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$322.65 $69.95

$322.65 $69.95

A simple yet powerful VPN. With PIA, you can use many advanced features like Port Forwarding, custom Port, Security Protocol selection, Kill Switch, and Split Tunnel.

Zero Log Guarantee ensures that none of your session details are stored in PIA servers. You can use PIA for P2P traffic and also block online ads. Private Internet Access also gives you high speed data transfers. Hence, watching 4k Streams are not an issue.

Region: Global | Official Promotion | 30 Days Refund

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Customer reviews of Private Internet Access VPN

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  1. Kai Hopper

    Kai Hopper

    I mostly connect to a VPN for torrenting purposes. Being a PIA VPN user for almost a year, I have found the speed to be great across most of the servers that I have used. I recommend it.

  2. Massimo Agrusa

    Massimo Agrusa

    Normally VPNs slow down the internet speed but in the case of PIA, the speed is good. Also had the most stable connection. Right now on the 2 years subscription plan and going great!!

  3. Cady Denzil

    Cady Denzil

    The best deal that I could get for the 2-year subscription plan @2.59 per month. Also includes an extra three months for free with the purchase.


Whenever we browse the internet, we always crave anonymity. The very reason that more and more people are opting for VPNs or Virtual Private Networks. While there are many options in the market, we will discuss Private Internet Access VPN.

We look at some of the features, pricing plans, USPs, and examine why people rate PIA highly. Also, in the purchase section, you will always find the Private Internet Access coupon that always works.

Private Internet Access VPN: An Overview

Private Internet access interface

History means a lot when it comes to the VPN world. As for credibility, bad reviews, and continuous innovations are the order of the day when it comes to this industry.

Thankfully, PIA VPN has nearly a decade long history in the market. PIA VPN has made quite a name and reputation for itself for being one of the most affordable and powerful VPN providers.
PIA VPN helps to maintain complete privacy and security on the internet. With one of the most robust encryption systems, it ensures that your computer’s IP address is untraceable. One of the significant ways, where a system’s IP is at risk is on public Wi-Fi networks like cafes and airports.

However, if you have PIA VPN, you can have complete peace of mind. The software makes it a point to protect your system from cookies, tracking software, and website session data. It not only works to protect your computer from unnecessary marketing gimmicks, but also against major hacking attacks.

Key Features of the Private Internet Access VPN

While most VPNs claim to deliver, most of them are of no help. The same is not valid for PIA’s VPN. It offers a host of features, which are essentials. Strikingly, you get almost all of them in every pricing plan, even the lowest ones when you buy using Private Internet Access coupon discounts.

  • Secure Encryption
  • No Logging Data
  • Zero Leaks or Drops
  • Effective Kill Switch
  • Peer-To-Peer Support (Torrenting)
  • Can add 10 Devices at one go
  • 13802+ Servers in 70+ Countries
  • Supremely fast downloading speed
  • Blocks Ad Trackers, Spams, Malware
  • Natural User Interface and Setup

Private Internet Access VPN Encryption Review

A VPN service is only as excellent as the level of encryption it provides. In the case of PIA, you get 128-bit encryption as standard. You can also elevate your encryption to the industry benchmark 256- bit one for a fractional price hike.

In this section, we look at 5 Encryption Strategies, which PIA VPN offers its clients.

Identity Cloak

PIA VPN effectively masks your real IP with one of their anonymous IPs when you are browsing. It helps you get complete anonymity and save your browsing history data, habits, and other vital details, which can be valuable to many.

Data Monitoring Encryption

Hackers are using sophisticated tech and innovations to find out more about you. Thankfully, PIA VPN uses a combination of encryption technologies:

  • Blowfish CBC Algorithm
  • Open VPN Protocol
  • Technologies like SOCKS5, PPTP, IPSec/L2TP

With this state-of-the-art encryption on offer, you can rest assured that it protects you all the time.

Anonymous Browsing

There are many times where you might need to browse anonymously. Maybe we want to post something sensitive on a forum, or intentionally want to keep ourselves anonymous. PIA VPN gives you the advantage of posting and browsing anonymously. Your real identity, based on your digital footprints, will never be available to anyone. When you use the Private Internet Access coupon and get it at a great discount, it becomes the best value for your money for your online privacy.

