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Ocster Backup PRO 9

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Ocster Backup Pro 9 is an automated tool for Windows file backups. Easy to configure with cloud storage facility. Once the backup schedule is set, there is nothing you have to worry about. Ocster can automatically pause scheduled backups when it detects heavy system usage. You can also choose to encrypt backups files to increase security.

It is fully compatible with Windows 10.

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One of the main features of Ocster Backup Pro is that it was developed to work fully automatic. After downloading and installing the software, you will need to create backups just like what you would do in other backup programs. You also have the option to create selected backups. After doing the initial configurations, you are already in the safe side as the program will automatically create backups to ensure that the backups you are making are the latest.

Ocster Backup Pro 9 Overview

Once the backup is complete, you can save and keep it on your hard drive. Ocster Backup Pro is capable of sending backup files to the local network drive or to Ocster Secure Storage. The latest version needs you to have an internet connection. Saving your backup to the cloud server gives you a secure and reliable place to save your backups. You have the option to save your backups to popular cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive etc.

In addition with the secure online storage, this program offers the highest level of reliability. When sending backup files, the program will encrypt your data and will be stored in one or more location. In this manner, you are assured that you backup files, wherever they are, are safe and will not be jeopardized.

Auto pausing is great feature. This feature allows Ocster to automatically pause schedule backups as it detects heavy system resource usage.

Ocster Backup Pro features an intuitive and easy user interface and it does not require a lot of experience when using it. This program is also perfect for advanced users as it also offers advanced features and functions that can be easily accessed. The advanced features contain incremental backups, compression, encryption, and open files back up.

Ocster Backup Pro 9 Performance

We tested Ocster backup Pro 9 on a Windows 10, 64 Bit machine. There were no problems such as crashes or Windows slowdown. As mentioned earlier, it is super easy to use application. We were able to create the first backup without any hassle.  The process of taking backup is simple. Options are presented at different screens as we proceed. We were able to setup the backup within a minute. Backups were taken with considerable speed.