Movavi Photo Editor 2023

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$69.95 $29.95

$69.95 $29.95

The Movavi Photo Editor helps you retouch, edit and reshape your photos in a newer improved and much more engaging way. It is easy to use and works over a wide range of photos.

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Customer reviews of Movavi Photo Editor 2023

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5 out of 5 stars

What others are saying

  1. Christopher


    I find Movavi useful for editing my pictures to share with family and friends. Beginner friendly and affordable.
    My favourite features are retouching and erasing objects.

  2. Alex


    Movavi’s photo editor app is good and worth trying. I got some really nice and natural results using the AI photo editor. Currently on the lifetime license plan.

  3. Dylan Friend

    Dylan Friend

    The AI-powered features in Movavi Photo Editor 2023 allows me to improve image quality to a great extent. I recommend this app to anyone who is looking for an easy to use and budget friendly editor.

  4. Craig


    With 58% off right now, it’s an amazing deal on the lifetime license of Movavi photo editor. I received the activation code shortly and it’s working well. Thanks to Dealarious for the discount.

  5. Beth


    Movavi Picverse is a helping hand for my social media. I love how instantly it adjusts the color and brightness of the photos with its automatic adjustments. The best $30 I have ever spent.


This article will discuss one of the hottest photo-editing apps – Movavi Photo Editor. Also, we will review it and tell you why we think you should consider it seriously as your next photo editor. Besides, visit our Movavi Photo Editor coupon codes section for the best discounts & offers.

Everyone from an aspiring social media influencer to an award-winning wildlife photographer needs a photo-editing app. You can say that most of us, at some point or other, have used photo editing tools and apps, whether they are on our phones, through social media filters, or on our laptops.

While some photo editing apps can be too simplistic and trivial, others can be too advanced or complicated. Likewise, while some apps may be free, others can demand a premium subscription. All these reasons contribute to alienating a broad cross-section of the population from using photo-editing apps.

Movavi Photo Editor: Features

Movavi Photo Editor 2023 Interface

It would be worthwhile to review some key features that make the Movavi Photo Editor one of the best in the market.

AI Adjust

The Adjust tab allows you to automatically or manually adjust the photo’s brightness, contrast, color, shadows, etc. HDR Lighting, Enhance, and Denoise sliders help you to make these adjustments to your images.

Removing Unwanted Objects from your photos

Are there too many people in your perfect Eiffel Tower or Venice’s waterways? Likewise, for social media influencers shooting on busy streets or markets, the lure to remove certain unwanted elements from the shot can be a desirable proposition.

With AI-based tools, you can easily remove objects, people, elements, and things that are not like. There are options to erase objects automatically or manually. The best part about it is that once you delete an original item from your shot, the other features of the editing software are there to make it as natural as possible.

Restoring old and scrubby photos of yesteryears

Have you ever seen that old family photo with four generations together in the same frame? We all know how nostalgic such images can be. We all want to share these old, faded, nearly torn images on our social media channels.

With the AI Restoration feature, you can reconstruct old images that have experienced the burden of wear and tear for many decades. You can restore old photos, remove creases, and even convert black-and-white photos to colored ones. It will help you keep and share your memories with everyone.

Retouching portraits with 17 different types of tools

Some amazing filters on social media platforms blow us all away. However, Movavi makes all of them look trivial and stupid. You can retouch photos automatically or manually. If you choose to retouch photos manually, the editor has 17 amazing touch-up tools that you can try out:

  • Applying makeup
  • Changing the shape of your body
  • Enlarging your eyes
  • Highlighting body features like eyebrows and lips

The best part about the entire AI-based retouching process is that it is effortless for everyone to use. You do not have to be an expert to understand the software’s settings. The UI of Movavi Photo Editor is probably its most excellent strong suit.

Movavi Photo Editor 2023: New Features

What makes Photo Editor 23 unique is its artificial intelligence-based technology.

Custom Presets

With the new Movavi Photo Editor 23, you can create your own Presets. You can manually create a preset by using all the available settings and then clicking on Save preset.

Movavi Photo Editor 2023: User Interface

I have already pointed out that what makes Movavi stand out is its very engaging and easy User Interface and User Experience. As you open the software, you will see that the tools and features are on the right-hand side.

  • Adjust
  • Retouching
  • Erasing objects
  • Old Photo Restoration
  • Change Background
  • Add Text
  • Insert Image
  • Special Effects
  • Crop, Rotate and Resize

When you click on a particular function, you will see the same expansion on the screen’s right-hand side.

You have your magnifying range at the bottom of your screen, the other pictures in your selection key, and the hand controls. You also get the aspect ratio, along with the full-screen option.

Your image sits right in the middle, giving you access to all the tools and filters in a convenient position. The layout is easy to grasp, encouraging to operate, and highly functional. One of the coolest features of Movavi is that you can increase the resolution or compress the file without losing any quality!

Movavi Photo Editor Coupon Codes & Pricing Plans

This section will examine Movavi Photo Editor Pricing Plans and available coupons. Officially, the lifetime license is available at 69.95 USD. Besides, at Dealarious, we always have discounts on Movavi products. We always offer exciting price discounts with the latest Movavi Photo Editor coupon codes.

However, a time-bound offer usually changes in a few days. Hence, if you see a great offer on the Movavi Photo Editor, grab it as soon as possible. Also, you can check our Movavi Video Editor Plus and Movavi Video Suite coupon codes.

What makes the Photo Editor a Stellar editing software?

The more we explore Movavi’s excellent photo editing software, the more we understand its strong reputation. For our readers’ convenience, we have narrowed down some of the significant points that make the software the best on the market.

Encourages Learning and Ease of Use

Most people who want to use a photo editing app start as amateurs. Movavi’s ease of use is so encouraging that no matter how much of a novice you are, it will be a breeze for you. The interface encourages you to play with the settings, features, and options at your fingertips. Hence, within a few weeks, you will master the entire software.

Affordable and Life-Long Pricing

If you look at some of Movavi’s major competitors, you will notice that they follow a subscription model. Your software usage is limited to six months or a year at best. With Movavi, what your purchase helps you last a lifetime. Hence, you are purchasing software forever, with all the support that comes with it.

A wide variety of Features and Functionalities

From retouching tools to photo restoration and removing unwanted elements to the best filters, Movavi helps you with the industry benchmark in photo editing. At no point will you experience that there is anything that is lacking in the software. Also, the vast plethora of functionalities and features is sure to satisfy even the hardest critic.

Frequent Updates for the product

You can get nearly three updates with improvements every single month. Not to mention, bug fixing is a regular occurrence. Many users have pointed out that they experience a new feature every time they use the software.

24×7 Tech Support

You always have the fantastic and expert tech support of Movavi to bail you out even if you encounter issues or problems. They work in several languages, including German, French, and Chinese. Also, they encourage you to take the tutorial before proceeding with the software. Moreover, Movavi maintains a vibrant resource section to help people every step of the way.

Conclusion: Is Movavi Photo Editor Worth Buying?

Movavi  Photo Editor 2023 is a sum of simple parts which pack in a powerful punch. Hence, it combines features and versatilities, bringing a unique and excellent product. If you want to edit portraits, you will never need another editing app other than Movavi. The one-time price and the regular updates make it an attractive proposition.