Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021

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$39.95 $22.95

$39.95 $22.95

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021 is a comprehensive solution that lets you create, edit, and enhance your dream video content. It does not matter the type of output you need in the end, the tool will help you manage both audio and video sectors.

Movavi Video Editor Plus brings ways to boost the quality of video content, such as sharpness customization and stabilization. In short, it has everything you need for video editing. Check System Requirements: Windows | Mac.

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Customer reviews of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021

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5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Rowan Ingham

    Rowan Ingham

    The interface is super user friendly. Adding filters and special effects to videos is really fun. I recently got to know how to add overlays to videos.

    I had to upgrade due to the trial limitations, but glad that I got a good discount offer on the one year subscription plan from this software discount store.

  2. Grumio Anthony

    Grumio Anthony

    Movavi is a great choice for video editing especially 4k. it has all the basic video editing tools to make my videos look professional.

    I got it at a reasonable price from this store and renewed it for another year.  

  3. Vicente Caetano

    Vicente Caetano

    Um software cortador de vídeo muito bom que estou usando no meu PC com Windows. Além disso, ao trabalhar em vídeos 4K, o tempo de processamento também é bom.

  4. Declan Wilson

    Declan Wilson

    I searched for many options to work on my old videos and found Movavi to be great. I had lots of memories stored in VHS cassettes and had to bring back a spark in them.

    Movavi Video Editor has helped me to edit and convert old analog videos into digital ones.Now I have all the special memories with me for a lifetime.

  5. Dillard Adams

    Dillard Adams

    I am new to video editing, so professional software isn’t the preferred choice for me yet. With Movavi Video Editor, I can do all the basic editing. I can easily drag and drop the files, add music and effects to make my videos look more professional. The tutorials are of great help to learn more advanced features.

    Worthy program for beginners.


Movavi Video Editor 2021 Plus consists of every option you need for the perfect video content. It is suitable for amateur and professional video editing projects. Let that be a simple video slideshow or a full-fledged short film project. In Movavi Video Editor 2021 Plus, we find different areas for managing various aspects of the movie. You can now get the best price using our Movavi Video Editor coupon for Windows & Mac.

For instance, for controlling the audio quality and video quality, you get different sections. Overall, customization and ease of use are important factors in Movavi Video Editor 2021 Plus. We compared it with the Camtasia video editor. Though they are at distinct professional levels, with Movavi, we were able to get close results. That speaks about how good the Movavi Editor is. You can also visit the official Product page at Movavi.

Movavi Video Editor 2021 Plus New Features

  • New and improved interface design
  • Media bin for quick access to project files
  • Frame-by-frame preview of the video on Timeline
  • Slideshow Wizard: Create slideshows in three easy steps, then automatically sync slide duration with the music
  • Reverse video and audio: Make the action in your video go backward
  • 140 types of stickers: Arrows, speech bubbles, and other symbols are great for educational videos and presentations
  • 113 new transition presets: Parallax, Diffuse, Flash, Puzzle, and more
  • 172 new filter presets: Tube TV Retro effects, Distortion, Bokeh Blur, Light Leaks, Lens Flare, and more
  • 48 new title presets: Video Series, Trendy Circle, Studio, Quote, and more
  • 20 new background images
  • Synchronization of Audio files
  • 24 new audio samples: Applause, Laughter, Gunshot, and more
  • 18 new audio tracks for different moods
  • New audio editing tools: Synchronization, Equalizer, Audio Effects, Noise Removal, Beat Detection
  • Audio filters: Robot, Radi+o, Echo, etc
  • Automatic audio beat detection
  • Mute entire audio tracks or individual clips
  • Fix vertical videos shot with your smartphone – remove black bars in one click
  • Improved Chroma Key and Stabilization tools
  • Rotate video and images to any angle and crop them at the same time
  • Control video bitrate, aspect ratio, and codecs
  • Export video in 4K – support for 3840×2160 and 4096×2160 resolutions
  • Modified multimedia engine

So, we have a lot of additions. Most outstanding is the 4K Video support. You can view the complete official changelog Here. However, please note that to edit 4K videos, you will need a powerful PC & graphics card with dedicated memory.

Movavi Video Editor 2021 Plus: Input Options

When it comes to input files, it gives you enough freedom! There are five ways in which you can enter content. You can directly transfer the footage from your video camera or choose the files you have stored on your PC. Likewise, it is possible to record webcam footage and to digitize the content from VHS tape or TV tuners. If you want to create a simple slideshow or something, you can add the photographs from your device. Regardless of the way you choose, the Editor supports a vast number of media file formats. For instance, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.

Movavi Video Editor 2021 plus Editing Options

In the Editing part, different sets of actions are available. To get a video to the desired length, you have basic operations such as video slicing, rotating, and cropping. You can then use Movavi Video Editor’s stunning transitions to unite these fragments. There are a lot of transitions available. Also, more than 60 video effects are possible. You get Color balance, sepia, flying objects, split-screen, and more. You can use these to enhance the creative part of video output. In short, have the most excellent video content in the shortest time possible.

The Video Editor Interface

The Movavi Video Editor 2021 plus offers some cool features. The interface resembles standard editing apps, and hence it is easy to grasp quickly.

Bottom Panel

Movavi Video Editor Plus has a dedicated sector to add audio, video, transitions, effects, etc. This section is called your editing workspace, and it occupies the whole bottom part. You can always zoom in and out while working on your tracks.

Left Panel

The left panel has all the options for adding background, effects, text, stickers, animation, video stabilization, etc. The right panel is your preview window. All the editing you perform on the tracks shows up live in the preview window.

Right Panel

The right panel shows the live preview of edited tracks. You can detach this panel from the editor screen. Separating the preview window helps in case you have multiple monitors.

Movavi Video Editor 2021 vs. Plus Edition

There are many significant differences between the base edition and Video Editor 2021 Plus edition.

Hence, please check before buying the one that suits you. We recommend going for the Video Editor Plus Edition to have maximum choices. Also, using our Movavi video editor discount codes, even the Video Editor version is much cheaper.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Coupon codes

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Despite all these features, the User Interface of Movavi Video Editor Plus is way too simple. Regardless of the experience, you have in editing, you can start creating breathtaking video output. The video editor offers the best performance due to its new multimedia engine and the Intel HD Graphics Technology. It is entirely compatible with Windows 10, our test machine.