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$19.99 $15.99

If you are looking for a cheap and easy to use Bulk image editor, then Light Image Resizer is a perfect solution. The discount coupon code is already integrated with the purchase link.

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  1. Keira Brennan

    Keira Brennan

    Good image editor. Suitable for office work and personal use.



Are you a person who is fascinated by pictures? Or do you often have loads of images and you want to put in different places, profiles or digital frames?

If yes, then you are always looking for tools that help you play around with pictures. You may need to crop them, resize them alter their formats or even edit them in a bulk. The best thing that you can come up with is Light Image Resizer.

Light Image Resizer Overview

You can resize picture by selecting one resolution and save then in target folders by renaming them if you want. It can also change one format to the other such that you can use it anywhere. It also supports batch conversion of bulk photos just by applying it to a folder or sub folder.

In case you are a serious person who is equally concerned about your photos and want to do more with it then this product offers extended options.

It provides you with the feature to compress the pictures, customize it the way you want by changing effects and borders. The batch conversion process is very fast and it can convert all of them from JPEG to PDF. The images that are edited can be made email compatible such that you can send them without any glitches.

Sorting the images is also possible via this product. There is also an important feature by which you can add a water mark or html-like text formatting with transparency support. When you resize or edit, there is also an option to preview so that you can see the changes made. Edit, create, export, backup are also supported.

Hence over all this a reliable product that can give you an all-round experience in resizing of images individually or in bulk. This will crater most of your requirement pertaining to image and making it fit for use.