Unblock restricted Websites with Ease

Many countries block specific websites and IPs from other countries. With PIA’s VPN, you get unrestricted access to sites and browsing. Hence, helping you to browse and look up websites blocked by censorships. It is critical if you are traveling for work and would want to browse your social media in case there is a ban in that country.

Strong Firewall

PIA VPN uses the Netfilter Project to provide the best firewall experience imaginable. You do not have to worry about network intrusions at all. PIA VPN’s Firewall helps in filtering software in real-time. You will only be able to access those pages, which you want to, and keep-prying strangers out at all times.

PIA: Unique Features

While PIA’VPN is feature-rich on many levels, I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss some unique features of the software.

Fast Download Speed

Private Internet access Speed Test

VPNs traditionally had slower download speeds. Not in the case of PIA VPN. On tests, it has been found to have speeds of over 100 Mbps. This is right up there with the best in the industry.

74 Countries and 13774+ Servers

When it comes to server locations, you get access to servers in over thirty countries. PIA VPN is number one when it comes to VPN servers in the continent of North America. You get 100% coverage in the USA and Canada.

Expert when it comes to Torrenting

PIA supports one of the best peer-to-peer support frameworks. It means that you can use the best of Torrent at all times, without even experiencing minor hiccups. PIA offers unrestricted access and zero monitoring.

Best Device Compatibility among VPNs

One single pricing plan of PIA offers access and coverage to ten devices across multiple operating systems. You get your Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Besides, you also get extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Zero Leaks and No Logging Data

VPN companies have been found on occasions to leak data or store logging data. PIA VPN gets top marks in both these issues. The Transparency Report of the company states that they did provide information on 23 counts of receiving subpoenas.

PIA User Interface: Clean, Efficient, and Direct

The fundamental problem with most software is that, most often, they are not user-friendly. If you compare the user interface of Private Internet Access VPN with some competitors, you will immediately notice three essential things:

  • It guides and directs you to the next steps.
  • It is clean, comfortable to understand, and offers simple, uncomplicated information.
  • Download and Installation time is a mere few seconds.

As soon as the installation is complete, the PIA VPN App asks you to press Connect. You then have the option to connect to one of its 3000+ servers, depending on what you want to. By default, PIA will connect you to the best available server.

Working with Private Internet Access

If you want to change the server, you can just click on the location button and connect to a server of your choice in a geographical region.
If you click the caret placed at the bottom of the App, the same shows you other features and notifications. It shows you all the performances, optimizations, user statistics, subscription status, and additional crucial information.

If you click on the bookmark icon, it automatically adds all the tiles to a default view section. The level of ease and customizations on the PIA App is something, which others can learn.

You have an additional settings tab. However, 90% of us will never feel the need to use that or fiddle around with the same. If you are an expert, you can give it a shot. However, PIA VPN enables most of the features by default.

Private Internet Access Coupon & Pricing

PIA VPN is available in three pricing plans. It must be stated that you get to enjoy nearly all the features of all three plans. The primary difference between the pricing plans stems from their durations, rather than their prices.

  • $11.95 Per Month
  • $2.59 Per Month for 27 Months
  • $3.33 per for 12 Months

Please check the latest prices on the official website. The annual package makes the most sense. It costs less than other industry competitors and offers a ton of features. According to PIA, you save nearly 78% in the second plan with extra free months.

What’s more? You can add ten devices across operating platforms. You can also enjoy a high level of encryption on all three pricing packages.
Earlier, you got a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. However, PIA has now changed it to an industry-leading 30-Days.

Is Private Internet Access one of the best VPN’s in the market?

In terms of features, levels of encryption, and pricing, there is hardly any competitor for PIA VPN. Yes, there are other competitors, which offer more features. However, they cost far more than the PIA VPN.

Some years back, PIA not only lacked features but also did not have much of an interface. Cut to 2020, and it has come back with a bang. With the capability to add ten devices across operating systems, the pricing becomes all the more attractive.

If you are looking for a VPN that follows all the VPN protocols, PIA is your best bet. If you are looking for a VPN with an industry benchmark level of encryption, you cannot go wrong with PIA once again. With the lowest prices and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, PIA VPN is offering a tough fight to brands like Nord VPN and Surfshark. PIA VPN is Fast, Safe, Secure, and Affordable.