and phishing links sent via emails. It detects suspicious activity and warns you about it.

Online Payment Protection:

This feature helps you conduct all your financial transactions through a secured and encrypted browser.

PC Optimization:

Use multiple tune-up tools to enhance the performance of your system.

Safe Web Browsing:

It actively monitors your internet traffic and prevents any suspicious web activity from affecting your system or compromising your data.

Cryptojacking Protection:

It stops others from using your computer’s power for cryptocurrency mining without your permission.

Data Leak Checker:

This feature alerts you if your personal account details are exposed on the internet or the dark web.

Keylogger Detection:

This feature helps protect your data from Keyloggers using hypervisor technology.

Kaspersky Plus: Key Features

Smart Home Monitor:

This feature monitors devices linked to your home network and notifies you if it detects any vulnerabilities, like weak passwords or insecure router encryption.

Hard Drive Health Monitor:

This feature continuously checks the health of your internal and external hard drives and alerts you if their health is deteriorating. If the app detects that your hard drive is in bad shape, it then lets you copy your data to a secure storage medium.

Backup and Restore:

Kaspersky Plus allows you to create a backup of your important files and restore them when needed to protect against data loss.

Unlimited VPN:

Kaspersky Plus includes an unlimited encrypted VPN connection for secure online browsing, protecting you from data tracking. With its VPN service, you can enjoy seamless streaming of TV shows and movies with an ultra-fast, secure connection, free from buffering and delays. Also, it notifies about the threats or enables VPN upon connection to the insecure Wi-Fi networks.

Password Manager:

Kaspersky assists you in securely storing and synchronizing your passwords, credit card information, and documents across multiple devices. It also notifies you in case of any password leaks, ensuring your online security.

Secret Vault:

This feature enables you to secure your confidential data within a password-protected secret vault, guarding it against unauthorized access. Robustly protected by advanced encryption, it transforms sensitive information into an unreadable format for enhanced security. 

File Shredder:

This feature helps you delete your data permanently making it hard to retrieve using standard software tools.

Missing Features in Kaspersky Plus:

  • Identity Protection Wallet
  • Remote Access Detection
  • Parental Control
  • Smart Home Monitor (Advanced)
  • 24/7 Remote IT Support
  • Expert Virus Check & Removal
  • Expert PC Health Check

Kaspersky Plus: Promo Codes & Pricing Plans

Kaspersky Plus protects 1, 3, 5, and 10 devices and provides one and two-year subscription plans. Using our Kaspersky Plus Promo codes, you can get the best price with upto 65% Off on the subscription of your choice. Please visit the pricing section above to purchase other combinations of device types.

Kaspersky Plus also offers a 30-day free trial version to evaluate the product before planning to buy. If you want to shop for good alternatives, please try Bitdefender Total Security and Avast Ultimate, which are competitively priced.

Q) Does Kaspersky Plus offer a free trial?

Yes. Kaspersky provides a 30-day fully functional free trial of the app to try it before buying.

Q) How to activate Kaspersky Plus with the activation code?

You must create a “My Kaspersky” account using your email to initiate the activation process. Sign in to the account and then add the Kaspersky Plus activation code.

Q) How do I get a promo code on Kaspersky Plus?

Our Kaspersky Plus promo codes offer you the best subscription deals and discounts online.

Q) Is Kaspersky Plus compatible with other older versions of Kaspersky applications?

Yes. You can use the Kaspersky Total Security license to activate Kaspersky Plus.

Q) Does Kaspersky Plus have VPN?

No. The Plus plan includes an unlimited VPN.

Q) How do I get in touch with Kaspersky Support?

You can contact Kaspersky at their official support page.

How Good Is The Support?

Kaspersky Plus boasts a support team that’s quick to respond and patiently addresses your queries. They provide forums, FAQs, application setup tips, support tools, and a feature to record problems by making a video or trace file within the app. Additionally, you can reach out to their support team through their official website and fill out a form for live chat support. Furthermore, if you need more details about the platform, you can turn to their official resources, which can effectively walk you through the application’s features.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Your Purchase?

Kaspersky’s powerful antivirus technology competes head-on with top cybersecurity solutions like Norton, Avast, and Bitdefender. In addition to comprehensive security protection, the application provides services like efficient VPN services, password management, a security vault, and features like file encryption and shredder.

Overall, it stands out as a solid antivirus solution with an impressive malware detection rate, a plethora of useful and well-designed features, a user-friendly dashboard, and reasonable pricing that make it worth a try.